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   Builders A Quarterly Publication from Boral PlasterboardSummer Edition 2001 Boral  for   Avoiding  Maintenance Streets ahead on  about this edition 2 Maintenance W ith a growing competitiveness in the buildingindustry and an increase in consumerexpectations and awareness on what isacceptable and what is not, the need topresent a high quality finish with both paintand plaster has never been greater. Many difficulties are experienced in trying to satisfycustomer demands with their sometimes unrealisticperceptions of what can economically be providedwith plasterboard jointed surfaces. Combine this withthe belief that an automotive finish can be achievedon a shoestring budget and a somewhat suspectreluctance to concede that restrictions areencountered by the role glancing light plays in thehighlighting of surface variations. Only then can youbegin to understand how disputes arise.Plasterboard in its present form is the most popularinterior lining material used in today’s domesticconstruction and provides the finish over many andvaried substrates, relying heavily on most othertrades conforming to correct building practice inorder to achieve the expected flat surface.Unfortunately all too often quality suffers as a resultof price. It goes without saying “there is no suchthing as a good cheap job”. In the majority of cases,you get only what you pay for, nothing more.One again in this issue we have taken theopportunity to highlightindustry issues. Ourprimary intent is toprevent future problemsby highlighting existingpractices some of whichhave unseen drawbacks;and then providepreferred alternativeprocedures. We illustratewhat has happened in thepast and will happenagain if the approvedguidelines are notfollowed. It is not ourintention to allocate blameor responsibilities, ourgoal is maintenanceprevention and if we allwork together everybodywins. We thank you foryour interest. Maintenance free finish2 - 6Moisture related problems7Let’s get cracking on fibre glass adhesive tape8-9Stud Adhesive9Building Approvals Statistics10-11TecASSIST12 contents Quality has no substitute.  plasterboard maintenance 3 free finish? at what cost Builders, carpenters, roofing contractors,electricians, painters etc all play a part and contribute in some way to the finalpresentation of plasterboard. Thecontribution these trades can maketowards the finish is often beyond thecontrol of the plasterer who frequentlybears the brunt of any maintenance related issues.In the quest to remain competitive,margins for maintenance can no longer be built in to the price so any rectificationinevitably requires considerable discussionon the subject of who pays.Generally all eyes are on the plasteringcontractor as it is his work that is onpermanent display for the sole purpose of hiding the substrate.Despite the many changes in constructionpractice and building designs over the last 30 years, the specification for theinstallation of plasterboard remainsvirtually unchanged. Recessed light fittings supported by plasterboard only?Downlight complete with transformersupported by plasterboard only? The same ceiling from below.Who takes responsibility for the inevitable maintenance?  ✗ ✗  plasterboard maintenance 4 Maintenance As builders compete forindividuality and an edge in themarket, the trend towards largerhomes with open plan livingareas is increasing. The reliance on roof trussengineering for the support of these areas, significantly reducesthe possibility of producing a maintenance free plasterboardfinish. Metal ceiling battens installed in ceiling.Roof truss of large open area. Consideration mustbe given to expansion joints for large ceilings.Noggings required at change of direction. Industry Maintenance reduction can be achieved in large ceiling areas simply with theinstallation of metal ceiling battensbackblocking and proper placement of expansion joints.We should never lose sightof the fact that plasterboardis produced as a decorativeproduct only and as suchprovides little in the way of structural qualities except inthe special case of bracingwalls where the specificationchanges dramatically.

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