01. Assignment-Principles of Management

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It explains details regarding principles of management and its significance.
  Enrollment No.: PUGAZHENDI(MOORTHY) MBA Information Systems  –  Principles of Management Page | 1   MBA Information Systems 1 st  Year - Assignment Annamalai University 1: Principles of Management SELF DECLARATION I declare that the assignment submitted by me is not a verbatim/photo static copy from the website/book/journals/manuscripts.  ______________________ Signature of the student  _____________ Countersigned  _________________________________ Signature of the Faculty concerned  Enrollment No.: PUGAZHENDI(MOORTHY) MBA Information Systems  –  Principles of Management Page | 2   Question #2: “Co -ordination is the orderly arrangement of group effort to provide unity of action in pursuit of common purpose” –  Elucidate this statement. Answer:- Brief about Co-ordination In the organisation, there are many individuals, groups and departments. They perform many different activities. Co-ordination  means to integrate (i.e. bring together) these activities for achieving the objectives of the organisation. Co-ordination means integration of activities. Coordination is done to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Co-ordination is a process. It is not fixed. It applies to group activities. It does not apply to individual activities. The managers have to make special efforts to get coordination. Coordination does not come automatically. Co-ordination leads to unity of action. Coordination encourages team spirit. It gives proper direction to the organisation. It motivates the employees. It makes proper use of the resources. Coordination affects all the functions of management. Therefore, it is also called the Essence of Management  . Co-ordination is regarded as the essence of the management rather than one of its functions. It is a force which binds all other functions of management together. Management seeks to accomplish co-ordination through its basic functions of preparation, organizing, staffing, d irecting and controlling. That’ s the reason why, co-ordination is not a separate function of management. Achieving harmony between individual efforts towards achievement of group goals is a key to accomplishment of management. Co-ordination is the core of management and is inherent in all functions of management. Co-ordination through Planning:  Planning facilitates co-ordination by integrating the various plans through joint discussion, exchange of ideas. Example: co-ordination between finance budget and purchases budget. Co-ordination through Organizing:  Mooney considers co-ordination as the fundamental nature of organizing. In fact when a manager groups and assigns various actions to subordinates, and when he creates department’s co -ordination topmost in his mind. Co-ordination through Staffing:  A manager should bear in mind that the right no. of recruits in various positions with right type of education and skills are taken which will make certain right men on the right job. Co-ordination through Directing:  The purpose of giving orders, instructions & guidance to the subordinates is served only when there is a harmony between superiors &  Enrollment No.: PUGAZHENDI(MOORTHY) MBA Information Systems  –  Principles of Management Page | 3  subordinates. Co-ordination through Controlling:  Manager ensures that there should be co-ordination between actual performance & benchmark performance to achieve organizational goals. Necessary of Co-ordination Co-ordination  means to integrate (bring together) all the activities of an organisation. It is done for achieving the goals of the organisation. There must be proper co-ordination throughout the organisation. According to management experts, co-ordination is necessary because:-    Co-ordination is the Essence of Management. i.e. co-ordination effects all the functions of management, viz., Planning, Organising, Staffing, etc.    Co-ordination is a function of management.    Co-ordination is a principle of management, and all other principles are included in this one principle, i.e. co-ordination is the Mother Principle .    According to Mary Parker Follett, Co-ordination is the Plus value of the group . That is, if there is good Co-ordination then the combined group achievement will be greater than the total of the individual achievement, i.e. 2+2=5. This is impossible in the physical world, but it is possible in human affairs through co-ordination. Importance of Coordination The need and importance of coordination can be judged from points below :- Coordination encourages team spirit:- There exist many conflicts and rivalries between individuals, departments, between a line and staff, etc. Similarly, conflicts are also between individual objectives and organisational objectives. Coordination arranges the work and the objectives in such a way that there are minimum conflicts and rivalries. It encourages the employees to work as a team and achieve the common objectives of the organisation. This increases the team spirit of the employees. Coordination gives proper direction:- There are many departments in the organisation. Each department performs different activities. Coordination integrates (bring together) these activities for achieving the common goals or objectives of the organisation. Thus, coordination gives proper direction to all the departments of the organisation. Coordination facilitates motivation:- Coordination gives complete freedom to the employees.  Enrollment No.: PUGAZHENDI(MOORTHY) MBA Information Systems  –  Principles of Management Page | 4  It encourages the employees to show initiative. It also gives them many financial and non-financial incentives. Therefore, the employees get job satisfaction, and they are motivated to perform better. Coordination makes optimum utilisation of resources:- Coordination helps to bring together the human and materials resources of the organisation. It helps to make optimum utilisation of resources. These resources are used to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Coordination also minimise the wastage of resources in the organisation. Coordination helps to achieve objectives quickly:- Coordination helps to minimise the conflicts, rivalries, wastages, delays and other organisational problems. It ensures smooth working of the organisation. Therefore, with the help of coordination an organisation can achieve its objectives easily and quickly. Coordination improves relations in the organisation:- The Top Level Managers co-ordinates the activities of the Middle Level Managers and develops good relations with them. Similarly, the Middle Level Managers co-ordinates the activities of the Lower Level Managers and develops good relations with them. Also, the Lower Level Managers co-ordinates the activities of the workers and develops good relations with them. Thus, coordination overall improves the relations in the organisation. Coordination leads to higher efficiency:- Efficiency is the relationship between Returns and Cost. There will be higher efficiency when the returns are more and the cost is less. Since coordination leads to optimum utilisation of resources it results in more returns and low cost. Thus, coordination leads to higher efficiency. Coordination improves goodwill of the organisation: - Coordination helps an organisation to sell high quality goods and services at lower prices. This improves the goodwill of the organisation and helps it earn a good name and image in the market and corporate world. Principles of Co-ordination    Simplified organization:    –  authority, responsibility, duty and other job description should clearly be described by the organization. Coordination may be simple and easy when all duties and power are clearly simplified.    Harmonized programs and policies:    –  an organization must set the programs and policies. These programs and policies must be harmonized. Harmonized policies helps to make coordination effective
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