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Christmas’ Menu: Starter/Appetizer: Lobster Salad Ingredients (4 servings people) - Lobster (2,2 pounds)/ 1lbs lobster1 kg lobster - O’6 lbs 250 gr of lettucegreen sprouts/baby leaf salad/salad shoots/ sweet greens - 1 pomegranate - 1 egg - 1 orange/a juice of an orange - 1 lemon/ a juice of a lemon - 2 spoonful of soy sauce (2 tablespoonful) - 2 spoonful of roasted sesame (2 tablespoonful) - 100 ml sunflower oil (Approximately ½ cup/ 3,38 fl oz / 6 ½ tablespoons) - 2 bay
  Christmas’ Menu:  Starter/Appetizer: Lobster Salad Ingredients (4 servings people)  -   Lobster (2,2 pounds)/ 1   lbs lobster1 kg lobster -   O’6 lbs 250 gr of lettucegreen sprouts/baby leaf salad/salad shoots/ sweet greens  -   1 pomegranate -   1 egg -   1 orange/a juice of an orange -   1 lemon/ a juice of a lemon -   2 spoonful of soy sauce (2 tablespoonful)  -   2 spoonful of roasted sesame (2 tablespoonful)  -   100 ml sunflower oil (Approximately ½ cup/ 3,38 fl oz / 6 ½ tablespoons)  -   2 bay ’s  leaves -   Salt Preparation 1.   … Heat a big pot plenty of water with the  bay leaves and three handfuls of salt.  Once it begins to boilWhen boiling, add the lobsters and let them  boil forcook during 15 minutes.Take Bring them out and let them cool down/leave them to cool down. 2.   Open the shell of the lobster . Crack the lobster, and put the body’s extract the meat and blend it/flesh in a mixer . Add the an egg, the orange juice and the soy  sauce. While Bblending, it and add slowly the sunflower oil little by little. The result should be aIt must go/turn out a bit more liquid sauce a little more liguidy than mayonnaise. Adjust the seasoning /add more salt or and add a bit lemon  juice if  neededorange was not sufficiently sour . 3.   Extract Obtain/get the tail’s meat/ flesh from the tail and and lo  bster’ legs/paws with tongs. Slice/Fillet the big pieces. 4.   Remove the pips from the pomegranate. It will be enough with a half of it/A half should be enough. 5.   Put /…  the salad ion a flat …  platter or ion the dishes. Arrange a basise of  green  sprouts mixed with pomegranate. DistributeShare out the lobster  ’s  meat/flesh and dress it with two or three spoonfuls of sauce. Decorate it with toasted sesame and serve  it/it’s ready to serve/it will be ready to serve. .  Entrée CHRISTMAS’ STUFFED TURKEY  (6 servings) Ingredients: - A 5 lb turkey (5,5 lbs)    Comment [CFH1]: En UK no hay punto detrás de lbs, pero en US sí  - A big/large onion - 2 Garlic cloves (2 cloves)  - Oil (4 tablespoons) olive oil  - 1 lb Minced beef (1,1 lbs)  - 1 lb Minced pork (1,1 lbs)  - ½ teaspoon Thyme (1 teaspoon)  - 5 oz of Chestnuts (5,29 oz)  - 10 oz Dried    prunes (8,8 oz) - 4 oz Walnuts (3,5 oz)  - 6 oz Raisins (5,29 oz)  - 2 oz Butter/Lard (1,78 oz)  - Sherry (3,38 fl oz) - Cider (8,45 fl oz) - Salt and pepper  to taste Clean and prepare the turkey. Season it/add salt and pepper. Put a dash of oil in a pan. Add two teaspoons of olive oil in a saucepan. Add the onion (peeled and choppminceded) and the garlics choppedminced, and stir-frysauté it all everything together. Add the meat. Peel and chop the chestnuts and add them toput them in the pan with the chopped fruits. Add the sherry and season it (with salt and  pepper). Mix it well and leave to t it dry a few hours. Once dry, stuff the turkey; then sew it, tie it up and spread it with lard. Spray it with the cider and cover it. Wrap the turkey with aluminium foil and introduce/put it in the oven (190 C  –   374 F) for half an hour. During that time, the turkey will be sprayed several times with the sauce. When it cooked through, open it until it brown. Finally, serve it in a big oval tray with the sauce separately. Tip/Trick: leave it to stand for 30 minutes before cutting it.   Comment [CFH2]: Prunes: ciruelas pasas;  plum: ciruela negra; yellow plum: ciruela amarilla
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