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3D Pop Up Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

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  3D Pop Up Effect - Photoshop Tutorial[10/15/13, 8:58:51 AM] 2 You Are Here: Home  > Photo Effects  > 3D Pop Up 3D Pop Up Effect In Photoshop Written by Steve Patterson. In this Photoshop tutorial ,we’ll learn how to create a fun 3D pop-up  effect, similar achildren’s pop-up book, where the main subject of your photo appears to be standing up and popping right out of an otherwise flat image.To add even more of a 3D look to it, we’ll be curling theedges of the photo using Photoshop’s Warp commandand adding a custom shadow underneath. There’s quite afew steps involved in creating the effect but they’re allvery simple and easy. I’ll be using Photoshop CS6 herebut any recent version of Photoshop will work. Download our tutorials as print-ready PDFs!  Learning Photoshop has never been easier!Here’s the photo  I’ll be starting with: The srcinal image. Here’s what the final result will look like: Latest Tutorials Resizing Images For Email And The Web WithPhotoshop CCHow To Resize Images In Photoshop CCThe New And Improved Image Size Dialog Box InPhotoshop CCGhosting An Image With Photoshop CS6Camera Raw 8 – The Straighten Tool / Crop ToolCombo Most Popular Tutorials How To Resize Images In PhotoshopBlend Photos Like A Hollywood Movie Poster WithPhotoshopPlace An Image In Text With PhotoshopPhotoshop Water Reflection EffectUnderstanding Layer Masks In PhotoshopColorful Light Burst Text In PhotoshopGhosting An Image With Photoshop Add Light Streaks To A Photo With PhotoshopPhotoshop CS5 New Features – Content AwareFill TutorialPhotoshop Watercolor Painting Effect Get all of our Photoshop tutorials asconvenient, print-ready PDFsDownload them today! Print-ReadyPDFsPhotoshop Basics Photo Retouch Photo Effects Text Effects Digital Photo Essentials Home   Contact Us   Sitemap   Member Login Custom Search   RSS   RSS by Email     362 Search  3D Pop Up Effect - Photoshop Tutorial[10/15/13, 8:58:51 AM] The final effect. Let’s get started! Step 1: Make Two Copies Of The Background Layer  With our photo newly opened in Photoshop, if we look in the Layers panel , we see our image sitting all by itself onthe Background layer  : The Background layer holds our srcinal image. Let’s start by making a couple of copies of the layer. Press Ctrl+J  (Win) / Command+J  (Mac) on your keyboard to quickly make the first copy. You’ll see the copy, which Photoshop automatically names “Layer 1″, appear above the Background layer in the Layers panel. These default names that Photoshop gives new layers are not very useful,so since this first copy will be used as the “flat” version of our image, double-click  directly on the layer’s name andrename it flat . Press Enter   (Win) / Return  (Mac) on your keyboard when you’re done to accept the name change:  3D Pop Up Effect - Photoshop Tutorial[10/15/13, 8:58:51 AM] Change the name of the new layer from “Layer 1″ to “flat”. Now we’ll make a second copy of the layer. Press Ctrl+J  (Win) / Command+J  (Mac) again on your keyboard. Another new layer, this time named “flat copy”, will appear above the other two layers in the Layers panel. We’ll beusing this layer to create our pop-up effect, so double-click  on the layer’s name and rename it pop up . Press Enter   (Win) / Return  (Mac) when you’re done to accept the name change. You should now have three layers intotal: Change the name of the second copy from “flat copy” to “pop up”. Step 2: Turn Off The Visibility Of The New Layers We don’t need to see these two new layers in the document just yet, so click on the “flat” and “pop-up” layer’s visibility icon  (the eyeball) on the far left of each layer to temporarily turn them off and hide them from view (eventhough nothing will seem to have happened in the document window since all three of our layers contain the sameimage): When the eyeball disappears, it means the layers are turned off. Step 3: Select The Background Layer  Click on the srcinal Background layer   to select it (selected layers appear highlighted in blue): Selecting the Background layer.  3D Pop Up Effect - Photoshop Tutorial[10/15/13, 8:58:51 AM] Step 4: Add A Gradient Fill Layer  Let’s add a layer to use as the background for our effect. We’ll use a Gradient Fill layer, since gradients are a bitmore interesting than solid colors. Click on the New Fill or Adjustment Layer   icon at the bottom of the Layerspanel: Clicking on the New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon. Then choose Gradient  from the list that appears: Choosing a Gradient Fill layer. Step 5: Select The Black, White Gradient This opens the Gradient Fill dialog box. Click on the gradient preview bar   at the top of the dialog box to edit thegradient: Clicking on the gradient preview bar. This opens the larger Gradient Editor   dialog box, with a selection of preset gradients we can choose from at thetop. Select the Black, White gradient  by clicking on its thumbnail (third from the left, top row): Clicking on the Black, White gradient’s thumbnail to select it. Step 6: Replace The Black With A Lighter Gray With the Black, White gradient selected, let’s edit it and make a slight change. We can edit gradients in the bottomhalf of the Gradient Editor. Double-click  on the black color stop  below and to the far left of the gradient previewbar:
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