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1. birgli® birgli ® ag seeing & doing more 2. birgli® page 2 birgli? Sounds Swiss?! l  The Birgli is a small outcrop overlooking a valley in the Swiss Alps.…
  • 1. birgli® birgli ® ag seeing & doing more
  • 2. birgli® page 2 birgli? Sounds Swiss?! l  The Birgli is a small outcrop overlooking a valley in the Swiss Alps. It is not so high to lose detail but not so close to miss the big picture l  In Swiss German, Birgli means small castle or fortification. birgli is here to help boost your existing capabilities and capacity; to serve as a resource and ally in serving your customer’s needs l  birgli provides consulting services & interim management mixing experience with vision and innovation l  birgli seeks to support companies, consulting firms, and investors engaged in healthcare manufacturing, distribution, retail and healthcare services
  • 3. birgli® page 3 Where and why? l  Established January 2006, birgli is present in Europe and South East Asia l  Includes a strong network in the United States, Eastern Europe, and CIS markets l  birgli has more than 200 years of senior management experience in the Healthcare sectors of these markets l  birgli has hands on client-side and direct consulting experience in what it may propose while also understanding that there is no “one size fits all” approach to best address each client’s needs l  birgli can deal with complex company, product, and market-specific issues l  birgli has worked within other consulting firms as adjunct staff providing subject- matter, geographic, and market expertise enabling these firms to provide superior client service without the need to bring such expertise in-house
  • 4. birgli® page 4 birgli provides core project capabilities along 3 main axes page 4 Investor Groups Consulting Groups Verticals (Industries & Companies)
  • 5. birgli® page 5 Consulting Groups – Resource Augmentation Services l  Whether you need subject-matter expertise, part time or team solutions, birgli can supply the resources with the client-side knowledge base and country expertise of our consultant team to deliver seamless results for your clients l  Your benefits l  Maintain your identity with the client l  Our team can perform an engagement on your behalf as temporary members of your team or work within an existing team on assignment l  Plug and play within your existing team l  Fill subject matter, market, or geographic expertise requirements l  Provides staffing flexibility without long-term hire commitments and investment costs Investors Consulting Groups Verticals
  • 6. birgli® page 6 Investors (private equity, institutional, and strategic) – experience based support l  Financial and operational/commercial due-diligence l  Management support for portfolio companies including interim management l  Executive and board level l  General and functional support l  Coaching l  Growth Strategy l  Growth Opportunities & Capabilities Analysis l  Tactical Planning and Implementation l  Pipeline & Portfolio Analysis (product or service) l  Global Market Intelligence l  Market Research & Analysis l  Competitive Intelligence and profiling l  Market Entry Strategy / Execution Investors Consulting Groups Verticals
  • 7. birgli® page 7 Verticals – business management solutions and support (I) l  Interim management for l  Succession Planning l  Leave of Absence l  Corporate Strategy & Implementation l  Mergers & Acquisitions l  Corporate Partnering l  Investments, Joint Ventures l  Commercial Due Diligence l  Geographic Expansion/Market Entry l  Corporate Analysis l  Business Development l  Evaluate new products, services, & customers l  Product Strategy & Support l  Marketing Strategy Development l  Product Lifecycle Management l  Product Positioning l  Demand Analysis l  New Product Development / Product Launch l  New Indications/Applications l  Operations l  Supply chain management l  Warehousing development & optimization l  Business process review l  Technology Acquisition / Implementation Investors Consulting Groups Verticals
  • 8. birgli® page 8 Verticals – business management solutions and support (II) l  Finance l  Working capital optimisation l  Liquidity planning & monitoring l  Set-up of financial systems (including IT), controlling systems & procedures, organization, and structure l  Financial hedging and foreign exchange rate risk minimization l  Financial risk minimization and optimization l  Leverage and debt structure l  Tax optimization l  Procurement l  Global sourcing l  Margin optimization l  Private label development l  IT l  Project management l  ERP Implementation l  Platform independent l  IT systems and business process validation l  Business process integration l  Computer system validation (CSV) l  IT architecture development l  Growth Strategy l  Growth Opportunities & Capabilities Analysis l  Tactical Planning and Implementation l  Pipeline & Portfolio Analysis Investors Consulting Groups Verticals
  • 9. birgli® page 9 birgli provides executive experience across multiple dimensions – proven experience to meet your needs Geographic • South East Asia • CEE/CIS • Europe • Middle East • Nordic • North America • Russia Management Experience • Board – Exec & non-Exec • MD’s & GM’s • Regional Managers • CFOs • Industry Relations • Commercial Directors • Marketing Directors Verticals • Healthcare sales & marketing • Healthcare & dental logistics, distribution, wholesaling • Pharmacy retail • IT • Consumer Health • Commodities Recent Deliverables • Market Assessment/Review • Operational and Strategic Review • Due-diligence • Distributor Review and Selection • Organization Structure Review and Alignment • Interim Board Management
  • 10. birgli® page 10 birgli’s global executive experience has translated to global consulting engagements geographies Americas Asia Europe/CEE Russia/CIS executive experience Canada, United States, Mexico Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Nordics. EMEA regional responsibility Russia, Ukraine, CIS region responsibility birgli engagements United States Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, SEA in general, Australia Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan
  • 11. birgli® page 11 Industry Solutions – birgli experience spans a number of key areas birgli Industry Solutions Distribution Healthcare Sales & Marketing Pharmacy & Banner Pharmacy Market Entry & Start-Up
  • 12. birgli® page 12 Industry Solutions– Healthcare Sales & Marketing - birgli brings proven capabilities and experience (I) Healthcare Sales & Marketing Strategy • Partner selection • Portfolio/ in-out licensing • Product lifecycle management Execution • Direct to patient • Marketing & medical communication • Greenfielding & representation Control • Sales force effectiveness • Performance measurement • Training
  • 13. birgli® page 13 Industry Solutions – Pharmacy & Banner Pharmacy - birgli brings proven capabilities and experience (II) Pharmacy & Banner Pharmacy Concept Development & Strategic Support Logistics & Operations Optimization Working Capital Reduction Supplier/Vendor Management IT Development
  • 14. birgli® page 14 Industry Solutions – Healthcare Distribution - birgli brings proven capabilities and experience (III) Distribution Channel Management • DTP • 3PL selection Network Optimization • Warehouse placement • Transport optimization Warehouse planning, building, implementation & optimization Purchasing • Portfolio management • Relationship building Working Capital Management • Inventory • Payables • Receivables
  • 15. birgli® page 15 Industry Solutions – Market Entry / Start-up - birgli brings proven capabilities experience (IV) Market Entry & Start-up Interim Management Business Plan Establish Tax Optimized Legal Entities Hire Local/ Regional Teams Business Development Subsidiary Development
  • 16. birgli® page 16 Functional & business process expertise to help you optimize your business – we understand how the pieces fit best together IT Sales & Marketing ? FinanceManagement ? Business Develop- ment Operations ?
  • 17. birgli® page 17 A sample of birgli’s growing client base
  • 18. birgli® page 18 Who is birgli?
  • 19. birgli® page 19 Charles Gloor – Founding Partner Charles Gloor Europe +44 755 784 7903 Zug, Switzerland Prior to founding birgli in February 2006, Charles Gloor started and established AVS Health for Celesio (now Manufacturer Solutions) providing distribution and marketing services to nearly 400 healthcare companies through 10 subsidiaries in 8 countries throughout Europe. He was most recently Managing Director of Alphega Pharmacy, a business unit of Alliance Healthcare / Alliance Boots. As MD, he led a network of 7 subsidiaries throughout Europe and Russia with over 5'000 independent member community pharmacies. He previously established Zuellig Pharma as Vietnam’s largest foreign distributor and marketing/agency service provider of pharmaceutical & healthcare products with 4 branches, nearly 370 people, and 23% market share of the researched-based healthcare companies present. Prior to this he held positions with Trans Bussan and The Kroger Company. Charles holds a Marketing degree from Texas A&M University and a Master of International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.
  • 20. birgli® page 20 Reiner Gloor – Co-Founder Reiner Gloor Asia +63 917 8457 318 Manila, Philippines Prior to co-founding birgli with Charles Gloor in early 2006, Reiner Gloor headed Zuellig Pharma Corporation in the Philippines, the largest company within Zuellig Pharma, the leading pharmaceutical service provider in South-East Asia. As head of Zuellig Pharma Corporation, Reiner was responsible for over 2’000 people in a US$1 billion business providing distribution and marketing services to over 70 pharmaceutical companies. Reiner Gloor is presently non-executive Chairman of Zuellig Pharma and Vice President of the Zuellig Foundation. He is a board member and vice president of the PHAP (Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association of the Philippines) and serves as the chairman of the ethics committee of the industry. He is on the local boards of Rhodia, Schering- Plough, and Blue-Horizons – a travel agency. Reiner is an active Rotarian and is President of the Swiss Benevolent Foundation. Prior to this Reiner worked with Schering Plough as Head of Schering-Plough in the Netherlands, General Manager Philippines, and Regional Finance Director Asia Pacific and Canada.
  • 21. birgli® page 21 Peter Kratz – Managing Director Peter brings with him 28 years of senior executive management experience. Peter was most recently the Managing Director of A. Marchon SA, a leading distributor and wholesaler of non- food products to the Swiss grocery retail market. Prior to this he was CFO of the Allreal Group, a listed Swiss real estate company and general contractor. Here he grew their debt asset base by CHF 700 million at very attractive rates and led a major improvement in working capital. Peter also served as CFO for the Watt Group and the Swiss Steel Group where he participated in a much discussed successful turnaround. He also brings experience from Asia as the CFO of the Zuellig Group, the largest player in pharmaceutical distribution and with businesses spanning feed & flour mills, trading, and other services. He is currently a member of the Board of Rekag AG, a leading trader of steel and metal products in Switzerland. Peter has a PhD of Business Administration and Law (Dr. oec. HSG) from The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland with a focus on business law and international taxation. Peter Kratz Europe +41 79 698 81 88 Zürich, Switzerland
  • 22. birgli® page 22 James Chitwood – Associated Member James Chitwood +43 664 202 5059 Salzburg, Austria James (Jay) Chitwood has over 12 years experience in the healthcare and technology industries, including pharmaceuticals, digital imaging, practice management and information technology. Most recently, he managed CIBA Vision’s US daily disposable contact lens portfolio in the United States – a $100MM business. Other roles include managing Kodak’s digital imaging and practice management solutions business for the dental industry, Product management for Novartis Ophthalmics allergy portfolio and leading both the internal corporate marketing group and pharmaceutical marketing practice for imc2 (Internet Marketing and Creative Concepts) where Jay had sole responsibility for building and leading the agency’s pharmaceutical practice serving clients such as Eli Lilly, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Jay holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University.
  • 23. birgli® page 23 Reiner Christensen – Associated Member Reiner Christensen is Managing Director of Chameleon Pharma Consulting in Berlin. Chameleon Pharma supports companies to establish their OTC, Pharma, Cosmetic, and Medical devices businesses in the CEE and CIS region in such markets as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Poland among others. This support includes identifying distribution partners, business development, M&A, market studies, as well as establishing a presence in the form of a representative of branch office. Reiner Christensen brings with him 15 years in Consumer Health and the Pharmaceutical Industry. He previously worked with Omega Pharma/Bittner Pharma AG where he was responsible for international markets including Russia, the UK, and the Netherlands. Prior to this he worked with Ferrosan in Copenhagen and Merck KGaA in their respective OTC divisions and was responsible for most of Nordic, European and CEE/CIS regions. Reiner holds an Dipl. Wirtschaftsing. degree and an Executive MBA from Ashridge, UK. Reiner Christensen Europe +41 44 586 95 48 Berlin, Germany
  • 24. birgli® page 24 Maurice Dantès – Associated Director Maurice Dantès brings with him extensive experience in Corporate Audit, Purchasing, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Maurice was most recently Director of Corporate Internal Audit at Franz Haniel & Cie, a family owned group which include leading companies such as Metro, Celesio, Takkt, and CWS. Prior to this appointment, he was Director of Corporate Industry Relations and Purchasing for Celesio and lead its CSR liaised with the WHO on Anti-Counterfeiting programs. He was earlier Director Corporate Internal Audit & Consulting Services. Prior to this he had roles in Wella (now Procter & Gamble) and Volkswagen. Maurice speaks and writes fluent French, English, and German and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Arabian. He has a Diploma of Trade and Management from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de La Rochelle and undertook various senior management programs while with Celesio and Haniel. Maurice Dantès Europe +41 44 586 95 48 Wissembourg, France
  • 25. birgli® page 25 Jean-Francois Durand – Associated Member Jean-Francois Durand Europe +41 44 586 95 48 Marseille, France Jean-Francois brings with him over 37 years of experience in the field of logistics and pharmaceutical wholesaling. Jean-Francois Durand was most recently the General Manager & Managing Director of Movianto France. Movianto is a provider of logistics and distribution solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry across Europe. Movianto is part of third division of Celesio’s Manufacturer Solutions division. Jean François Durand began his career with Celesio in 1971 with their OCP subsidiary and held several headquarters and branch manager positions since then. He was closely involved in warehouse development, builds, and general logistics infrastructure throughout France and the group in general. Jean François hold several degrees in Organization, Economy, Management, Law, from the “Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers” in Paris
  • 26. birgli® page 26 Max Evans – Associated Member Max Evans Europe +41 44 586 95 48 Essex, United Kingdom Max brings with him over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Most recently he was a member of the board of Healthcare Logistics (now called Movianto and part of the Celesio Group). Before becoming a board member of Healthcare Logistics, Max was Managing Director of Farillon, the leading pharmaceutical cold-chain distribution company in the UK. Under his leadership Farillon established the current childhood vaccination distribution system in the UK, the first to use refrigerated vehicles. He also introduced more than 25 healthcare companies to the UK market. Prior to this Max worked with Beecham Research Laboratories (now GSK) in sales and May & Baker (now Sanofi-Aventis) where he moved through product and marketing management with both UK and international responsibilities. Max is currently the Responsible Person (RP) for Vifor in the UK. Max has completed the management development program of INSEAD and has an Honors Degree in Pharmacology from London University.
  • 27. birgli® page 27 Ernesto Graefenhain – Associated Member Ernesto Graefenhain brings with him 15 years of experience in the Spanish Pharma Industry. He began his career in the marketing department Convatec, part of the Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). Following a short period at PA Consulting, Ernesto joined SEUR Pharma (now Movianto) first as the Commercial director and, following the acquisition by Celesio, spent the last 4 and half years as Managing Director. SEUR Pharma became one of the leading pharmaceutical distribution services providers under his leadership with sales of Euro 12 million (representing over €450 million in market volume) and 90 people. Ernesto has a masters degree in Law from Madrid Autonoma Univeristy, an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, and a Master of Legal Management by the CEF. Ernesto Graefenhain Europe +41 44 586 95 48 Madrid, Spain
  • 28. birgli® page 28 Anton Führer – Associated Member Anton Führer Europe +41 44 586 95 48 Munich, Germany Anton Führer brings with him more then 30 years of senior executive management experience in finance. Most recently he was Vice President & Managing Director of Henry Schein with various functions such as CFO for their European dental business and Head of Financial Shared Services. Besides setting up and harmonizing Henry Schein's financial processes within SAP, he executed a legal restructuring program for the German entities while focusing on the bottom line. Before that Anton was CFO and managing director for Geologistics GmbH (now Agility) and various financial director positions as Compaq Computer (now Hewlett Packard) within Germany and the EMEA. This experience included balance sheet restructuring, logistics facility development, various SAP system implementations as well financial management structures for their European Distribution Center in the Netherlands plus financial operations for the new sales companies in Russia, Israel, Greece and, Turkey. Anton holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Graduate School of Business Admin- istration Zürich and a Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH).
  • 29. birgli® page 29 Stefan Ladwein – Associated Member Stefan Ladwein Europe +41 44 586 95 48 Stuttgart, Germany Stefan Ladwein is the managing director of Medstrata, a consulting company who supports healthcare and healthcare service companies in strategic development, port
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