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   Genre Study Our next genre will be Mystery . Your child has until Friday, October 25 th   to pick out a mystery chapter book and share the choice with me. Your child will need to read the book and complete a project by November 26th . Project ideas are attached. The completed organizer needs to be turned in along with their project. Here is a table to help your child plan out their reading and project completion. Total # of pages _________ divide by 4 = _________ (pages to be read per week) Dates Assignment Week 1 Week of Oct. 27 Read pp. Week 2 Week of Nov. 3 Read pp. Week 3 Week of Nov. 10 Read pp. Week 4 Week of Nov. 17 Read pp. Week 5 Week of Nov. 24 Completed project- Due Nov. 26th  Project Ideas !   Option 1 Create a game  where players are asked questions about the book that you read. The game should include a board that reflects the book, game pieces, instructions, question cards, etc. Use your imagination. !   Option 2 Create a poster   advertising the book you read. Be creative, colorful, and neat, while convincing others to read the book. Include title and author, along with a written summary of the book and a variety of illustrations. Specific requirements: Poster size=1/2 piece of poster board !   Option 3 Create a character “diary”  based on your book. The cover of your diary should reflect the characters, events, events, or themes found in the book. Specific requirements: Your diary must contain at least 5 entries of no less than 5 sentences each. !   Option 4 Create a collage  based upon and representing your book. Magazine and newspaper clippings, fabric, small objects, etc. may be used (please make sure they are securely attached to the poster). The collage will be accompanied by a written piece explaining how the collage items represent the book. Specific requirements: Poster size=1/2 piece of poster board !   Option 5 Turn your book into a comic book.  – Fold at least two sheets of paper in half and staple them so they make a book. With a ruler and pencil, draw boxes across each page to look like blank comic strips. Then, draw the story of your book as if it were a comic. Draw pictures of your characters and have words coming out of their mouths – just as in a real comic strip. Challenge yourself to make your comic book as funny as possible while staying true to the srcinal story and characters. !   Option 6 Convert the events of a story into a poem,   ballad or song . You may write the lyrics and music or adapt the words to a melody by someone else. This should be typed and at least 10 lines long. It should be presented as a poem, song or ballad. !   Option 7 PowerPoint -You will create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 8 slides based upon the information on the organizer. The presentation must contain clip art or pictures. The presentation should include information about the author. !   Option 8 Choice-Present your own idea for a project to Mrs. Travers for approval. Quilt Squares may only be completed every other project.   
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