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Literature Analysis
  GOH CHIAN YI LEONG WAI LEONG NG YING JYE Primarily, the three articles are discussing on the same concept but using different terms, as in Execution-as-learning (Amy C. Edmondson, 2008), Learning Organization (David, Amy and Francesca, 2008) and Culture of Helping (Teresa, Colin and Julianna, 2014). They focus on the importance, difficulties and steps to implement the concept by supporting with real life examples. It is important for an organization to learn in order to produce better outcome, become more competitive and to deal with unpredictable situations efficiently. The common difficulties and steps identified are peripheral to psychological safety, process and roles and workload and time management. Senior management involvement in cultivating learning organization is crucial. As leaders builds psychological safety (Amy C. Edmondson, 2008) and breaks the status barrier (Teresa, Colin and Julianna, 2014), it encourages the organization to learn and to share. However, David, Amy and Francesca (2008) have a different view and think that the concept should aim at the managers rather than CEOs and senior executives in order to let the managers evaluate the contribution of the teams learning to the organization. In our opinion, both senior management and managers play a different but crucial role in it. Senior management is best positioned to convey the importance of learning while managers should practise and reinforce learning (David, Amy and Francesca, 2008). Learning organization needs a learning process and process guidelines. The goal of the guideline is not mainly to produce efficiency but allow employee to deviate from it and further provide valuable feedback (Amy C. Edmondson, 2008). By experimenting and collecting data from competitors, customers and etc, organization can generate new ideas, products and services (David, Amy and Francesca, 2008). Further from it, IDEO (Teresa, Colin and Julianna, 2014) build the value of help into formal processes. A process guideline should give  employee enough time to review their past performance, the processes and to improve. The use of information-technology system in building a learning organizations is not discussed in the three articles. As we know, Technology such as collaboration tools is a key mechanism to improve communication and knowledge transfer by breaking the boundary and increasing the range of possible relationships beyond hierarchies. The firm IDEO does not rely on fancy collaborative software or other technologies (Teresa, Colin and Julianna, 2014), we would like to further discover whether the use of technologies aids in learning in a firm with different organization structure and culture. The presence of the learning process is essential in today’s organization in order to adapt the changing of the environment and the outcome of the learning is to create a culture that employees are willing to take risk and share their own ideas. However, it is crucial to identify which is the most suitable approach for your organization, for instance, the ideas in IDEO (Teresa, Colin and Julianna, 2014) is more applicable in design or knowledge organisation. After summarizing these three articles, there are some contradictions among these ideas in different ways of implementing the concept. For instance, David, Amy and Francesca (2008) advice the concept should aim at the managers while Amy C. Edmondson (2008) and Teresa, Colin and Julianna (2014) suggest CEO is the most suitable position to implement the concept in an organisation.


Jul 23, 2017
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