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  Chapter 9. Project Scheduling  Production Management 2 Project Scheduling Activity Description Immediate Predecessors Duration A Construct storage racks - 10 B Assemble bins - 8 C Construct base A 5 D Build tracks - 4 E Construct Crane D 12 F Assemble storage container E 5 G Install motors E 7 H Install gear trains C, E 4 I Connect computer controls H, B, F 10 J Test system I 5  Assembly for an Automatic Storage / Retrieval System  Production Management 3 Project Scheduling  Proper Technique for Large Scale Project (not repetitive)  Large scale and complicated works  Enormous number of activities  Precedence relationships  Example : Construction, Shipbuilding, Civil Works, Maintenance or Repair of Large Plants, software Development,…    Objective : How to schedule the activities to achieve certain goals?  Completing the project by a pre-specified target date  Minimizing total project completion date  Production Management 4 Project Scheduling  Relevant Questions  What is the total time required to complete the project if no delays occur?  When do the individual activities need to start and finish (at the latest) to meet this project completion time?  When can the individual activities start and finish (at the earliest) if no delays occur?  Which are the critical bottleneck activities where any delays must be avoided to prevented delaying project completion?  For the other activities, how much delay can be tolerated without delaying the  project completion?  Given the uncertainties in accurately estimating activity durations, what is the  probability of completing the project by the deadline?  If extra money is spent to expedite the project, what is the least expensive way of attempting to meet the target completion time?  How should ongoing costs be monitored to try to keep the project within  budget?
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