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Co-branding From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Co-branding refers to several different marketing arrangements: Co-branding is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy. s described in Co-Branding: The Science of Alliance: ! # “ $the term %co-branding% is relatively new to the business vocabulary and is used to encompass a wide range of marketing activity involving the use of two &and sometimes more' brands. (hus co-brandin
  Co-branding From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Co-branding  refers to several different marketing arrangements:Co-branding is when two companies form an alliance to work together, creating marketing synergy. s described in Co-Branding: The Science of Alliance :   ! # “ $the term %co-branding% is relatively new to the business vocabulary and is used to encompass a wide range of marketing activity involving the use of two &and sometimes more' brands. (hus co-branding could be considered to include sponsorships, where )arlboro lends it name to Ferrari or accountants *rnst and +oung support the )onet ehibition.$ ” Co-branding is an arrangement that associates a single  product or  service with more than one  brand name, or otherwise associates a product with someone other than the principal  producer. (he typical co-branding agreement involves two or more companies acting in cooperation to associate any of various logos, color schemes, or brand identifiers to a specific product that is contractually designated for this purpose. (he obect for this is to combine the strength of two brands, in order to increase the  premium consumers are willing to pay, make the product or service more resistant to copying by  private label manufacturers, or to combine the different perceived properties associated with these  brands with a single product. Contents ã tore brands  ã / 0ntent  ã 1 Forms  ã 2 *amples  ã 3 ee also  ã 4 5eferences  [edit]   Store brands )any large store chains use co-branding for their store brand to avoid the negative stigmathat is often associated with store brands. For eample, Costco%s store brand is 6irkland ignature, including everything from fitness water to clothing.  [edit] Intent ccording to Chang, from the  Journal of American Academy of Business , Cambridge, states there are three levels of co-branding: market share,  brand etension, and global  branding.7evel includes oining with another company to penetrate the market7evel / is working to etend the brand based on the company%s current market share7evel 1 tries to achieve a global strategy by combining the two brands [edit]   Forms (here are many different sub-sections of co-branding. Companies can work with other companies to combine resources and leverage individual core competencies, or they can use current resources within one company to promote multiple products at once. (he forms of co-branding include: ingredient co-branding, same-company co-branding, oint venture co-branding, and multiple sponsor co-branding. )arketing 8rofs F9. o matter  which form a company chooses to use, the purpose is to respond to the changing marketplace, build one;s own core competencies, and work to increase product revenues.<ne form of co-branding is ingredient co-branding . (his involves creating brand e=uity for materials, components or parts that are contained within other products.*amples:> ?etty Crocker;s brownie mi includes @ershey;s chocolate syrup> 8illsbury ?rownies with estle Chocolate> Aell Computers with 0ntel 8rocessors> 6ellogg 8op-tarts with mucker;s fruitnother form of co-branding is same-company co-branding . (his is when a company with more than one product promotes their own brands together simultaneously.*amples:> Beneral )ills promotes (ri cereal and +oplait yogurt> 6raft 7unchables and <scar )ayer meats  Joint venture co-branding  is another form of co-branding defined as two or more companies going for a strategic alliance to present a product to the target audience.*ample:> ?ritish irways and Citibank formed a partnership offering a credit card where the card owner will automatically become a member of the ?ritish irways *ecutive clubFinally, there is multiple sponsor co-branding . (his form of co-branding involves two or more companies working together to form a strategic alliance in technology,  promotions, sales, etc.*ample:> Citibankmerican irlinesDisa credit card partnership !/# [edit]   Examples  successful eample of co-branding is the enseo coffeemaker, which associates the 8hilips made appliances with specific coffee brand of Aouwe *gberts. <ther eamples include the alliance of the ?eer(ender  in-home draft system, sold by 6rups with the specific brand of @eineken, and the marketing of Billette )1 8ower   shaving e=uipment &which re=uire batteries' with Auracell batteries &both brands owned  by 8rocter E Bamble'.Co-branding can be between an organiation and a product also. n eample of co- branding between a charity and a manufacturer is the association of ephora and <peration mile: ephora markets a product carrying the logo of the charity, the consumer is encouraged to associate the two brands, and a portion of the proceeds benefitthe charity. [edit]   See also ã ?usiness partnering  ã )arketing co-operation  ã tore brand  ã ?rand  ã )arketing    !1#  [edit] e!erences .   $ Competing for Customers and Capital $. Southwest Airlines: Put a Little LUV in our Logo! . .  http:book/GGHGIco-branding-tra.html .   /.  Wei-7un Chang, 5oadmap of Co-branding 8ositions and trategies,K Journal of merican cademy of ?usiness, Cambridge &J?C', Dol. 3, eptember, pp. HH-L2, /GGI. 1.  Wei-7un Chang,  (ypology of Co-branding trategy: 8osition and Classification,K Journal of merican cademy of ?usiness, Cambridge &J?C', Dol. /, o. /, )arch, pp.//G-//4, /GGL. 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