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  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gazelle Gazette   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    __________________________________________________________________________________________ link  This whole Gun debate, what is it? Gun Control is the restriction of firearms and their use, this is normally supported by most Liberals (Democrats). While on the other  hand, Gun rights is the ability to have and own a firearm, and this is normally supported by Conservatives (Republicans). Some pros of Gun Control include; Safety for people, lower crime rates, and more regulation for anyone who misuses firearms. While some cons of Gun Control include; It is a violation of the second amendment right to bear arms, and those who refused to give up their firearms could potentially hurt others with them, and it could anger the entire hunter crowd. Some pros of Gun Rights are; people can use them for self defense against those misusing their own firearms, they can also freely hunt within the limits of the seasons, and their second amendment right protects this entire idea. As for the cons of Gun Rights, Criminals can easily get their  hands on a firearm for nefarious purposes, and the state-by-state restrictions are not covered under the second amendment.   Good job to the Spirit Lake Cross Country Team with their meet last night in Caroll! Congratulations to Ryan Marris and Alec Harrington for qualifying for state! Good luck to all the students auditioning for All-State Saturday in Storm Lake! All-State choral auditioners include: Will Fuelberth, Carly Ites, Reagan Colt, George Bramhall, Josie Hoien, Mikaila Gondreau, Cierra Fergen, Tyler Jenness, Anna Miller, John O' Neal, Ally Black, Lauren Wickham, Lauren Sandison. All-State band auditioners include: Rebecca Owens and Hailey Johnson. Spirit Lake football has their senior night tonight as they take on MOC-Floyd Valley! Help cheer the Indians on to another victory at their last regular season game!    The Gossipy Gazelle is a section of the paper where you will find all the  juicy gossip on the candidates and their respective teams. Conflict in the Campaign Room Today, there were heated discussions in the campaign room of manager Jenna McCoy. They were discussing where people stand on the issues of Global Warming and Gun  Rights. But is so much conflict too much conflict? We’ll let you be the judge. Overheard in the room was two people, Haley Pearson and Drew Fowler, going head to head, constantly challenging each other to the point of what was thought to soon be a fight. Will this hurt their election outcome? Does this affect their candidate personally? And for goodness sakes, can’t we all just be friends?  Confusion Behind the Curtains Our reporters have discovered that many people don’t know who our candidates are. But what happens when the people on the campaign team don’t even know what the guy looks like? While in passing, our confidential informant has told us that Emma Dau and an unknown person, both working under campaign manager Maddie Walsh, have not yet even seen their candidate, let alone know what he or she looks like. Will this cause problems for their candidate? How can they bounce back from something like this? And will someone please get these girls a picture?     -In 1965 a grossly obese man went 1 year and 17 days without eating. He lived off of his copious body fat and lost 125kg with no adverse effects. -The average human will shed 40 pounds of skin in their lifetime -Albert Einstein married his second cousin -Switzerland is the only country with a square flag -Ancient Egyptians used to shave their eyebrows off to mourn the deaths of their cats -Camels have three eyelids -Americans on average eat about 18 acres of pizza everyday now for the weather!
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