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CS100: Introduction to Computer Science

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Course Iformatio CS100: Itroductio to Computer Sciece Lecture 1: Itroductio (Survey, Pictures) Istructor: Xiaoya Li Lecture: Mo. & Wed. 11:00am 12:15pm Room: Kedade Hall 305 Labs: Wed or Thu 1:00pm 2:50pm
Course Iformatio CS100: Itroductio to Computer Sciece Lecture 1: Itroductio (Survey, Pictures) Istructor: Xiaoya Li Lecture: Mo. & Wed. 11:00am 12:15pm Room: Kedade Hall 305 Labs: Wed or Thu 1:00pm 2:50pm Room: Kedade Hall G06 (Visilab) Office hour: Tu/Th 10:00am 11:00am (or by appoitmet) Office: Clapp Lab Istructor & Teachig Assistat Course Iformatio Lab istructor: Jasper Li Office: Clapp Teachig assistat: Nia Yi Office: Visilab Office hours: Tue./Wed. 7:00-9:00pm Textbook: Computer Sciece : a Overview by J. Gle Brookshear, 9 th Editio Topics: Data ecodig & storage Machie architecture Operatig system Networkig & the Iteret Algorithm Programmig laguages Software egieerig Database systems Theory of computatio Artificial itelligece Course Objectives Structure of the Course Fudametal uderstadig of the field, Experiece with programmig, ad Research topics ad applicatios This course fits for computer-sciece-major studets as well as for o-major studets The course is divided ito three parts. 1. Covers basic cocepts i computer sciece. 2. Discusses various programmig laguages. Takes weekly labs to lear how to create a web page usig HTML ad how to program usig PERL. 3. Itroduces some importat applicatios ad research topics i computer sciece such as databases, web search, artificial itelligece ad data miig. 1 Tetative schedule: Gradig CS-100 Itroductio to Computer Sciece Class participatio: 5% Five homework assigmets: 20% Six labs: 30% Two midterms: 30% Oe fial exam: 15% Advice: About the Computer Sciece Try atted every class, lear actively Read textbook either before or after a lecture Start homework sooer, o late homework accepted Ask uestios (i class, office hours, ) Discuss ideas with your classmates but ot homework solutios Give me prompt feedback! Computer sciece is a fast-growig field Computig power (BOLData mii pc, booksize,1.9lbs) Programmig laguages Applicatios & o-goig research Impacts of computer sciece o society ad our daily life Commuicatio: , istat messeger, blogs, telecoferecig Bakig, shoppig, learig& teachig Career opportuities Chapter 0: Chapter 0: Itroductio The Origis of Computig Machies The Role of Algorithms Relatioship with Other Subjects 2 Figure 0.3 A Abacus Origis of Computig Machies Early computig devices Abacus: positios of beads represet umbers Gear-based machies (1600s-1800s) Positios of gears represet umbers Blaise Pascal, Wilhelm Leibiz, Charles Babbage Figure 0.4 The Mark I computer Early Computers Based o mechaical relays 1940: Stibitz at Bell Laboratories 1944: Mark I: Howard Aike ad IBM at Harvard Based o vacuum tubes : Ataasoff-Berry at Iowa State 1940s: Colossus: secret Germa code-breaker 1940s: ENIAC: Mauchly & Eckert at U. of Pe. Persoal Computers vs. Maiframes ad Miicomputers Persoal Computers vs. Workstatios Maiframes (1960s, room size) Maiframes (1960s, room size) Multi-users share the computers Offlie preparatio of tasks (puched cards), o direct iteractio time-shared termial computers. Miicomputers (1970s, refrigerator) Persoal computers (1980s, desktop, laptop) Workstatios (1980s, high-ed desktop) Miicomputers (1970s, refrigerator) Graphical user iterface, high resolutio scree, large memory storage, mouse, special software Persoal computers (desktop, laptop) IBM itroduced the PC i 1981 High performace CPU Large memory High speed etworkig Extremely reliable compoets Large displays stadard hardware desig for most desktop computers Most PCs use software from Microsoft High 3D graphics hardware 3 The Role of Algorithms What are the first few terms i your mid whe you thik of computer sciece? Algorithm: A set of steps that defies how a task is performed Program: A represetatio of a algorithm Programmig: The process of developig a program Software: Programs ad algorithms. Hardware: Euipmet The Role of Algorithms Figure 0.2 The Euclidea algorithm The study of algorithms was origially a subject i mathematics. Early examples of algorithms Euclidea Algorithm to fid a greatest commo divisor Gödel's Icompleteess Theorem: Some problems caot be solved by algorithms. Cetral Questios of Computer Sciece Figure 0.5 The cetral role of algorithms i computer sciece Which problems ca be solved by algorithmic processes? How ca algorithm discovery be made easier? How ca techiues of represetig ad commuicatig algorithms be improved? How ca our kowledge of algorithms ad techology be applied to provide better machies? How ca characteristics of differet algorithms be aalyzed ad compared? 4 Relatioship ad Other Subjects Computer sciece is the sciece of algorithms. Draws from other subjects, icludig Mathematics, Egieerig Psychology, Biology Busiess Admiistratio, etc Brigs ew fields ad issues, icludig Maagemet iformatio systems, e-commerce Digital library, Bioiformatics, etc. Next Lecture: Bits, storage ad mai memory Readig assigmets: Chapter 1.1, 1.2 5
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