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  THIRD DIVISION[G.R. NO. 167552 : April 23, 2007]EUROTECH INDUSTRIA TECHNOOGIES, INC., Petitioner  , v.   ED!IN CUI ON #$% ER!IN CUI ON, Respondents . D E C I S I O NCHICO&NA ARIO,  J. : Before Us is a Petition for Review by certiorari   assailing the Decision 1  of the Court of Appeals dated 1 August ! and its Resolution !  dated 1# $arch !% in CA&'.R. (P )o. #1*+# entitled, -urotech ndustrial /echnologies, nc.v. 0on. Antonio /. -chave. /he assailed Decision and Resolution affir2ed the 3rder *  dated !+ 4anuary !! rendered by 4udge Antonio /. -chave ordering the dropping of respondent -D5) Cuion 6-D5)7 as a party defendant in Civil Case )o. C-B&1+8#!./he generative facts of the case are as follows9Petitioner is engaged in the business of i2portation and distribution of various -uropean industrial e:uip2ent for custo2ers here in the Philippines. t has as one of its custo2ers 2pact (yste2s (ales 62pact (yste2s7 which is a sole proprietorship ownedby respondent -R5) Cuion 6-R5)7.  Respondent -D5) is the sales 2anager of 2pact (yste2s and was i2pleaded in the court a :uo in said capacity.;ro2 4anuary to April 1++%, petitioner sold to 2pact (yste2s various products allegedly a2ounting to ninety&one thousand three hundred thirty&eight 6P+1,**<.7 pesos. (ubse:uently, respondents sought to buy fro2 petitioner one unit of sludge pu2p valued at P!%,. with respondents 2a=ing a down pay2ent of fifty thousand pesos 6P%,.7.  5hen the sludge pu2p arrived fro2 the United >ingdo2, petitioner refused todeliver the sa2e to respondents without their having fully settled their indebtedness to petitioner. /hus, on !< 4une 1++%, respondent -D5) and Alberto de 4esus, general 2anager of petitioner, e?ecuted a Deed of Assign2ent of receivables in favor of petitioner, the pertinent part of which states91.7 /hat A((')3R %  has an outstanding receivables fro2 /oledo Power Corporation in the a2ount of /0R-- 0U)DR-D (@/ ;- /03U(A)D 6P*8%,.7 P-(3( as pay2ent for the purchase of one unit of (elwood (pate 1D (ludge Pu2p!.7 /hat said A((')3R does hereby A(('), /RA)(;-R, and C3)- unto the A((')-- 8    the said receivables fro2 /oledo Power Corporation in the a2ount of /0R-- 0U)DR-D(@/ ;- /03U(A)D 6P*8%,.7 P-(3( which receivables the A((')3R is the lawful recipient*.7 /hat the A((')-- does hereby accept thisassign2ent. # ;ollowing the e?ecution of the Deed of Assign2ent, petitioner delivered to respondents the sludge pu2p as shown by nvoice )o. 1!* dated * 4une 1++%. < Allegedly unbe=nownst to petitioner, respondents, despite the e?istence of the Deedof Assign2ent, proceeded to collect fro2 /oledo Power Co2pany the a2ount of P*8%,1*%.!+ as evidenced by Chec= oucher )o. +** +  prepared by said power co2pany and an official receipt dated 1% August 1++% issued by 2pact (yste2s. 1  Alar2ed by this develop2ent, petitioner 2ade several de2ands upon respondents to pay their obligations. As a result, respondents were able to 2a=e partial pay2ents to petitioner. 3n # 3ctober 1++8, petitioners counsel sent respondents a final de2and letter wherein it was stated that as of 11 4une 1++8, respondents total obligations stood at P!+%,. e?cluding interests and attorneys  fees. 11  Because of respondents failure to abideby said final de2and letter, petitioner instituteda co2plaint for su2 of 2oney, da2ages, with application for preli2inary attach2ent against herein respondents before the Regional /rial Court of Cebu City. 1! 3n < 4anuary 1++#, the trial court granted petitioners prayer for the issuance of writ of preli2inary attach2ent. 1* 3n !% 4une 1++#, respondent -D5) filed his Answer 1  wherein he ad2itted petitioners allegations with respect to the sale transactions entered into by 2pact (yste2s and petitioner between 4anuary and April 1++%. 1%  0e, however, disputed the total a2ountof 2pact (yste2s indebtedness to petitioner which, according to hi2, a2ounted to only P!!,.. 18 By way of special and affir2ative defenses, respondent -D5) alleged that he is not a realparty in interest in this case. According to hi2,he was acting as 2ere agent of his principal, which was the 2pact (yste2s, in his transaction with petitioner and the latter was very 2uch aware of this fact. n support of thisargu2ent, petitioner points to paragraphs 1.! and 1.* of petitioners Co2plaint stating 
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