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1 J.C. Akester Pupil. 2 W.L. Andrew Pupil. 3 J.A. Ball Pupil. 4 C.M. Barnes Pupil

1 J.C. Akester Pupil 2 W.L. Andrew Pupil In Spring 1917 he undertook a training course at Crystal Palace to become a probationary Flight Officer in the RNAS. On 26 September he took
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1 J.C. Akester Pupil 2 W.L. Andrew Pupil In Spring 1917 he undertook a training course at Crystal Palace to become a probationary Flight Officer in the RNAS. On 26 September he took part with the RFC in the battle of Polygon Wood, when his plane was brought down by four enemy machines in the Ypres District. He became a POW and was captive for 15 months in Germany. The school magazine in December 1918 recorded that he received the parcel [from home], and I little thought when I saw my first aeroplane in 1912 at Truro, than it would be another such that I would land in behind the German lines in Joined the 29th Bt. Royal Fusiliers. By December 1916 was a private attached to 7th Royal West Kent Regiment in France. For the April 1917 school magazine he wrote: 'It is very obvious to us out here that Germany is beaten. All the prisoners we take are delighted to become captives. Within the last few months we have been over the top several times. The worst part of all is the waiting previous to going over. However, the Bosche never fights when you reach his trench. He is frequently waiting with his hands up. By December 1917 he had transferred to the Royal Flying Corps and was training at Exeter College, Oxford. He became a 2nd Lt and was reported missing on 13 May 1918 whilst flying over German lines. A letter was received on 8 June to say he was well and unwounded but a POW 'in one of the prettiest parts of Germany'. In December 1918 the magazine reported that he was a Lt in the RAF and a POW '...on the coast of the Baltic, on an island, which is rather beautiful. I had my first letter a couple of days ago. I was shot down on May 16th'. 3 J.A. Ball Pupil In July 1918 it was reported that Lance-Corporal Ball, Foreway Company, RE 'has been doing dangerous work in laying rails beyond the point where the light engine could work, and has unfortunately been gassed'. 4 C.M. Barnes Pupil Private in the RAMC At the commencement of the Push we had one lively day. Our total for the first twelve hours being just over twelve hundred. We did work hard for a day or so. I have met several O.B s. The first one I met was Rowe, from Redruth, and the next was Chaplain Hunkin, and soon after I met King. 5 A.J. Benjafield Pupil In 1918 was appointed Assistant Paymaster, RNR and joined HMS Terrible at Portsmouth. 6 H.P. Bennett Pupil Was in the Royal Flying Corps in Was a Lt in the RAF in 1918 when severly wounded while flying in France and was hospitalised. 7 J.M. Blight Pupil He was in the Royal Garrison Artillery by December 1916, and it was reported in July 1918 that he had taken a course in signalling at Tregantle, Anthony. 8 W. Blight Pupil The school magazine reported in April 1915 he was in the Artists Corps and two years later was recorded as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 1/28th London Regiment (Artists Rifles). In July 1918 it was reported he was in London General Hospital suffering from gas and being buried in the great offensive. He was later promoted to Lieutenant. 9 Q.H. Boutwood Pupil After leaving school was employed in aeroplane works belonging to Messrs Blon & Hewlett, in Bedfordshire, before going to France as a mechanic in connection with the American Aviation Corps (102 Squadron) 10 A.T. Brewer Pupil In 1915 he was in the motor transport section of the Army Service Corps. He died on 8 June 1916 at Grampound Road. 11 W.H. Brewer Pupil Brother to HJ Brewer d.1917, and cousin to FH Brewer d.1917, father of LF Brewer who died in WW2 in E.J.P. Burling Pupil In July 1919 the school magazine reported that whilst in the Cambridge University OTC, he was selected for Flying in 1914, and did most of his work in seaplanes from and in conjunction with HM ships in various theatres of war such as the North Sea, the Belgian Coast, France, Palestine and the Indian Ocean. He has been mentioned twice in despatches, and has received three distinctions: DSC, DFC and Croix de Guerre. 13 P. Cann Pupil Joined the UPS Fusiliers in September He transferred to the Royal Flying Corps in April 1917, joining the 65th Squadron as a 2nd Lieutenant. After six months recuperation from illness he went to France in February 1918, flying patrols over the Front Line. He died on 2 April 1918, the day after the RAF was formed from the RFC and the RNAS. 14 H.W. Chegwidden Pupil In 1917 was added to roll of honour. He was in the 34th TRB. In May 1918 went to Portobello Barracks, Dublin and later crossed to France, attached to the Royal Irish Regiment. 15 H.V. Chisholm Staff Taught English and History to the lower forms, and Geography to form V2. Joined the Durham Light Infantry in November 1915 as 2nd lieutenant. He was stationed in Northumberland before going to France; he was wounded on 5 November 1916 at Walencourt, and spent time in hospital in Manchester. 16 C.E. Collins Pupil Joined the OTC while at Birmingham University, and went to Woolwich Military Academy in 1915 before joining the 24th Brigade, RFA, as a lieutenant. He was last seen on 21 March 1918 walking past the guns down into the valley which ran west from Lagricourt, and believed to be a POW, although his death was later recorded and his name appears on the Arras Memorial. 17 V.A. Collins Pupil His name was added to the school s War Roll in He was a 2nd lieutenant in the OTC. 18 A.A. Coomb Pupil In 1915 he was working for Messrs. Bellers & Morcom, Birmingham, with 2000 men employed in munitions work. In 1918 has passed as Engine Room Artificer in the Navy, and enrolled in RNVR, but on account of doing important work in connection with mine sweepers he does not expect to be called up till September. 19 L.L. Dreyer Pupil A private in the 1st South African Infantry, he served in German SW Africa, Egypt and France. On 14 July 1916 during the taking of Longueval he volunteered to carry a letter from his Captain under heavy fire, but he had not gone far when he was struck in the forehead with an explosive bullet. He was G.D. Ellis Staff Taught III Form and gym, Latin and history. Gazetted captain in 16th Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers in Wounded in 1916 and spent time in the Royal Free Hospital, London. 21 P. Geach Pupil By July 1915 he was a 2nd Lieutenant in 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry serving in Iraq. 22 R.S. Gill Pupil Enlisted as a private in the 8th battalion Duke of Cornwall s Light Infantry at Newquay. He died of wounds received in action on 6 November 1916 with the Salonika Forces. Pte Gill was offered promotion, but preferred to serve his King and Country in the ranks. 23 F.E. Gilpin Pupil 24 G.R. Gilpin Pupil Went to the Woolwich Military Academy after leaving school in 1915 and became a 2nd lieutenant in the RGA. He went to France in In 1917 he wrote to the school...our battery was mentioned in despatches for the Somme fighting, as we did some jolly good work...i am sick of the horrible sights and the awfulness of war. In 1922 he was with the Allied Forces of Occupation in Constantinople. Joined the army after leaving school, and left the Woolwich Academy as a sergeant in the RE. In 1915 he was gazetted lieutenant, and went on to serve in Galipoli, Egypt and Palestine. He met RM Treloar on a couple of occasions. By 1919 he was a captain and had been awarded the Military Cross. During WW2 he was a brigadier-general and oversaw the construction of a road between Dimapur, Imphal and Moreh in north eastern India, which was nicknamed Gilpin s Road. 25 R. Gilpin Pupil He joined the army after leaving school and trained at the Woolwich Academy before receiving a commission and was stationed in India with the 83rd Siege Battery, RFA. When war broke out in 1914 he was re-stationed to Iraq with the 63rd Battery. Lieutenant Gilpin died from wounds received while on reconnaissance duty at Ezra s Tomb near the river Tigris, on 3 July He was the first casualty recorded in the school magazine. 26 W.J. Gilpin Pupil In 1914 he was a Lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery, stationed in China and was promoted to Captain in the RGA after July By July 1918 he was a Major and had been at the Front for 3 years when he was awarded the Military Cross and later received an additional bar to the MC. 27 R.S. Gledhill Pupil By April 1915 he was a 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Engineers (Cornwall Fortress). After the war it was reported that he was a Lieutenant attached to 218th Field Company, Royal Engineers of the Army of Occupation. 28 A.W.M. Greenfield Staff Latin teacher. Joined RGA Plymouth in October 1915 as 2nd lieutenant. Went to France in 1916 as 2nd lieutenant with regular RGA Devon. Was presented with Croix de Guerre by General Antoine Commander of the First French Army and promoted to lieutenant in Before he left Truro he helped to start the school s cadet corps. 29 W.T. Gregor Pupil Served with the 2nd Field Ambulance South African Medical Corps and served in German East Africa and Nyassaland, Central Africa. By 1923 he had resumed teaching and held a post at Krugersdrop High School. He attended some Geography lectures and was surprised to find former classmate JH Wellington was the lecturer. 30 A.L. Harding Pupil He joined the UPS Fusiliers in 1914, and was working in the Transport Section of his Battalion in 1916 when he, crossed over to France on 14 November. He was in the trenches around La Bassee, when going by night with provisions, one of his horses got hit in the flank by a piece of shrapnel, but luckily he escaped. 31 C.J. Hawke Pupil Served with in the 36th Siege Battalion RGA. 32 G.K.B. Hay Pupil Joined the Australian Light Horse in Came to the UK in 1917 and was attached to 8/51st Regiment at Codford St Mary, Wiltshire. By December 1918 he was with the 51st Bt. AIF, and had been wounded in France in August and was awarded the Military Cross. 33 W.B.C.C. Hitchens Pupil 51st Hampshire Regiment, added to roll of honour in 1918 34 N.L. Hofland Pupil In December 1914 it was reported that he was a private in the Naval Brigade. 35 C.D. Hole Pupil 2nd Artists' Rifles. Added to the roll of honour in J.W. Hunkin Pupil Joined army as chaplain in the Dardanelles in 1915; left Devonport 22 November with MEF, met HJ Collins (OB) on crossing out. From 1916 was acting as chaplain in France, 29th RA. Mentioned in dispatches and awarded MC for helping wounded under fire near Monchy le Preux. He wrote that 'the roads are extraordinarily bad, and the mud wickedly tenacious and deep... Our men have had more to put up with than at any time since the Peninsula days, but their health and cheerfulness have been simply remarkable. I have been trying to run a small canteen as well as take services of various kinds, and go round and round the different units...' By mid 1918 was Senior Chaplain, MC with bar and was suffering from the effects of gas. By end of war appointed Lt Col, and was appointed Dean of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Later Bishop of Truro. 37 P.D. Ingham Pupil 38 L.P. Ingram Pupil Worked in Chile before returning home to enlist in By 1918 he was a major in the 5th Royal Welsh Fusiliers. During service on the Western Front he was badly injured in both legs, losing the right above the knee. After the war he worked for the British Legion. In 1916 he was awarded the Elliott scholarship for study at university. By April he was 2nd Lieutenant, R.E. and obtained a First Class Instructor s Certificate in courses for bombing and gas, and is now on his way to Egypt. In April 1919 it was reported that he had recently been stationed at Beyrout as Water officer in that area. 'Beyrout itself is very uninteresting it is a typical Eastern town with dirty narrow streets. Everywhere there are signs of Turkish rule or rather misrule. When we arrived the poorer classes were in an awful condition starving and in rags. The conditions have been greatly improved since the arrival of the British troops. I met George Gilpin and had a chat about the old times. 39 J.P. James Pupil He was a tunneller in the 6th Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry when he was killed during his first tour of duty on 26 October 1916 while at a listening post in a mine shaft. He was buried at Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamp, Somme. He was W.A. Jennings Pupil In July 1915 he was with the 24th Bt. Royal Fusiliers. By 1917 it was reported he was on active service and now in a training Cadet battalion. In 1917 he was returning to the Front in France when he met WJ Gilpin and JC Annear. By December 1918 he had been promoted to captain and awarded the Military Cross. 41 F.W. Kendall Pupil The school magazine in July 1915 recorded that he had joined the Kolar Gold Fields Volunteers. 42 J.P. King Pupil In 1915 was with the 18th City Battalion, King s Liverpool Regiment before joining the 21st Officers Cadet Battalion in In March 1918, as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 19th King s Liverpool, he was wounded and reported missing but later it was learned that he was a POW in Germany and was well and happy. 43 J. Lamb Staff Taught Form IV and shorthand. By April 1916 was 2nd Lt in 11th West Riding Regiment. 44 J.L. Lawry Pupil Medical doctor. Lt in the RAMC. Spoke to pupils about the Red Cross, No. 6 Base Hospital, Le Havre. For 3 years was a surgeon specialist and was in charge of a large hospital at Ypres. Later surgeon at Newquay Hospital. 45 A. Lugg Pupil Joined the 4th DCLI as a private, promoted to corporal in Appointed to the staff of the Adjutant-General's Dept. at Army HQ, Simla, India. Returned to UK in 1920, and was appointed secretary of the Truro and Falmouth district, Cornwall War Pensions Committee. 46 E.H. Maltby Pupil By April 1916 he had worked for Messrs. Vicker, Maxim and Co. for over 10 years and was in charge of a department in the gun drawing office responsible for all designs of sights and sighting mechanisms on Naval Mountings. 47 G. W. Manners Pupil By December 1915 he was a private in the 26th Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers. A year later it was reported he was wounded in France, and taken to hospital in Birmingham. Later on visited TC. In July it was reported he was wounded in recent fighting near Gavrelle and Greenland Hill, and in May was in hospital in Sheffield. 48 W. Manners Pupil Was with the 31st Bt, Royal Fusiliers in 1916 but by July 1917 was a Sergeant in the 1st Battalion Worcester Regiment, and received a commission by April 1918 when he was stationed with the regiment at Cosham. 49 T. Manuell Pupil Soon after the outbreak of war it was reported that he was a private in the Witwaterand Rifles, Johannesburg. In July 1919 the school magazine reported that he had returned to the Transvaal Gold Mining Estate after nearly 4 years in German East Africa and still suffered from Malarial fever. 50 A.P. Marshall Pupil Went from school into Royal Navy as an officer on HMS Barham, protecting the Mercantile Marine. Later a QC and knighted. 51 J. Martin Pupil Joined the 28th Canadian Regiment in 1914, and later became a lance-corporal. On 15 September 1916 he was wounded while serving in France, and transported back to the Second Northern General Hospital in Leeds where he died on Sunday 1 October 1916, following complications after a leg amputation, aged 36. He was buried in Penzance Cemetery with full military honours. 52 V.J. Martin Pupil A 2nd Lieutenant in the 9th Battalion DCLI in 1914 he received a commission from Regular Indian Army in By the end of 1918 he had been promoted to Captain in the 3/23 Sikh Regiment and was stationed in Jullandar, India. 53 H. Martyn Pupil In 1914 joined the Yeomanry as a private. By December 1915 he was a lieutenant in the National Reserve and promoted to captain. 54 J.B.H. Mawer Pupil Trained as a teacher before joining the East Lincolnshire Regiment. By 1918 he had been promoted to Sergeant in 52nd Battalion Liverpool Regiment, as an instructor at Lowestoft. 55 J.H. Mayston Pupil An army Captain he went to France in January 1917, and returned wounded in August 1917, but was not permanently damaged and expecting to return to France soon to take up Hospital work in the RAMC. He was in practice in London prior to enlisting. 56 H.A. Millard Pupil A corporal in the 186th Company, Royal Engineers, he died during a gas attack when his breathing apparatus malfunctioned, and he tried to save others from the same fate. He was buried at Cambrin, France. He was W.J. Moyle Pupil He was a despatch rider in 1916 and it was later reported that he was a Corporal in the 4th Cavalry Division. 58 H.M. Nicholls Pupil Returned from Chile 1916 and enlisted as a gunner in the Royal Fusiliers. Gained a commission on 11 November 1916 as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. He served in France in On the death of his father he obtained a 6 month leave to go back to Chile on business. On his return in 1918 to Salisbury Plain for training and caught influenza. The illness was complicated by pneumonia and he died on 8 November 1918 in Suffolk Hall Hospital, Cheltenham. 59 T.J. Olver Pupil After leaving school he worked in mining in South Africa. In 1916 he was with forces in German East Africa. 60 J. Paynter Pupil After leaving school went to the Camborne School of Mines before working in Rhodesia. He gave up his position as mining engineer in South Africa to come home and volunteer and had been at the Front for 10 days when 2nd Lieutenant Paynter, 174th Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers was killed in action on 8 October 1915, aged 30. He was buried in Point 110 Old Military Cemetery, Fricourt, Somme. The 174th Tunnelling Company s war diary for 8 October 1915 recorded: Fricourt left side enemy exploded camouflet opposite G18 wrecking about the last 30 of the gallery. 2nd Lt N.G. Isherwood, 2nd Lt J Paynter and No Sapper J Burns who were listening at the face were killed. Gallery being opened up Captain T.M. Lowry [also TC OB] DCLI attached 174th Co. RE distinguished himself in attempted rescue work. 61 H.T. Pearson Pupil Was appointed Junior Attendant, Sick Berth Reserve (SBR) in connection with the Naval Hospital, Truro. 62 J.K. Peel Pupil In 1916 he was a chaplain at Bovington Camp, Wool, Dorset. Also in the camp were OBs E.H. Pryor, J.P. James and F.G. Pryor. 63 H.C. Penrose Pupil By 1917 was a private in the Queen's West Rifles. In April 1919 it was reported that he was 2nd Lt with the Northumberland Fusiliers in Cologne. 64 H.S. Prideaux Pupil By December 1915 he was a 2nd Lieutenant, in the 3rd DCLI. In July 1917 it was reported that he had been in hospital in France, but was now in a convalescing hospital in London. By December 1918 he was a Lieutenant and recently married. 65 T.Pryor Pupil 2nd Lt, QVO 2nd Sappers and Miners in 1914, in Oorguam, Southern India. In 1915 he was on active service on NW frontier, India. In December 1915 he went to a sapper company in Egypt and in May 1916 was transferred to Works, Mesopotamia, engaged in administrative work. Was awarded DSO. By 1918 promoted to captain. 66 L.C. Rice Pupil 67 H.C. Rickard Pupil Was a 2nd Lt in 6th Loyal Lancers in By mid 1916 promoted to captain in the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and was wounded while fighting in Mesopotamia. Severly wounded in France in Also at Galipoli. A corporal in the 1st/5th Seaforth Highlanders, he was admitted to hospital in 1917 after a gas attack. Not long after his return to the Front Line he died in another gas attack on 26 August Vinter later recalled how eager he was to join the Army and to take his part in this great struggle and his brother Rene said: I could hardly make myself believe that I was looking at the grave of my beloved brother whom I last saw marching so bravely over the cobbled street of a village in France, on his first trip to the line, when he smiled at me and marched bravely on. 68 R.E. Rickard Pupil In July 1917 it was reported that he had been engaged in mining for the last 3 years but recently joined the Canadian Engineers and was in camp in England. Name was added to the roll of honour. 69 C.R. Ridgill Pupil A manager of general stores after leaving school, he joined the Namaq
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