111New Procedures for Issue of Certificates and Transcript

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  yfii````NEW PROCEDURES FOR ISSUE OF CERTIFICATES AND TRANSCRIPTS/GRADECARDS   Issue of srcinal certificates  1.   Original certificate is issued to the passing out students during convocation. 2.   If a student cannot attend the convocation, he/she (or his/her authorized person who is a student/employee of the Institute) can collect the certificate personally from the Academic Affairs Office at a later date. Authorization should be through a written letter. 3.   If a student neither can attend the convocation nor can collect the certificate personally, the Institute can send it by Registered Post to the student � s address (within India), provided the student i.   requests the Assistant Registrar through a written letter � and authorizing the Academic Affairs Office of the Institute to send the certificate by post ii.   indemnifies the Academic Affairs office against loss or any damage of certificate in transit iii.   sends an amount as mentioned below as postage Issue of Duplicate Certificates  Duplicate certificate may be issued to students on request to the Dean of Academic Affairs, if the student i.   loses the certificate and sends as a proof the copy of FIR lodged in the police station of the area where the student lost the certificate ii.   accidentally damages the certificate beyond recognition and the student produces an affidavit made in a court of law declaring that he/she has � accidentally (cause should  be mentioned) damaged the srcinal certificate beyond recognition iii.   accidentally damages the certificate which is still recognizable, but cannot be used as a certificate any more, and sends the damaged certificate to the Institute If the Institute authority is satisfied with the reason, the student is informed and the student pays Rs.1000 (or USD 100 for overseas payment) as fee for the duplicate certificate. The Academic  Section will produce a certificate with the word � Duplicate �  on it and authenticated by the signature and seal of the Assistant/Deputy Registrar of Academic Affairs. It can be collected from the Academic Affairs Office or can be sent by registered post to the student (within India). If it is to be sent by post, additional postage as mentioned below is to be paid. Issue of Provisional Certificates  If the date of next convocation is more than one month away from the date on which the student fulfills his/her all requirements for the degree, the Assistant/Deputy Registrar of Academic Affairs may issue a provisional certificate in ordinary stationery. For each extra copy of the certificate, Rs.100 (USD 10 for overseas payment) will be charged. If such certificates are to be sent by post to the student, an additional amount as mentioned below is to be paid as postage. Issue of Grade Cards/Transcripts  A single grade card is issued to each graduating student other than PhD. For each extra copy of grade card, the student is to pay Rs.50 (USD 5 for overseas payment). If the grade cards/transcripts are to be put in separate envelopes with the Assistant Registrar  � s signature, the charge is Rs.100 (USD 10 for overseas payment) per copy. Issue of Transfer Certificate/Migration Certificate  Some universities insist on migration certificate/transfer certificate for admission of new students from other universities. A certificate serving as transfer/migration certificate can be issued on written request with a payment of Rs.50. Attested copies of certificates and grade cards    The Dean of Students Affairs and the Assistant Registrar of Students Affairs are authorized to attest grade cards, certificates, etc. issued by the Institute. At any time, maximum five attested copies of certificates/grade cards can be obtained. Students/ex-students must submit the srcinals for attestation. Issue of degree verification certificate  A certificate can be issued verifying whether a person was a student of this Institute and whether he/she obtained certain degree from this Institute. The fee for verification certificate is Rs.100 (USD10 for payment from abroad). Additional amount to be paid for postage  The Institute may send transcripts or various certificates to the student/ex-student on payment of  postage as mentioned below. The role of the Institute in sending the documents is limited to booking it at the post office or with the courier. The Institute is not responsible for the safe passage and delivery of the documents to the addressee.   1. Original or Duplicate certificates, not foldable   o   Within India,     by registered post or Speed Post �  Rs.100     by courier (Overnight Express/First Flight) �  Rs.150 o   Overseas     by ordinary air mail �  Rs.100 (USD 10 for overseas payment)     by registered air mail �  Rs.200 (USD 20 for overseas payment)     by SpeedPost/EMS �  Rs.1000 (USD 100 for overseas payment)  2. Other foldable certificates and grade cards   o   Within India,     by registered post or Speed Post �  Rs.50     by courier (Overnight Express/First Flight) �  Rs.150 o   Overseas     by ordinary air mail �  Rs.30 (USD 10 for overseas payment)     by registered air mail �  Rs.50 (USD 10 for overseas payment)     by SpeedPost/EMS �  Rs.700 (USD 70 for overseas payment) Modes of Payment  Cash: ����������������� If the ex-student or his authorized  person can physically come to the Institute, the payments may be made in the Cash Counter in the Accounts Section of the Institute � s Administrative Building. Demand Draft: ��� Payments may also be made through demand drafts in favour of � IIT Guwahati �  and payable at Guwahati. Demand drafts may be made in any bank having a branch in Guwahati. Our preferred banks are Canara Bank and State Bank of India. Bank transfer: ���� Payments may also be made in to our Current Account  No.10196461010 of the  ICD Amingaon  Branch of the State Bank of India  from other branches of the same bank. Students/alumni can also make payments from abroad to our following account  by wire transfer/swift: Current Account No. �  10196461010 of ICD Amingaon Branch Bank �  State Bank of India, Branch �  Guwahati
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