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    MEOE14 INDUSTRIAL SAFETY ENGINEERING  Assignment 1 B   1.   Create Accident Root Causes Tracing Model (ARCTM) for the accident shown in the video. 2.   Write accident report using Form 18. 3.   Suggest preventive measures to avoid this type of accident in the future. 112117001 AASHIQA JAWAHIRA METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING (V SEM)  I.   Accident root causes tracing model (ARCTM)   1.   Unsafe Condition:    The factory failed to place a guard to inspect the employees to make sure they are equipped with safety measures like helmet and breathing apparatus set (BA Set), before they enter the plant.    Employee was ignorant towards safety measures to be taken while entering the plant.    Management did not provide the employee with BA set while entering the plant.    Before starting to operate on the H2S containing equipment, co-workers didn’t check if surro unding staff also had protective measures. 2.   Reaction of worker to unsafe condition:    Worker didn’t identify the unsafe condition. There was no risk and hazard consideration from the worker.    Worker didn’t quit the task and wait for the unsafe condition to be modified. Rather he disregarded the unsafe condition and continued the task out of negligence.    Worker was unaware of the fact that when personal alarm is activated, one should wear EEBD. He continued with his work regardless of the alarm beeping.    The worker inhaled H2S, that flowed out when other staff were operating the equipment and he fell unconscious, following symptoms of nausea and irritation.     Co- workers were unaware of first aid measures. They provided him with water which reacted with H2S and produced Acid. 3.   4.   4.   3. Unsafe act of worker    He entered the plant without carrying necessary tools as safety measures.    When personal alarm was activated, he did not wear EEBD, but continued with his work.    He performed the task without considering safety standards, working wihout protective equipments.    II.   ACCIDENT REPORT- FORM 18 1.   Registration number of the factory   01462    2.   Running serial number of the accident in the factory for the calendar year and calendar year, 19 4   3.   Name and address of the factory   GASCO, ABUDHABI    4.   Nature of industry   PETROLEUM AND PETROCHEMICALS    5.   Name and address of the Occupier   ABC1    6.   Name and address of the Manager   ABC2    7.   Exact place in the factory (branch, department, machine, etc.) where the accident occurred   H2S STORAGE AREA   8.   Particulars of person injured —   (a)   Name   XYZ   (b)   Address   XYZ1   (c)   Sex MALE   (d)   Age last birthday   34   (e)   Occupation   SUPERVISOR   (f)   Monthly wages   8000 DHS    9.   Date and hours of accident   2:00 PM, 28/8/19    10.   Hours at which the person injured started work on the day of accident   12:00      11.   Describe clearly how the accident occurred The injured employee had   arrived to supervise the plant.   H2S was released into the atmosphere by   other staff while operating the equipment. Employee’  s personal alarm was   activated on release of H2S from the equipment, but he did not wear EEBD   and continued with work. He inhaled H2S and fell unconscious. Instead of first aid, water was provided which further caused acid formation in the   body. He was rushed to the hospital.   12.   State exactly what the person injured was doing at the time of the   accident   Plant supervision    13.   If the accident was caused by machinery--- (a)   Give the name and part, etc., of the machine causing the accident   NIL   

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