1970s Baseball : A History and Analysis of the Decade's Best Seasons, Teams, and Players

Your one-stop reference guide is here for all things baseball during the 1970s. Annual recaps recall each season's dominant performances, All-Star game lineups and results, pennant races, and post-season highlights. Selections are made for the decade's greatest players at every position, in addition to ranking the top 10 managers, fielders, clutch performers, memorable moments, most valuable players, individual seasons, rivalries, power/speed threats, and even tape measure homers. Franchises are reviewed and ranked from 1 through 26, with sidebars noting statistical leaders in 15 categories. Along the way, essays reflect on World Series controversies, free agency, 4-man pitching rotations, milestones, the designated hitter (and runner!), and profile colorful characters like Le Grand Orange, Toy Cannon, and Road Runner. Finally a detailed appendix compiles award winners plus year-by-year leaders and total decade leaders in 11 offensive and 6 pitching categories. This is a preview version of the full book, which is available at,,
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