2010-01-08 Supervisor Antonovich, Los Angeles County, repeat mailing of January 8, 2010 response from Sheriff Lee Baca in re: Arrest and booking records of Inmate Richard Fine (1824367), including the fraudulent attachments s

It is indisputable that Richard Fine was arrested on the morning of March 4, 2009 at the Court of Judge David Yaffe, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, at the Mosk Courthouse, on North Hill Street, City of Los Angeles. However, no warrant for the arrest was ever discovered. Furthermore, for over a year Sheriff Lee Baca insists on denying access to the California public records, which are the arrest and booking records of Richard Fine. Instead, for over a year, Sheriff Lee Baca insists on producing false and deliberately misleading records, even in response to inquiry by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich - falsely claiming that Richard Fine was arrested on location and pursuant to the Authority of the San Pedro Municipal Court . [1] As you surely know, no such court has existed for almost a decade. Richard Fine is only one example, but survey of the inmate data in Los Angeles County jails demonstrated that about half the inmates - thousands of persons, are held under false and deliberately misleading records. [2] It is a Human Rights disgrace of historic proportion! This repeat mailing, post-stamped January 14, 2010, included the attachments, which were missing from the original mailing by the office of Supervisor Antonovich. Such attachments were the fraudulent responses provided by Sheriff Lee Baca to Supervisor Antonovich's inquiry regarding refusal to allow access to the California Public Records which were the arrest and booking papers of Richard Fine and Ronald Gottschalk. The responses, among other fraudulent data, state the arrest and booking of Richard Fine to have taken place by the non-existent San Pedro Municipal Court. In fact, the abduction was perpetrated by the Sheriff's Warrant Detail in open court at the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Court of Judge David Yaffe.
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  Janu ry8, 2010 Jos ,H.Zernik x 526 .O. LaVene,CA91750-Dear Thankpertai ROOM869KENNETHFIAHNTELEPHONE21)974-5555 y,ouorcontaCtingyofficer:egiingo nmatesichardinernd Wosril 14 l . \tLfi1dfiIv HAI-LCIFADM|fiJISTFIATIO.N, Our re rdsndicatehatyournunletodsrefen,to theSireriff',entora of the rSoyouromheSherilff'seDeceber29,2009.There snothingu matter lfyou4redissatisfiedithheSfreritf,seCynthidD.Banks,Di:reetor,eparfment Seni:qr icespro,vides,air:ndbjectiaredissatisfiedithheresponselrovidThankou.Sincerely, NTONOV MDA;apgCynthia.Banks,Director,lepafiCHAEL'S'uper'vJsor IFAX(213)974-10110ITEhttp:,lilantonovich Co, -)DT rrrp^t- {tar'4-4.-fi*4.+ , T':TfiT I!4lCHA LDrANI-ONQVIC,H SUFEIR\IISOR ing helrrestandbooking formation onaillGottschalk. f?t,x#p' t}s ipol1g,e,oumaydirectyoLlrf Cornmr-rnitySeniorSenvi '.F.r Iappreciawrit{enndelephon,ic,nquiridireotersponseo'yor-r.ncl artmentatedNovember, he4 myrfficecan clo oassi shavebeensecJrecopie,s009and ,ait tyoun hisoncernsoesat3175We,st)CI020.'heDdpartrrrentfCerslti,ewfnnattersWhrsrec cernedpafties rnunitydb-yheSheriffsDepartmenof ConrrnunitvSienior ervices WESTE.M'PLETREFIOSELES,GALIFORNIA}OO1 ; ', .... , - ':'.' January 8,2010 ~ D n r j ) : D f J § u p £ r i J i £ ~ D r 5 < 1 I a u n t ~ of pins J\uB·elez MICHAEL D. ANTONOVICH SUPERVISOR Joseph H. Zernik P.O. Box 526 LaVerne,CA 91750 DearMr.Zmnik:Thankyouforcontactingmyofficeregardingthearrestand b o o k i l l ~ ] Jrlformationpertaining to inmatesRichardFineandRonaldGottschalk.;appreciate it. OurrecordsindicatethatyournumerouswrittenandtelephonicinquirieshavebeenreferredtotheSheriff'sDepartmentforadirectresp.onse to youEnclosedarecopiesoftheletterstoyoufromtheSheriff'sDepartmentdated November 4, 2009 andDecember 29, 2009. There IS nothingfurthermyofficecandotoassistyou in thiSmatter.IfyouaredissatisfiedwiththeSheriff'sresponse,you may direct Yo\ concel'nstoCynthia D. Banks,Director,Department of Community & SeniorServicesat3175 West SixthStreet,3 rd Floor,LosAngeles,CA90020.TheDepartmentof Community & SeniorServicesprovidesfairandobjectivereview of matterswhereconcernedpartiesaredissatisfiedwiththeresponseprovided oy the Sheriffs Department Thankyou.SinC,erel y, .: c-,· .\ (\ 'r- -'-1 - - ~ \Ij L!t/\) ~ ~ I i C H A E L Q...ANTONOVte S'upervisor MDAapg c: Cynthia D. Banks,Director, Depaliment of Community & SeniorServices ROOM 869 KENNETHHAHNHALLOFADMINiSTRATION,500 WESTTEMPLE STREET, LOS ANGELES. CAL1FORNIA 90012 TELEPHONE (213) 974-5555' FAX (213) 974-1010ã WEBSITE I1ttp:/lantonovich,ãE,MAIL Digitally signed byJoseph H Zernik DN: cn=Joseph HZernik, o, ou,, c=USLocation: La Verne,CaliforniaDate: 2010.01.2113:42:38 -08'00'  Camtrutyf.Los&ngerles$fterl$$'gs$eHinlrctrne3,rlg:H*e*wsf;iltrffiregFs 4{'},Rant,r Bauhaavd - 1o { diy is. }J ; .,57;if Decernber9,2009 MontereyP,xrh,iahifornia:754-rU,O Mr.JosephernikPOBox526LaVerne,California1TS0Deart/r.Zernik:Thise'tters nresponseoyouriax:erquestorac;cessoarreslindbookingtapersrfinmates.ichardine,Bookingo.182436',7andonilldGotts,chalk,oof<iigio,208844.YourequestddressedosheriffEiacatates:In responseorequestsorassistancerryiupervisorntonovichegandinrgienialofaccessopublicecords'yourofllic,e,vl'reneublicccesswasprovidecfy'CaliforniaublicRecords,c1l,uperrvisor\ntonrcvich'sitficenformedle,hatyourofficetatedhatyouaxerrdear€)sponsenNovermber,2009.Iha,reorecordfsuchax,andwottlclelratalfirlfyoucould€nrdtagain,opingat1tindeedncludedherequestedublicer:or,cls-arrestlncJoo[ingecordi,f:1.Bookingo.1B243OTic,hardine ,2.Bookingo.2088144ornalclottschalkrCbviously,oncernas hartheSheriffsD,epartmentasholdingor]months,Attorneyichardine n violartionfthrearar,nd hecfi=nialfacCesso arrr:stiand ookingaperswas meatntlooveruprhartact.L-ikewise,isholdinrqlnahospitaloom,withno medicaliustification'vvasikelyo b,evrrbyfl<eepirnglinloffhehreeimesa day outineountsf nmertelssinceRichardinewarian offheecord ,offhecount nmate.-fheholdingfAttorney ottscl.ralk,inc,eelleasednbail,ikewise,ilsnamedicalacility,ndagain.c;oflo€rnv/as hatt wasnvicllationfheaw.Awell-recognizedivilightsrg;ianization,hic;hdvisedme nhismatter,statedhatheyoutinelyadieuch r;querstsnotherountiesf Calilbrnia,ndthatotherountiesoutinelyonnpliedithlreaw. There!a$noreasonlhythe LosAngelesCountyShrerifl'separtlTrofitouldnot ikewiseomplyuitlrhetlaw. flJ.o{t,/rirr,of Sn t,r o,,\rnce/dJo C o u n ~ y o/LosAngeles Sheri's Department. Headquarters 4700 RamonaBoulevardMontereyPark,California 91754-2169 December 29, 2009 Mr.JosephZernikPOBox526LaVerne,California91750 Dear Mr.Zernik:Thisietter isin responseto your faxrequest for accesstoarrestandbookingpapers of inmates:RichardFine,BookingNo. 182436l and RonaldGottschalk,BookingNo.2088144. Your mquestaddressedtoSheriff 8aca states: In responsetorequestsfor a s s ~ s t a n c e bySupervisorAntonovichregardingdenial of accesstopublicrecordsby your office, w h e ~ e publicaccesswasprovidedbyCaliforniaPublicRecordsAcI,SupervisorAntonovich'sofficeinformedmethatyourofficestated that youfaxedmearespor\s,eon November 4,2009.I havenorecord of suchfax,andwouldbegratefulifyoucouldsenditagair.,hopingthatitindeedincluded the requestedpublicrecords _. arrestandbookingrecordsof: 1. BookingNo.1824367RichardFine2.BookingNo. 2088144 RonaldC30ttschalkObviously,concernwasthattheSheriff'sDepartment was holdingfor9monthsAttorneyRichardFineinviolation of thelaw,andthe derialof accesstoarrestandbookingpaperswas meant tocoverup that fact.L.ikewise,hisholding in ahospitalroom,with no medicaljustiffcation was likelytobea way of keepinghim off thethreetimesa day routinecounts of inmates-sinceRichardFinewasan offtherecord , off the count inmate.Theholding of AttorneyGottschalk,sincereleased on bail,likewise,was in a medicalfacility,andagain _. concern was that it was in violation of thelaw. A well-recognizedcivilrightsorganization,wt'lichadvisedmeinthismatter,statedthat they routinely made suchrt;}quests in other counties of California, and thatothercountiesroutinelycompliedwiththelaw.TherewasnoreasonwhytheLos Angeles County Sheriff'sDepartmentwouldnotlikewisecomplywith thH law. 7l7radi!J;:Jfl 0/ CSeruice(Since 1650  Josephernik -2- EnclosedsCopvrheetteiornpijseoivCornminoeir,omai Assistant,fficef theSheriffwhichrasaiedtoyclunNovermber JrGr..\ELt r\,,yLrtJ L,lI l\Lrv$llluul thecircumstancesnvolvingMr.Rircharrdine's,rres;t.'Bookinginformationotexempt'romhePublicFlecordsctretlatingBookingo.1824367ndRonaldGo:ftscha,lk,,grokingo.20t]g144YourconcernstowhereMr. Firrendt4r.Gottscherlkrelwerreeldwhile,nDepartmentustodys ntheornlof,arnnte,rrogertoryr.heputrlicRqcordsctdor=sotrequirehatapublicntityreaterec;ordn c,rdelrtoespondrorequestorinformation.heActonlyequire,shatcertiaineoordsireadynexistenceemadeavailable;tdoesnotrequirehepurbtlc;ntityoernsrrrrernterrogatori$s.lfyouhaveanyquestions,323-890-5023.pleaser;ontactynthierheckellsftheDiscoverynitat Sincerely,LEROYD. BACA,SHERIFF RiskManagementureauEnclosedDecemlber9', 009 .ainii, Executir,reirrdicating ,2009,toRichardine,isenclosed, JosephZernik -2- December29,2009Enclosed is acopy of thelettercomposedbyCommanderThomas M. Lain9,ExecutiveAssistant, Office of theSheriffwtlichwasfaxedtoyouon N o v E ~ m b e r 4,2009, indicatingthecircumstancesinvolvingMr.Richard f=ine's arrest.BookinginformationnotexemptfromthePublicHecordsActrelating to RichardFine,Booking No. 1824367andRonaldGottschalk BookingNo.2088144 is enclosed.Yourconcernas to whereMr.FineandMr.Gottschalkare/wereheldwhile in Departmentcustody is intheform of an interrogatory.ThePublicRecordsActdoesnotrequirethatapublicentitycreatearecord in ordertorespondtoa-equestforinformation.TheActonlyrequiresthatcertainrecordsalready in existence be madeavailable; it doesnotrequirethepublicentitytoanswer i n t e r r o ~ l a t o r i e s . Ifyouhaveanyquestions,pleasecontactCynthiaSheckells of theDiscoveryUnitat323-890-5023.Sincerely,LEROY D. BACA,SHERIFF /) /, ~ ' / L t i; C/o /[/ --- J6dy A. Gerhardt,LieutenantRiskManagementBureauEnclosed  t../!yit:[tsn,A.ngeIex Sheriff*freputrnentHeulgufrtrs 4i'AgllsffiurnaWttnbburb LEROYD.BACA,sHERTFF Novembr4,2009 Mr.JosephernikViaFax:801)98-091 ComrnanderThomasM.Laing,ExecutiveAqiOfficeoftheSheriff ,ffisfi/,l:reglp'ur.,6.u.Lr,ts:rrrwLZ4ZUig9iT'aJtlionor{ clietaice ttl'< (k- QInunt1! of ~ I 1 l n £ ( 1 \ n ~ v ~ h ~ z ~ h z r i f f £ 313eparfm:ent j}i:ec:rbquartzrs 47UO 3Ramnrm 'i'@.nuletmrO i!1ftOmZr21! :wrarIt, ([[cdifornia £1754-2169 LEROYD.BACA, 51 'l£RIFF November 4, 2009Mr.JosephZernikViaFax:(801)998-0917DearMr.Zernik:Thepurpose of thiscorrespondenceis to respond to theletteryoufaxed to ourofficeonOctober29,2009requestingspecificinformationregardingMr.RichardFine.Mr.RichardFinewasarrestedbytheLosAngelesCounty Sheriffs Department(LASD)onMarch 4, 2009,at II :05 a,m., in SanPedroCourtMunicipalDivision 86, HewasbookedbyLASDpersonnelonthesamedate,SanPedroCourt,at12:23p.m.Mr.Fine'sconfinementtotheSheriff'sCustodyistheresult of acourtremandorderdatedMarch 4, 2009,casenumber135109420.Ibelievethiscorrespondenceaddressesyourrequestforspecificinformation,and if! canbe of furtherassistance,pleasecontactme at (323)526-5000.Sincerely, LEROY D. BACA, S H E R I F ~ ~ a ~ ~ n g ' E x ~ ~ s t a n t Office of theSheriff <77 c7 f. .I . ~ r ~ ' . J1 -.JraOJ!lon C?J cJerVlce
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