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2014-09-04 State of Israel v Rafi Rotem (1074-02-13) in the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court: Notice of evidence of perversion of justice, fraud upon the court was filed with Tel Aviv Police Commander Benzi Sau, Chief of the National Public Defense off

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    י כזל   גייסדאה   Human Rights Alert, NGO Joseph Zernik, PhD נרצ   ףסו ר ד  12345!#$%&'i()*o&  ד +334-. + /13331 ]  ה תירבע [ September 4, 2014Tel Aviv Police Commander Bentzi SauBy fax 0! #$0 2022 %r &oav Sapir, 'ational Public %efender() *fficeBy fax 02 #+!2#1# By email via anat-orovitz.mail-u/iacil  RE:  State of Israel v Rafi Rotem (1074-02-13) in the el A!i! agistrate #$urt - N$ti%e $& e!i'en%e $& er!ersi$n $& usti%e an' &rau' $n the %$urt ef y Auu)t 1$, 2014 'otice to C-ief 3u)tice A)-er runi) and Pre)idin 3ude 5ada))i 5erman 617&our re)pon)e 8it-in 14 day) i) 9indly re:ue)ted%ear Police Commander Sau and 'ational Public %efender %r &oav Sapir;in9ed belo8 i) my complete Auu)t 1$, 2014 'otice to t-e Supreme Court C-ief 3u)tice runi) and t-e Tel Aviv ai)trate Court Pre)idin 3ude 5ada))i 5erman reardin t-e matter in referenceT-e 'otice i) copied to you a) one), 8-o are accountable for t-e pro)ecution and t-e defen)e in t-i) ca)e, re)pectivelyAl)o copied belo8 i) t-e cover letter of t-e above referenced 'otice T-e complete 'otice file i) al)o attac-ed by email to t-e 'ational Public %efender t-ou- %eputy 'ational Public %efender %r Anat 5orovitz< loo9 for8ard to your re)pon)e in t-i) important 5uman i-t) matter Truly,3o)ep- =erni9, P-%5uman i-t) Alert >'*?*ccupy Tel Aviv *+N: 01 2141 State of Israel v Rafi Rotem 1-4213 in 6he 7e( 89i9 :'%is6r'6e ;o<r6  =o6i*e o> e9i?en*e o> per9ersion o> @<s6i*e 'n? >r'<? on 6he *o<r6, ser9e? on A<pre&e ;o<r6 Presi?in% J<s6i*e 8sher Br<nis 'n? 7e( 89i9 :'%is6r'6e ;o<r6 Presi?in% J<?%e Zi9'h C'?'ssi Cer&'n  E F+ ור  G ר   נ  H. ר I   + נ ד 1-4213KL דו K M . + F ו HIK NGIK +   OO  I ו O   IH + ו . ר  HL+   O +.   I נו   ס נור Q ר I. R ו HLK NGIK +   O .   I נ H K. צ  ו K /NGIK +   OO K. נו K ו  NGI S   HKTR ר K סד K K ו U . + F ו HIK NGIKh66pVWWW)s*riX?)*o&?o*23-Y31-Y  4/ ר ONG ס H 214 ו . ס   צנ O O צ נ H. ר I   + ר NI MO   O. H+ U ו [ ד G \ ס GO3222  צר .K רו O  צ K רו Q  נס K / ר G ס  O. ו ] רד 1@ Digitally signed by Joseph Zernik, PhD Date: 2014.09.04 20:48:59 +03'00'   \ ס GO2Y321 ^ רד  \H . וד O'n'6)horo9i6#$&'i()h<@i)'*)i(  :  דינה ) םת ר   יפר   נ   לארשי   תנידמ 1074-02-13 א ת   ם לשה   טפשמה   תיבב  ( העד הפשמה   תיבב   האנ ה טפשמ   יכילה   ש בישל   ת יאר   לע MK F ו  +L דו K \.+S ס .1/N סו Q ו .H 214R ו HLK NGIK +   O .   I נ H _ R ר K סד K K וו U F ו HIK NGIK +   O +.   I נ H ו   ס נור Q ר I.10 ^ ו +O FS+O ו I+ HL K דו . 14F ו /F  ד OS נ K ר G ס  O. ו צר .K רו Q  נס K ו   ו . ס   צנ O O צ נ MK F ו  R וד נ O K.HK +L דו K RHKH + ר I ו 1/N סו Q ו .H 214NGIK +   O .   I נ H +.U KL דו K TR ר K סד K K וו U F ו HIK NGIK +   O +.   I נ H ו   ס נור Q ר I. R ו HLKTK.+KO /KU +O K נ QKH ו  KL   O+H + ו ר [.O F   .I ונ K KH.S FSH +   +L ו KG רוצ  FQ K. ו HO KL דו KK TH נ K KL דו KH K וו HK O+SK RHKH +L ו  RS ו ST`   O ורו K + נ L ] רד K ^ רד   צר .K רו O  צ K רו Q  נס K דר IH H . וד O `O ו STF ד .K + ו ו SUH + ו K . ו KI /KU R  נ LO FS+O ו I+H KG צ ./KS ר OO  נרצ   ףסו ] רד . + K.[K HK.E F ד .K + ו ו SUH Q  ס =Ba bbbb   : םיר שי  H   LH bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb  !  להל   תירבע  Auu)t 1, 2014Pre)idin 3u)tice A)-er runi)Supreme Court of t-e State of <)raelS-aarey i)-pat Street, 3eru)alemBy certified mailPre)idin 3ude =iva 5ada))i 5ermanTel Aviv ai)trate Court1 eitzmann Street, Tel AvivBy certified mail RE:  State of Israel v Rafi Rotem  (1074-02-13) in the el A!i! agistrate #$urt - N$ti%e $& e!i'en%e $& er!ersi$n $& usti%e an' &rau' $n the %$urt. &our 8ritten re)pon)e 8it-in 14 day) i) 9indly re:ue)ted%ear Pre)idin 3u)tice runi) and Pre)idin 3ude 5ada))i 5ermanAttac-ed plea)e find a copy of t-e record) in t-e court file in reference, a) in)pected and copied on 3uly 1, 2014 from t-e party terminal and@or office of t-e cler9 terminal of t-e Tel Aviv ai)trate Court it- t-e record) al)o plea)e find analy)i), outlined belo8, 8-ic- provide) evidence of lac9 of interity and validity of t-e record) and in court procedure) in t-i) ca)e1'o attorney ever filed a Po8er of Attorney certificate2Attorney) from t-e Public %efender() office appeared a) Coun)el for %efendant,in di)reard of t-e Criminal Court Procedures Act   of t-e State of <)rael,  pertainin to t-e appointment of public defender and -i) replacement by t-e Court 2@  !*ne )uc- coun)el, Attorney Sade-, provided preliminary areement, 8it-out t-e %efendant() 9no8lede, to conduct trial 8it- no appearance of 8itne))e) for t-e pro)ecution4ive >D? record) of minute) and deci)ion) by 3ude Predal)9y are li)ted a) entered, but none i) li)ted a) )erved on t-e partie) by t-e CourtDT8o -earin) are li)ted under EArrainmentE, but in neit-er 8a) t-e pleadin of t-e %efendant EuiltyE, or E'ot uiltyE, recorded it- it, in a later -earin, 3ude Predal)9y )tate), E<f t-e %efendant continue) -i) denial of t-e c-are) 8e-ave to )et up a trial dateE#Almo)t a year and a -alf after t-e filin of t-e <ndictment, t-e %efendant and -i) coun)el >if t-ere i) any? 8ere not iven full acce)) to t-e evidence, -eld by t-e Pro)ecutionT-e electronic court file include) -yperlin9) to )even >? external inve)tiation file) of t-e Tel Aviv police, 8-ic- are inacce))ible to t-e %efendant, in di)reard of t-e Criminal Court Procedures Act, 8-ic- pro-ibit) t-e filin in court of evidence, unle)) t-e %efendant or -i) coun)el 8ere iven rea)onable opportunity to in)pect itCombined, t-e evidence mu)t rai)e )eriou) concern) reardin perver)ion of  /u)tice and fraud on t-e court in t-i) ca)eoreover, )uc- conduct i) li9ely to be perceived a) continuation of 8-at 8a)  previou)ly de)cribed by <)raeli media a) t-e Edecade lon abu)eE of r otem t-e Tax Aut-ority 8-i)tle blo8er by t-e <)raeli court) 6 i , ii , iii 7urt-ermore, t-e 1+ count indictment in t-i) ca)e i) mo)tly derived from alleation) of violation) of t-e penal code of t-e State of <)rael, relative to a? <n)ultin a public )ervice per)on, b? 5ara))ment t-rou- 8ire communication) 5o8ever, it )-ould be noted t-at r otem() alleed conduct, from 8-ic- t-e indictment oriinate), 8a) in part related to -i) effort) to ain F:ual Protection under t-e ;a8 Suc- protection -a) been con)i)tently denied for over 12 year), under patronae of t-e court) *t-er part) of t-e alleed conduct too9 place durina )erie) of incident), de)cribed by media a) retaliatory fal)e arre)t) by t-e Tel AvivPolice 6 iv , v 7 %urin )uc- incident) r otem 8a) often 9ept -and and le cuffed for -our), -umiliated, and@or beaten To t-e be)t of my 9no8lede, to t-i) date, none of t-e <)rael Police per)onnel, involved in )uc- indictment), -a) been -eld accountableT-erefore, under )uc- circum)tance), t-e indictment and@or criminal pro)ecution of r otem by t-e Tel Aviv Police, t-e )ame aency 8-ic- -a) enaed in -i) abu)e and intimidation, )-ould be deemed in material contradiction 8it- t-e fundamental principle) of 3u)tice and air Trial *verall, t-e conduct of t-e ca)e in reference in t-e Tel Aviv ai)trate Court )-ould be deemed )eriou) violation) of t-e 5uman i-t) of %efendant afi otem T-e ot-er a)pect of t-e afi otem affair i) t-e refu)al of la8 enforcement aencie) to inve)tiate -i) 8-i)tle blo8in alleation) of corruption of )enior officer) in t-e Tax Aut-ority a/or part of )uc- alleation) i) related to t-e clo)in or di)appearance of tax inve)tiation file) of enormou) )um), relative to t-e income and a))et) of t-e averae citizen in <)rael T-e aborted inve)tiation) 8ere related to tycoon), oranized crime fiure), and per)on) and corporation) related to t-e rulin partyCombined, t-e aborted tax inve)tiation), t-e refu)al to inve)tiate t-e alleation) of corruption in t-e Tax Aut-ority, and t-e per)ecution of r otem for over a decade, all appear to )erve t-e intere)t) of t-e )ame partie) Gnder )uc- circum)tance), it i) not )urpri)in t-at afi otem i) often perceived a) t-e po)ter !@  c-ild of overnment corruption in t-e State of <)rael in eneral, and t-e central role of t-e /u)tice )y)tem in )uc- corruption in particular<t )-ould al)o be noted 1. T-e record) in t-e ca)e in reference al)o provide additional evidence for t-e fraud in-erent in t-e implementation and operation of 'et 5ai)-pat t-e ca)emanaement and public acce)) )y)tem of t-e di)trict and mai)trate court) in t-e State of <)rael T-e G' 5uman i-t) Council Periodic evie8 report on 5uman i-t) in t-e State of <)rael >201!? noted Elac9 of interityE in t-e )y)tem 6 vi , vii , viii , ix 7 5o8ever, t-e ca)e in reference provide) direct evidence for t-e employment of 'et 5ai)-pat a) a tool for deprivation of 5uman i-t) 2. Bot- Pre)idin 3ude 5ada))i 5erman and EC-ief Cler9E a-amim A)-er of t-e Tel Aviv ai)trate Court -ave )o far failed to re)pond on a re:ue)t for  pre)entin t-e appointment record of r A)-er a) EC-ief Cler9E 6 x 7 T-ere i) a rea)onable foundation to )u)pect t-at r A)-er i) only an impo)tor, 8-o appear) a) EC-ief Cler9E 8it- no la8ful appointment T-e 5uman i-t) Alert>'*? )ubmi))ion, 8-ic- 8a) incorporated into t-e G' 5uman i-t) Council Periodic evie8 report on 5uman i-t) in t-e State of <)rael >201!?, noted )imilar condition) in t-e Supreme Court and t-e di)trict court) in <)rael 6 xi 7 it- it, it )-ould be noted t-at t-e <)raeli court) t-em)elve) ruled t-at a court 8it- no la8ful office of t-e cler9 i) an incompetent court T-e ca)e in reference provide) evidence for t-e outcome of )uc- circum)tance) in t-e deprivation of 5uman i-t)A 201! media intervie8 8it- former <)raeli Attorney eneral enac-em azuz de)cribe) t-e Tax Aut-ority )candal a) t-e clo)e)t to oranized crime in overnment 6 xii 7 And already a 200+ report by t-e GS Amba))ador to <)rael 3ame) Cunnin-am de)cribe) t-e effective merer of oranized crime and overnment aencie) in <)rael 6 xiii 7 5o8ever, bot- did not con)ider t-e court) part of )uc-  p-enomenon <n contra)t, t-ere i) ood rea)on for concern t-at t-e ca)e in reference 8ould be deemed direct evidence for t-e central role of t-e court) and t-e /u)tice and la8 enforcement )y)tem) in <)rael in t-e evolution of 8-at i) referred to in criminoloy a) E)tate oranized crimeETruly,3o)ep- =erni9, P-%5uman i-t) Alert >'*?*ccupyT;HCC Activi)t), media, Ine))et, leal profe))ional) JJJJ K T-e 5uman i-t) Alert >'*? )ubmi))ion to t-e 5uman i-t) Council of t-e Gnited 'ation) 8a) incorporated into t-e 2010 Periodic evie8 eport reardin 5uman i-t) in t-e Gnited State), 8it- t-e note Ecorruption of t-e court) and t-eleal profe))ion and di)crimination by la8 enforcement in CaliforniaE K T-e 5uman i-t) Alert >'*? )ubmi))ion to t-e 5uman i-t) Council of t-e Gnited 'ation) 8a) incorporated into t-e 201! Periodic evie8 eport reardin 5uman i-t) in <)rael, 8it- t-e note Elac9 of interity of t-e electronic record) of t-e Supreme Court, t-e di)trict court) and t-e detainee) court) in <)raelE *+N: Belo8 4@
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