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Irmo Middle 6051 Wescott Road Columbia, SC 29212 Grades Enrollment Principal Superintendent Board Chair 6-8 Middle School 902 Students Robert S. Jackson Stephen W. Hefner, Ed.D. Beth Watson 803-476-3600 803-476-8000 803-261-7123 THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA 2014 ANNUAL SCHOOL REPORT CARD RATINGS OVER 5-YEAR PERIOD YEAR 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 ABSOLUTE RATING Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent GROWTH RATING Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Good DEFINITIONS OF SCHOO
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  Irmo Middle 6051 Wescott RoadColumbia, SC 29212 Principal Robert S. Jackson803-476-3600803-476-8000803-261-7123 THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ANNUAL SCHOOL REPORT CARD RATINGS OVER 5-YEAR PERIODDEFINITIONS OF SCHOOL RATING TERMSSOUTH CAROLINA PERFORMANCE VISION Board Chair Beth WatsonGoodABSOLUTE RATING Excellent ExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent6-8 Middle School902 StudentsStephen W. Hefner, Ed.D. GradesEnrollmentSuperintendent YEAR 2014 201320122011 ▪ Excellent-Schoolperformancesubstantiallyexceedsthestandardsforprogresstoward the 2020 SC Performance Vision ▪ Good-Schoolperformanceexceedsthestandardsforprogresstowardthe2020SCPerformance Vision ▪ Average-Schoolperformancemeetsthestandardsforprogresstowardthe2020SCPerformance Vision ▪ BelowAverage-Schoolisinjeopardyofnotmeetingthestandardsforprogresstoward the 2020 SC Performance Vision ▪ At-Risk-Schoolperformancefailstomeetthestandardsforprogresstowardthe2020 SC Performance VisionBy2020allstudentswillgraduatewiththeknowledgeandskillsnecessarytocompetesuccessfullyintheglobaleconomy,participateinademocraticsocietyandcontributepositively as members of families and communities.2010GROWTH RATING Excellent ExcellentExcellentExcellent 2014  Irmo Middle 3205040 Percent of Student SC PASS Records Matched for Purpose of Computing Growth Rating Percent of students tested in 2013-14 whose 2012-13 test scores were located ABSOLUTE RATINGS OF MIDDLE SCHOOLS WITH STUDENTS LIKE OURS* South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SC PASS) Middle Schools with Students Like OursMiddle Schools Statewide Definition of Critical Terms I/S-Insufficient SampleN/A-Not ApplicableN/C-Not CollectedN/R-Not Reported * Middle Schools with Students Like Ours are middle schools with poverty indices of no more than 5% above or below the index for the school. Not Met Not Met means that the student did not meet the grade level standard. N/AV-Not AvailableAbbreviations for Missing Data Exemplary means student demonstrated exemplary performance in meeting the grade level standard. Met means student met the grade level standard. Good19At-RiskOur SchoolBelow AverageAverage96.1% 11/6/2014 0Excellent9Exemplary Met 161 * Ratings are calculated with data available by 11/06/2014. 34.1% 30.5% 36.5% 27.7% 31.2% 41.1% 31.2% 27.8% 41.0% 0%20%40%60%80%100% English/Language Arts 33.6% 39.6% 28.0% 26.8% 40.9% 32.3% 26.6% 33.5% 39.9% 0%20%40%60%80%100% Mathematics Exemplary Met Not Met 32.1% 41.3% 27.4% 24.2% 43.5% 32.2% 17.0% 32.6% 50.3% 0%20%40%60%80%100% Science 32.2% 34.6% 34.3% 25.6% 34.1% 40.3% 26.1% 25.9% 48.0% 0%20%40%60%80%100% Social Studies Exemplary Met Not Met 28.9% 39.0% 32.9% 23.4% 40.2% 36.4% 27.8% 34.6% 37.6% 0%20%40%60%80%100% Writing Exemplary Met Not Met Page 2 of 10  Irmo Middle 3205040 School Profile Students (n = 902) 1.1%0.7%96.8%94.9%34.4%21.2%17.2%11.8%3.8%4.2%0.0%0.0% Teachers (n = 64) Teachers with advanced degrees84.4%64.7%Continuing contract teachers92.2%80.2%Teachers returning from previous year89.3%87.2%Teacher attendance rate93.1%95.2%Average teacher salary*$54,441$47,993Professional development days/teacher12.7 days9.9 days School Principal's years at school2.04.0Student-teacher ratio in core subjects21.6 to 123.6 to 1Prime instructional time88.0%88.7%Opportunities in the artsExcellentGoodSACS accreditationYesYesParents attending conferences100.0%99.6%Character development programExcellentGoodDollars spent per pupil**N/AVN/APercent of expenditures for instruction**N/AVN/APercent of expenditures for teacher salaries**N/AVN/A * Includes current year teachers contracted for 185 or more days.** Prior year audited financial data are reported. End of Course Tests I/S-Insufficient Sample 11/6/2014 N/A-Not Applicable3.021.5 to 1Up from 96.3%Up from 32.8%Down from 17.8%No changeN/AV-Not AvailableAbbreviations for Missing DataN/C-Not CollectedN/R-Not ReportedYesDown from 22.0 to 1No changeGood95.2%10.5 days89.0%Down from 93.7%Up from 11.6 daysUp from 1.0Down from 88.9%Retention Rate0.6%Up from 0.8%No changeDown from 93.8%Up from 88.4%0.0%61.3%75.9%85.4%Up 3.0%$47,081No changeNo changeNo changeN/A99.0%GoodN/AOur SchoolChange from Last YearMiddle Schools with Students Like OursMedian Middle SchoolAttendance RateServed by gifted and talented programWith disabilities95.3%19.4%12.8%Annual dropout rate98.3%97.5%All Subjects Middle Schools with Students Like Ours 97.8%96.3%N/AN/A Percent of tests with scores of 70 or above on: Algebra 1/Math for the Technologies 2 Our Middle School 98.8%N/AN/AEnglish 1Biology 1US History and the Constitution97.5%N/AN/Auens enroe n g scoo cre courses (grades 7 & 8)38.3%Down from 58.1%26.0%32.6%Older than usual for gradeOut-of-school suspensions or expulsions for violent and/or criminal offenses4.7%Up from 4.0%0.6%0.4%Up from 3.0%4.5%N/AN/A Page 3 of 10  Irmo Middle 3205040 Report of Principal and School Improvement CouncilEvaluations by Teachers, Students and Parents TeachersStudents*Parents* Number of surveys returned68382104Percent satisfied with learning environment76.5%67.0%84.7%Percent satisfied with social and physical environment80.8%69.8%72.5%Percent satisfied with school-home relations82.6%86.3%70.6% * Only students at the highest middle school grade level and their parents were included. I/S-Insufficient Sample 11/6/2014 N/C-Not CollectedN/R-Not ReportedN/AV-Not Available As one of the highest performing middle schools in South Carolina, Irmo Middle is a 13-time recipient of the Palmetto Gold Award for exemplary academic performance and improvement. Irmo Middle consistently proves that a school with supportive parents, hardworking students, and excellent teachers who regularly use research-based instructional strategies can produce outstanding results. In recognition of our excellence, we have again earned an “A” rating under the current federal accountability system and Excellent Absolute and Growth ratings on the state report card. These results continue to demonstrate that Irmo Middle remains one of the top performing schools in the state of South Carolina. We offer a wide range of high school credit courses in English, mathematics and world languages. Additionally, a significant percentage of our students excel in visual and performing arts through course offerings such as band, chorus, orchestra and dance. To infuse global cultures in all areas of our school, we offer more languages than many middle schools around (Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese). Along with course opportunities, students enrolled in fine arts courses regularly demonstrate their skill attainment through concerts, theatrical performances, dance recitals, and other school events that are designed to showcase their talents. In the arts, we routinely earn Superior ratings at many of the festivals and competitions, and these results validate the quality of our fine arts programs. Our students also continue to excel on high school readiness assessments. On the EXPLORE and PSAT assessments, record numbers of students met or exceeded performance benchmarks with several achieving perfect scores. This number has risen substantially over the past five years. We consider high school, college and career readiness to be critical next steps for our students. To ensure that they are ready, we have successfully transitioned into a whole-school International Academic Magnet and have officially become an Expeditionary Learning School. Our implementation of the International Academic Magnet with Expeditionary Learning as our pedagogical framework will provide opportunities for students to excel through project-based learning that capstones in experiences called learning expeditions. Each student will belong to a smaller subgroup to conduct field studies and action research in order to solve real-world problems, and inquiry-based learning will be facilitated by teachers through the state adopted standards. We are fortunate to have a high level of parental and community involvement. Our School Improvement Council and PTSO provide outstanding leadership and support, as well as help provide the future direction of our school. Finally, in order to sustain continued progress, we are continuing with several key school improvement initiatives that are designed to foster gains in student achievement; thus better preparing our students for high school, college and a globally competitive workforce. We are committed to taking on the challenges that face us, and it is with confidence that we commit to serving our students and community in providing the best educational opportunities possible. The outstanding support provided by our stakeholders is a critical factor in our continued success. Principal: Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S.SIC Chairperson: Mrs. Tabitha Keeler Abbreviations for Missing DataN/A-Not Applicable Page 4 of 10
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