Supplying the Oil Industry since 1967 Welding Units (UK) Ltd (An AF Global Company) Mill Lane, Rainford, Merseyside WA11 8LR England Tel:+44 (0) 1744 884881 ã Fax: +44 (0) 1744 883302 Email: ã 6A-0114 The UK’s leading company in the design and manufacture of flanges at the leading edge... Welding Units is the UK’s foremost company in the design and manufacture of flanges. Based in Rainford since 1967, the company has attained an enviable reputa
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  The UK’s leading company in the design andmanufacture of flanges Supplying the Oil Industrysince 1967  Welding Units is the UK’s foremost company inthe design and manufacture of flanges. Basedin Rainford since 1967, the company hasattained an enviable reputation for quality,versatility and prompt service coupled withdesign expertise and innovation which haspositioned the company at the leading edgeof the industry.Welding Units’ quality, safety and environmentaltargets have always been to maintain the higheststandards of accreditation and to exceed theexpectations of our clients on every project.The company’s in-house design department hasworked with world leaders in finite elementanalysis providing the most comprehensiveand accurate FEA service available to flangeusers.Welding Units holds a wide range of raw forgingsfor rapid and efficient custom manufacturingin its extensive, computer controlled machiningand testing facility. at the leading edge... Please go to our website at: for further informationor follow the link  Welding Units, an AF Global Company,is locatedin the heartland ofBritain with direct access tomotorway networksand Manchester and Liver-pool airports.The site is home to our raw mate-rial stock, forgingstock, manufacturing facilityand offices. Welding Units blends a first classmanufacturing facility with unrivalledengineering support and avast range of stockmaterial to give the customeran assurance ofthe best quality product that will fully suit theirservice requirements in the shortest possiblelead times.The in-house engineering support service isintended to help customers make the correctdecision about a flange best suited to theirapplication and then to provide analyticalanalysis to verify the chosen design prior tomanufacture. Welding Units (UK) Ltd - The Company The Centre of Excellence for connector engineering and manufacture The manufacturing facility boasts some of themost technically advanced machines andoperating systems available.All machines are CNC and programmed by fullyqualified operators on a job by job basis, theyare also connected to a central server thatallows remote programming from a singlesource via CAM software.Welding Units holds a vast stock of raw material inforged bar form and fully heat treated and testedflange forgings. All material is produced forWelding Units in accordance with our ownpurchasing specifications, which ensuresmanufacturing methods and chemistry arecorrect and optimised to ensure the best qualityproduct. The forged bar stock is primarilyintended for project work where special forgingand testing requirements are imposed. Flangeforgings are stocked to provide immediateresponse to customer’s requirements by providinginstant supply. Manufacturing Range: ASME B16.5 / B16.47 Series A (MSSSP44) and Series B (API 605), API 6A and 17D, TaperLok®, Anchor/Hanger Flanges,Pipe in Pipe Bulkheads, Buckle Arrestors, ±10° Misalignment Flanges, API Studded Crosses and Tees. Special components to 2,000mm Dia x 8,000kg. 1  Flange Design Service Welding Units’ in house design facility has beenestablished for over fifteen years. It offers acomprehensive range of design verificationmethods to support products under our scopeof supply and also as a stand alone service forany application.All aspects of design services are available, fromformulae based swivel flange design verificationto fatigue analysis of special parts.It provides a relatively quick method of analysisand much greater accuracy than formulae basedcalculations for most applications.Design verification is achieved by comparingmembrane stress and membrane + linearisedbending stress values across key sections of theflange section against acceptance criteria as definedby ASME VIII Division 2. Also, peak stresses areobserved at key locations where SCFs are criticalto an analysis (e.g. fatigue or HISC).Linear material properties are used for flangestress analysis while non-linear material propertiesare used for assessing areas of strains if required.The two dimensional FEA uses some assumptionsthat may slightly compromise the accuracy of theresults(e.g. unable to model bolt holes or applyshear or torsion forces). For ultimate accuracythe next level of analysis is 3D volumetric FEA. 3D FEA is performed when intricate details of acomponent are to be studied or when a part isnot symmetrical. Most common requirement for3D work is to increase the accuracy of a flangeanalysis by considering bolt holes and their effecton joint rigidity, or accurately apply an array ofexternal loads, however the scope of 3D work isinfinite.The 3D FEA is an extension of the 2D and onlygenerally used when greater accuracy of theanalysis is required. Stress results are gatheredin the same way as 2D for comparison againstthe applicable design code. Whichever analysis option is chosen, asupportingreport is always issued todescribe the method used, discuss theresults and provide a final conclusion tothe analysis. Formulae based calculations are performedbased on ASME VIII Division 1 methodology anduse an appropriate acceptance criteria dependingon flange type and service conditions.External loads are considered in the calculationsby converting to an equivalent pressure andthen performing the flange and bolt stresscalculations based on the combined pressure.Formulae based flange design analysis is suitablefor providing a basic mandatory design verificationof a flange, however such analysis can beconservative with regard to general geometryand at the same timehas the potential to missproblematic key areas that are crucial to acompleteunderstanding of the flange behaviourunder load. A fuller picture of flange behaviouris achieved by Finite Element Analysis (FEA)technique.Two dimensional axis-symmetric FEA is the mostpopular method of design verification computersimulation. Manufacturing Range: ASME B16.5 / B16.47 Series A (MSSSP44) and Series B (API 605), API 6A and 17D, TaperLok®, Anchor/Hanger Flanges,Pipe in Pipe Bulkheads, Buckle Arrestors, ±10° Misalignment Flanges, API Studded Crosses and Tees. Special components to 2,000mm Dia x 8,000kg. 2

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