307-314 PART 1

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cd4 7B=I?<?:?<B=R \R 8@A BFA -?C?:?A AI?CQP<I@AH ?@A /=?eP 7;<F<=CP 7B:;? L@<J@ L<PP @CUA `:;<IH<J?<B= BUA; ?@A FBI? IA;<B:I J;<FAI CI >A=BJ<HAG J;<FAI C>C<=I? @:FC=<?MG LC; J;<FAI C=H J;<FAI BS C>>;AII<B= CI HAS<=AH QM ?@A -?C?:?AR 8@A *@<P<KK<=AI ?@;B:>@ ?@A 7@C;><A H: 'SSC<;I <= _1R 8@A K;BU<I<B=I BS ?@A -?C?:?A @BLAUA; ;AE:<;A ?@C? <? 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Sdp 2 Goal Setting

Sep 10, 2019

5 Lean Systems

Sep 10, 2019
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