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3G Question
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  1.   Please mention & Explain 3 type of WCDMA Power Control. Answer: 2.   What is different between 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA? Answer: 3.   How many is 3G WCDMA Chip Rate? Answer: 4.   What is 3G WCDMA Orthogonal Code? Answer: 5.   What are 4 resources in 3G WCDMA? Answer: 6.   What is formula to measure HSDPA throughput in 3G? And where is HSDPA SF located? Answer: 7.   What is different between QPSK/16QAM/64QAM? Answer: 8.   How to deactivate HSDPA in 3G WCDMA Cell? Answer: 9.   What is event that triggers Ec/No degradation? Explain detailed. Answer: 10.   What is the function of UL/DL cell load admission control? Answer:  11.   What is 3G cell breathing? Answer: 12.   What is event that triggers cell breathing? Explain detailed. Answer: 13.   How many Handover type in 3G WCDMA? What is it and explain detailed? Answer: 14.   What is the bad effect of high level Detected neighbor in Soft handover activity? Answer: 15.   What is the function of event 1A and Event 1B? Answer: 16.   What happen if I put event 1A range with too big value? Why if too small? Answer: 17.   What is the function of event 2D and Event 2F? Answer: 18.   What happen if I put event 2D range with too big value? Answer: 19.   What happen if I put event 2D and event 2F at close value? Answer: 20.   What happen if I change QQualmin related to cell reselection value? Answer: 21.   What happen if I put too high SSearchRAT value in 3G cell? Answer:   22.   What happen if I change SSearchRat Value at 5 and SSintrasearch at 1? Answer: 23.   What are RRC and RAB? Explain detailed. Answer: 24.   What is formula of Call Setup Success Rate (CSSR) Answer: 25.   What is some case that cause bad RRC and RAB? Answer: 26.   What is Factor Table in IuB? What is the function? Answer: 27.   There is 2 Algorithm in Admission control. Algorithm First and Second. What is it? Answer: 28.   What is the different of UL and DL Admission Control? Answer: 29.   What is 3G Load Reshuffle (UCELLLDR)? Answer: 30.   What is 3G Load Management (UCELLLDM)? Answer: 31.   What are actions that available in 3G UCELLLDR? Answer: 32.   What is your Action to improve 3G Call Drop? Explain your idea.. Answer:   33.   What is you action to improve CSSR (Call Setup Success Rate)? Explain your idea.. Answer: 34.   What is your action to improve SHO (Soft Handover) Success rate? Answer: 35.   What is your action to improve HSDPA Throughput in 3G WCDMA? Answer:
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