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4. Batuan Dan Mineral

batuan mineral geotek
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  Earth Materials   Minerals ã A mineral is a naturally occurring substance with characteristic physical and chemical properties. ã Nearly all rocks are composed of minerals. ã Polymineralic rocks are composed of more than one mineral, ex. granite. ã Monomineralic rocks are composed of only one mineral, ex. limestone.  Earth Materials   Mineral Composition Minerals are composed of elements. Some minerals contain only one element (copper, sulfur and graphite (carbon)). ã Most minerals are made up of only a few elements. ã Oxygen is the most common element by weight and volume. ã Silicon is second most abundant by weight.  Earth Materials   Properties of Minerals Characteristics of minerals include: ã color ã hardness ã luster/cahaya/kilauan ã streak/garis/coreng ã cleavage/pecah/potongan and fracture/patah/retak ã density  Earth Materials   Properties of Minerals Differences in properties are used to categorize and identify minerals. ã The acid test is the use of hydrochloric acid on limestone. The result is that bubbles of CO 2 are liberated/dilepaskan. ã Minerals have a characteristic crystalline structure, in many cases the silicon-oxygen    tetrahedron  .
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