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Lifestyle MARCH 2012 Silver Spoon A BRIEF HISTORY OF SILVER USED IN THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS INDUSTRY For thousands of years silver has been used as a healing and anti-bacterial agent by civilisations throughout
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Lifestyle MARCH 2012 Silver Spoon A BRIEF HISTORY OF SILVER USED IN THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS INDUSTRY For thousands of years silver has been used as a healing and anti-bacterial agent by civilisations throughout the world. Its medical, preservative and restorative powers can be traced as far back as the ancient Greek and Roman Empires. Long before the development of modern pharmaceuticals, silver was employed as a germicide and antibiotic. Some interesting facts: The Greeks used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh. The writings of Herodotus, the Greek philosopher and historian, date the use of silver to before the birth of Christ. The Roman Empire stored wine in silver urns to prevent spoilage. The use of silver is mentioned in ancient Egyptian writings. In the Middle Ages, silverware protected the wealthy from the full brunt of the plague. Before the advent of modern germicides and antibiotics, it was known that disease-causing pathogens could not survive in the presence of silver. Consequently, silver was used in dishware, drinking vessels and eating utensils. In particular, the wealthy stored and ate their food from silver vessels to keep bacteria from growing. The Chinese emperors and their courts ate with silver chopsticks. The Druids have left evidence of their use of silver. Settlers in the Australian outback suspend silverware in their water tanks to retard spoilage. Pioneers trekking across the American West found that if they placed silver or copper coins in their casks of drinking water, it kept the water safe from bacteria, algae, etc. Silver leaf was used to combat infection in wounds sustained by troops during World War I. Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, Colloidal Silver was used widely in hospitals and has been known as a bactericide for at least 1200 years. In the early 1800s, doctors used silver sutures in surgical wounds with very successful results. In Ayurvedic medicine, silver is used in small amounts as a tonic, elixir or rejuvenative agent for patients debilitated by age or disease. Not until the late 1800 s did western scientists re-discover what had been known for thousands of years - that silver is a powerful germ fighter. Medicinal silver compounds were then developed and silver became commonly used as a medicine. By the early part of the 1900s, the use of silver as an antibacterial substance was becoming widespread. By 1940 there were approximately four dozen different silver compounds on the market being used to treat every known infectious disease. These were available TRAINING DATES APRIL Brisbane 3rd, 7-9pm Brisbane Riverview Hotel, Cnr Hunt & Kingsford Smith Drive Newcastle 2nd, 7-9pm Sir Francis Drake Inn, 2259 Pacific Highway, Heatherbrae Melbourne TBA 6-9pm Veneto Social Club, 191 Bulleen Rd, Bullen Launceston TBA 7-9pm Tailrace Centre, 1 Riverside Drive, Riverside Leaders Meeting 11th, 10am-12pm Head Office, 12 Baylink Avenue, Deception Bay FEBRUARY NEW LEVELS SALES LEADER TEAM LEADER Kerrie Jackson Alicia Lava CAR MAGNET ACHIEVERS Selling over $3000 in net sales in February Shannon Andrews Rhian Borowicz Jacqui Brown Coralie Cameron Beth Cantwell Elise Chisholm Priscilla Fellows Kerrie Jackson Rebecca Jackson Marisha Kassey Diana Kelvin Alicia Lava Tracy Lee Alyson Lucas Zelia Malherbe Lisa Marc Vannessa Moore Carleigh Neuendorf Cathy Owens Rebecca Parry Linda Pearce Victoria Pearce Sandra Russell Tracey Shelden Trina Stewart Abbey Sulic Vivienne Timmermans Samantha Utupo in oral, injectable, and topical forms. Although there were a few flare-ups of negative publicity regarding medicinal silver in the early 1900s, (due to the overuse of certain types of protein-bound silver compounds causing a discoloration of the skin called argyria and due to a supply of improperly prepared and unstable silver) reputable medical journal reports demonstrated that a properly prepared colloidal dispersion of silver was completely suitable with no adverse side effects. New knowledge of body chemistry gave rise to the enormous array of applications for colloidal disinfectants and medicines and for on-going research into the capabilities and possibilities for silver colloids. However, Silver s new-found fame as a superior infection-fighting agent was short lived. During the 1930s, synthetically manufactured drugs began to make their appearance and the profits, together with the simplicities of manufacturing this new source of treatment, became a powerful force in the marketplace. There was much excitement over the new wonder drugs and at that time, no antibiotic-resistant strains of disease organisms had surfaced. Silver quickly lost its status to modern antibiotics. The use of some silver preparations in mainstream medicine survived. Among them are the use of dilute silver nitrate in newborn babies eyes to protect from infection and the use of Silvadine, a silver based salve, in virtually every burn ward in America to kill infection. A new silver based bandage has recently been approved by the FDA and licensed for sale. Other uses that did not lose favor include: Silver water purification filters and tablets are manufactured in Switzerland and used by many national and international airlines to prevent growth of algae and bacteria. Electrical ionization units that impregnate the water with silver and copper ions are used to sanitize pool water without the harsh effects of chlorine. The former Soviet Union used silver to sterilize recycled water on their space vehicles. The Swiss use silver filters in homes and offices. Some U.S. municipalities use silver in treatment of sewage. In the Japanese work place, silver is a popular agent in the fight against airborne toxins as well other industrial poisons. But for the most part, with the discovery of pharmaceutical antibiotics, interest in Silver as an anti-microbial agent declined almost to the point of extinction. The return of silver to conventional medicine began in the 1970s. The late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University s Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better methods of treatment for burn victims. Dr. Margraf, as the chief biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe to use over large areas of the body. Dr. Margraf investigated 22 antiseptic compounds and found drawbacks in all of them. Reviewing earlier medical literature, Dr. Margraf found continual references to the use of silver. However, since concentrated silver nitrate is both corrosive and painful, he diluted the silver to a.5 percent solution and found that it killed invasive burn bacteria and permitted wounds to heal. Importantly, resistant strains did not appear. But, silver nitrate was far from ideal. So research continued for more suitable silver preparations. Silver sulphadiazine (Silvadene, Marion Laboratories) is now used in 70 percent of burn centers in America. Discovered by Dr. Charles Fox of Columbia University, sulphadiazine has also been successful in treating cholera, malaria and syphilis. It also stops the herpes virus, which is responsible for cold sores, shingles and worse. Results show Colloidal Silver to be highly germicidal, yet harmless and non-toxic to humans. More importantly, research shows excellent results with an astonishing array of bacterial, viral and fungal conditions. Extract from Paula Morris Managing Director Australia Welcome to the new look Norwex Lifestyle Newsletter. You will remember that some time ago, we sent out a survey to get your feedback on our newsletter. What we found was that you were not reading it as it was hard to download and print off. We listened and now we have a new look, easy to read edition that connects with all consultants around Australia! We will share stories, tips and hints to help each other grow and develop a sharing community within our ever growing company. Please submit your hints and tips on products or any business related topics and also your WHY stories:- your reasons for becoming a consultant to: Together we can make our Norwex newsletter a must read! I wish you every success in March and look forward to hearing some amazing stories. Take care, Paula PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT REFRESH ODOUR NEUTRALIZER Refresh was especially developed to combat unpleasant odours in everyday situations and to neutralise unpleasant smells. In developing this product, amylase was selected for its ability to break down the bacteria, fats and proteins that give rise to this kind of problem. Once sprayed, the enzymes will neutralise the undesirable material causing the offensive odours, not just mask the other odour with perfumes. All products are 100% all natural ingredients based on natural born microorganisms/enzymes - found everywhere in nature - and thus have little consequence for humans, animals and nature. Our lemon extract is especially great to eliminate the odour from burnt food. Directions: Spray 2-3 times in the air for an average size room. If the mist contacts a hard floor surface, wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth to avoid slip hazard. Ingredients: Water, Amylase (enzymes), Rosemary Extract, Lemon Extract BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - HOST COACHING Host Coaching is simple and does not have to be time consuming (for you or your host) We have put together a Host Coaching Checklist that you can print from the CS site. Your Host is the key to a successful party! The Host determines ¾ s of your party outcome. Please don t ever assume that the host knows what to do, he/she needs instructions and support from you to ensure his/ her party is a success after all, all the knowledge and enthusiasm you have for your products will not make the party a success if no-one shows up. Coaching your host will ensure that they feel important to you. It shows that you are customer focused and professional. This checklist will help you keep on track with this most important procedure. For quick and easy access place your checklist In your diary Or near the computer Or on the fridge Or file in a host checklist Folder on your computer (electronic version) You will also find notes to support the Checklist points on the CS site, invest a little time reading through these notes. Host coaching will make a difference to your business. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to building a solid and loyal customer base! Coaching your host will ensure that he/she is Motivated and Enthusiastic about their party, they will feel confident when asking their friends/family/ neighbours along. Coaching your Host helps build rapport (industry fact:- 80% of consultants were a host first!) Coaching your host will greatly reduce the risk of cancellation or postponement. FEBRUARY ACHIEVERS Top 5 Sales in QLD Top 5 Sales in NSW, VIC, TAS, WA & NT Top Recruiter with 4 recruits 1. Linda Pearce 2. Sandra Russell 3. Vannessa Moore 4. Cathy Owens 5. Beth Cantwell $8, $8, $5, $5, $ Abbey Sulic 2. Tracy Lee 3. Rebecca Jackson $7, $5, $3, Beth Cantwell GO FOR THE GOAL HAWAII TRIP 2012 Hawaii was never on my MUST visit destinations for a holiday until last year when I had the opportunity to earn an incentive trip through Norwex with the Go for Goal awards. I decided to set my goals and after achieving this success, my husband and I packed our bags. The heart of Waikele reminded me of Rodeo Drive with it s fancy shops, Gucci, Prada, Couch, Versace and many more. This Bustling sea-side city, and boy does it bustle, from the surfers and long boarders heading to the waves to bob like seagulls, to the late night shopping and the clubbing crowd, it s action station pretty much 24/7. We saw plenty of undies/speedo moments, ventured into the International Market Place to ferret for souvenirs, jewellery, Hawaiian shirts and weird gimmicks and oh my gosh shopping heaven at the Waikele Outlets and Ala Moana Shopping Centre left my wallet empty and credit card full to the limit. There were moving moments, and a tear to shed at the Pearl Harbour Memorial and when I stepped aboard the USS Bowfin Submarine it hit home to me the magnitude of sacrifice our soldiers endured at war. From tears to beautiful panoramic views and walks to Diamond Head, snorkelling in Hanauma Bay and watching the surfers surf the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore now makes Hawaii a MUST visit place, to return to. Undoubtedly the highlight of our trip was to take our own full day adventure to the Big Island where we saw active volcanoes and lava flow from an aerial perspective in a helicopter. I have never seen anything so amazing, it was lunar like. I felt like an astronaut looking down at the moon. Without the Go for the Goal incentive, I probably would have never gotten to Hawaii to experience the wonders of the Hawaiian culture, their beautiful clear waters and gorgeous islands. Having the opportunity to also share this experience with one of my team members Marisha and other Norwex Consultants was exciting and a delight. As a group we enjoyed fun activities and a Hawaiian feast at a Luau together with the opportunity to meet a few of the North American Consultants before our departure. Thanks to Norwex I had a fantastic time and I recommend to you if you have a goal to achieve and this year your goal is Hawaii, it is possible. Set your goals, focus on your business and make the most of this wonderful opportunity and you won t be disappointed! Sandra & Tony Russell IMPORTANT DATES Easter Holiday* April 6th Friday to 9th Monday Anzac Day* April 25th Wednesday Labour Day* May 7th Monday Early Bird Registration Closes May 31st Thursday Norwex Conference September 7th Friday to 8th Saturday *Head Office will be closed on Public Holidays THE WOW FACTOR Craig Copley Norwex Consultant Dareton, NSW As a new consultant with Norwex I of course had to become familiar with the products that we sell. I was astounded at the success of the Descaler though. With our shower being only 3 years old and cleaned regularly with reasonably harsh chemicals, I thought it was in reasonable condition. I started using the Blue Scrub cloth (Kitchen Scrub Cloth ) and noticed an immediate difference. The glass became noticeably smoother in places, but it was going to be a reasonably big job with just the cloth. That was until I used the Descaler in conjunction with the Scrub cloth. It took approximately 20 minutes to completely clean the shower; that was with the 10 minute waiting time to let the solution do the work for me. The biggest problem that I was faced with then was the mouldy silicon was now so obvious I had to remove it and re-silicon the base, but that s another story. I would highly recommend the Descaler to everyone. TELL US YOUR STORY... Jasmine Melhop and her children I know that I was destined for the business of party plan. It all started at the age of 17 I was counting down the days until my 18th birthday when I would be old enough to sign up in my first network marketing business. It was so exciting! Your leaders telling you that for so little work you could achieve all the riches of your dreams. You just had to go to untold amounts of expensive training sessions, spend money you didn t really have to buy products you couldn t afford to use and a little while down the track the feelings of disillusionment and failure. But that didn t stop me! Seven years later I found another exciting business, 12 months later another, three years later I came across party plan only to find that that company didn t honour their warranty promise to their customers and were seriously lacking in their consultant support. About 3 years later again I found another party plan business that had better host rewards, much more sellable products but it never really gelled with me because being a bit of a greeny and alternative health advocate with social justice streak, there just wasn t enough thought for the environment or health benefits but I felt like I was on the right track. After 2 years of that, involving hard work for little returns I vowed to never again do party plan or network marketing! Five years later I got invited to a Norwex launch party by Suzi Matheson. I was one of those guests that no consultant wants at their demo though. I arrived one hour late, asked all the challenging questions (most that had already been answered before I got there), Yacked to the woman next to me about unrelated things and finished the night by buying the least expensive thing. Next there was talk of needing party bookings and that there was a free gift involved...that sealed the deal for me, enter Mr Kitchen Cloth. (Kitchen Cloth Set ) A few days later (and much furious cleaning with the kitchen cloth) I turned up to Suzi s place to get my products and said Suzi, I d like to join the business You see, I was sworn off but all of a sudden here was a business opportunity that I just couldn t refuse! Products that were environmental, chemical free, that actually worked! And a company that honors its warrantly, is really supportive to the consultants, has a conscience and most importantly has great ethics!! I felt that I didn t have time for parties, I work 4 days a week in a job I really love, I am a sole parent with 3 children, I am on the P&C committee at school, the Managing committee at the footy club and the canteen assistant. My boys do 2 sports each and a regular social group but I had this gnawing feeling that if I didn t sign up and get going right now I would really regret it. So here I find myself having a fantastic time doing parties, meeting awesome people and having an absolute ball! My monthly sale amounts are pretty consistent and I am just so excited that my business is still providing me with an income even six months down the track!! So my party became my launch party, and off I went. It was a real struggle for the first few weeks but then something amazing happened, My 9yo son stopped getting nose bleeds!! He went from up to 5 nose bleeds a week to zero when I started using the mattress cleaner! He went from having a grey pallor from iron deficiency to a lovely tanned glow. Six months later even the dark circles under his eyes have gone. Norwex doesn t just save the planet but quality of life too. I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people that make this business possible! Awesome company, generous leaders and the most lovely hosts and customers a gal could ask for!! Also the fabulous people in my life who help me out with the kids so that I can do parties! Much love!
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