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  06/01/20111 Powerpoint Templates   Page 1 Powerpoint Templates   A Guide for SeeingIndividual Potentials by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman IOU Powerpoint Templates   Page 2 Worried About Life? Sometimes good life becomes uncertain andmind blowing turbulence. Why this all happensto you? The first questions you should ask is “Doyou have the consent from THE CREATOR”. Itsbest to do MUHASABAH on your previous actionthat might neglected the rules of ISLAM.Then, question you should ask are WHAT OUGHTTO BE and WHAT NEED TO DO . So…..?1. Understands yourself.2. Understands others.3. Understands your surrounding.4. What are your resources.5. Reduceyou arrogant.6. Who do you want to be. by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman  06/01/20112 Powerpoint Templates   Page 3 Seeing Real Potentials Individual potentialis achieved by knowingyourself and what strive you the most in termsof knowledge (mind), attitude (soul) and skills(body). Seek it using your heart with guidancefrom your thoughts and your past successfultraining skills.Group potentialis achieved through leadershipand strength within each members in group. Agroup usually have its own distinctive values andnorm that applies by achieving a set of goal andobjectives agreed by members. However, in agroup somehow quite messy and leaders willplay a major role. by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman Powerpoint Templates   Page 4 Does Life Is So Difficult?Then seek your potential that separateyou from other individuals…. Seeingpotentials as follows:1. Seek abilities within yourself. Truepotential ones that suits easily in you.2. Believes the ability chosen was theperfect one.3. Getting started is hard but do step bystep process towards success.4. Live with it.5. Die with it.6. And forever will by helping others seektheir potentials.7. Then be a model demo to others.8. Passion towards challenges up front. by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman  06/01/20113 Powerpoint Templates   Page 5                C   h   i   l   d   h  o  o   d              S  c   h  o  o   l   i  n  g   H   i  s   t  o  r  y              T  e  r   t   i  a  r  y   E   d  u  c  a   t   i  o  n              W  o  r   k   /   T  e  c   h  n   i  c  a   l   E  x  p  e  r   i  e  n  c  e Normal FlowMind Dev. Individual Development Normal people use growth curveas their reference for countingtheir outstanding success anddevelopment of minds. However,this was not a perfect fit and theneed new method of assessingpeople mind development.Know where you are standing,who and what you are, from yourchronological history that’s madeyou….you!!Once you know your ownbackground, its easier for you toseek your real potentials. by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman Powerpoint Templates   Page 6 Seeing Potentials MindChallengesPhDMScGiving Back Seeing Individual Potentials Once you discovered yourpotential, then develop yourmind interest which driven byfactors which are:1. Effort– give 200% of each job you do even thou itshard and die for it.2. Support– get othersinvolve by gaining theirinterest together with youand whom that can guideyou through challenges.3. Challenges– challengecomes from inside andoutside. Breach thebarriers of mind, attitudeand skills. Anything thatyou imagine and always dohumble down to earth. by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman  06/01/20114 Powerpoint Templates   Page 7 Learn To Believe In God “Potential will not come by doingnothing. It was given by THE CREATOR.Believing in yourself must reflect yourhumbleness in believing GOD. A suddenchange in HIS consent and the potentialseek will also fade.” by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman Powerpoint Templates   Page 8 THANK YOU by Muhammad HafidzAbdul Raman
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