A History of the Jews in England (Oxford 1941)

A comprehensive book about Jews in England.
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   A History Of The Jews In England By Cecil Roth, 1941. Reader in Post-Biblical Jewish StudiesIn the Uniersity o! #!ord $% R& U'I()RSI*+ PR)SS )'  US), ).C. 4 /ondon )dinbur0h las0ow 'ew +or2 *oronto elbourne Ca3etown Bobay Calcutta adrasUPR)+ I/% R&PUB/IS)R * *) U'I()RSI*+ %IRS* )&I*I ', 1941 R)PRI'*)&, 1945PRI'*)& I' R)* BRI*I' CONTENTS   Preface Bibliographical NoteISettle!ent and Consolidation to ##$%&IIThe Beginning of Persec'tion and the Organi(ation of Jewry) ##$%*#+#,IIIThe -oyal .itch cow) #+#,*/+I0The E1p'lsion) #+/+*%2 0 Anglo*Jewry in the .iddle Ages 0IThe .iddle Period) #+%2*#,2% 0II-ead!ission) #,2%*,3 0IIIThe Jewry of the -estoration) #,,3*#/2+I4The Jews 'nder Anne and the 5irst Hano6erians) #/2+*,24The -eign of 7eorge III) #/,2*#$#84IE!ancipation) #$#8*8$ Epilog'e  Additional Notes P-E5ACE Cecil Roth Centre IT is c'rio's that none of the great Jewish co!!'nities of the  western world fo'nd an historian so early as the n'!erically 'ni!portant n'cle's in England The first for!al history of the Jews in this co'ntry was) in fact) p'blished !ore than two cent'ries ago9the Anglia J'daica of :r :;Blossiers To6ey) li<e !yself a !e!ber o rerton College) O1ford ;by !e ne6er to be !entioned witho't ter!s of Affection and -espect;) if I !ay be per!itted to repeat his words& This co!prehensi6e wor<) which can still be cons'lted with profit) was itself based on the researches of the E1che='er historian .ado1 and the anti*Se!itic pa!phleteer Prynne) the latter ha6ing p'blished his findings eighty years earlier as a contrib'tion to the debate 'nder the Co!!onwealth on the read!ission of Jews to England The res'lts of this early interest in the s'b>ect ha6e not been altogether good? for the general histories of Anglo*Jewry) prod'ced in a !ore scientific age and with access to 6ast new stores of infor!ation) ha6e tended to be based 'pon their re!ote  forer'nners with a fidelity which is often noteworthy and so!eti!es regrettable This is the reason for the present atte!pt to f'rnish a co!pletely new wor< on the s'b>ect) s'!!ing 'p the res'lts of the 6ol'!ino's and e1ceptionally i!portant researches of the last half*cent'rySo far as the !edie6al period is concerned) down to the reign of John) one ill'strio's scholar) Joseph Jacobs) laid the fo'ndations in his re!ar<able wor<) the Jews of Ange6in England) a pioneering atte!pt of astonishing !at'rity @hile so!e o his incidental hypotheses were at once disp'ted with considerable  6igo'r) his general concl'sions ha6e been accepted by s'bse='ent writers witho't e1a!ination B't there are so!e serio's flaws in the wor< Jacobs clai!ed to bring together e6ery scrap of infor!ation that co'ld be asse!bled on the life of Anglo*Jewry 'ntil #+2, He incl'ded) indeed) a great deal of d'bio's !aterial B't his o!issions) tho'gh less patent) are perhaps !ore stri<ing Th's) in the first Pipe -oll of Henry I) which e!bodies the oldest official record of Jews in England) he o!itted one entry o't of si1) conf'sed another) and introd'ced !ista<es into two !ore 5or that of the first year of -ichard I) he gi6es only ten entries of Jewish interest) o't of a possible thirty*fo'r in the printed te1t e6en then a6ailable? for the first year of John for  which he had reco'rse) with typical (eal) to the srcinal !an'script& he gi6es only fo'r entries o't of a possible si1ty*si1 His translations too) whether fro! the atin or the Hebrew) are e1tre!ely 'nreliable) and so!eti!es l'dicro'sly !isleading 1   @hat has been said here is not intended to be in disparage!ent of Jacobs; re!ar<able wor< B't it is eno'gh to indicate that he is not to be relied 'pon i!plicitly) and that at e6ery t'rn it is necessary to ha6e reco'rse to the srcinal a'thorities) the p'blished !ass of which has !oreo6er increased enor!o'sly since his day 5ro! the beginning of the thirteenth cent'ry)  where Jacobs left off) the Calendar of the Plea -olls of the E1che='er of the Jews) three 6ol'!es of which ha6e now appeared) constit'te an ine1ha'stible b't hitherto i!perfectly 'tili(ed so'rce There is) too) a 6ery great a!o'nt of !aterial) o't of all proportion to the slight n'!erical i!portance of those in6ol6ed) in the long series of Patent and Close -olls and si!ilar record*so'rces) which ha6e been drawn 'pon only sporadically in the past If those of !y chapters which deal with this period !ay appear so!eti!es to be i!perfectly digested) it is beca'se the  6ol'!e of new !aterial has necessitated p'blic degl'tination  5or the ;.iddle Period; of three and a half cent'ries after the E1p'lsion of #+%2 d'ring which) contrary to the general belief) there were few interl'des when no Jew was to be fo'nd in the co'ntry& the so'rces of o'r infor!ation are ='ite different se has not been !ade hitherto in any general wor< of the re!ar<able recent disco6eries bearing 'pon this) which ha6e re6ol'tioni(ed o'r <nowledge of the Jews in Sha<espeare;s England in partic'lar .oreo6er) there is still !'ch to be re6ealed in this field The present 6ol'!e contains) for e1a!ple) the first acco'nt of an ill'strio's gro'p of crypto*Jewish physicians 'nder Henry 0III) whose distinction e1ceeded that of -oderigo ope( a generation later In dealing with the -esettle!ent) ha6e drawn la6ishly and at ti!es 6erbally on !y  Life of Menasseh ben Israel  ) which) tho'gh based to a large e1tent on srcinal so'rces) has re!ained 'n<nown in this co'ntry owing to the fatal accident of Transatlantic p'blication I ha6e) howe6er) been able to ta<e ad6antage of later and riper in6estigations here as well) at so!e points with i!portant res'lts  Attention !ay be drawn to the co!pletely new acco'nt of the pre!at're atte!pt by 7entile enth'siasts to sec're the recall of the Jews to England in #,3$) and the drastic restate!ent of the part played by Cro!well in the negotiations of the following decade5or the s'bse='ent period) an atte!pt has been !ade to co!press into a h'ndred and fifty pages the n'!ero's !onographs and articles p'blished d'ring the last forty years B't I ha6e endea6o'red to eschew the parochial and personal aspect which has hitherto !onopoli(ed attention and to write the history of the Jews in England rather than the !e!orabilia of the co!!'nity of ondon) which ha6e engaged the attention of pre6io's writers Here and there) !oreo6er) I ha6e been able to !a<e 'se of 'ne1plored !an'script !aterial and ephe!eral p'blications) which correct or s'pple!ent the accepted acco'nt I ha6e concl'ded !y wor< with the Parlia!entary E!ancipation of the Jews in #$8$%) with which English) Jewry entered definitely into English life? b't an Epilog'e gi6es an o'tline of the !ost i!portant s'bse='ent de6elop!ents Thro'gho't) I ha6e tried to stress the social side and to describe) not only what happened to the Jews in England) b't also what !anner of !en they were and what part they played in the life of the co'ntry Perhaps as !'ch as one*half of the data gi6en in this 6ol'!e ha6e not appeared in any pre6io's wor< de6oted to the s'b>ectD  b't it is rather this approach which) I 6ent're to belie6e) !a<es


Jul 30, 2017
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