A Natural Diplomat, Very Talented at Dealing With People From

a natural diplomat, very talented at dealing with people from all walks of life, at making connections between people and between organizations. a man of TendeRness and sTRengTh, loyalTy, wiThouT pReTension. wherever he is, Ralph creates community, on personal and professional levels. ‫אחד נהנה ושני לא חסר‬ Ralph SaID There is a single Jewish world: Intertwined, interconnected. a TRUE lEaDER he’s got a big heart MR. JOINT the rare Ralph’s style combination one peRson of idealist + benefiT
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  -Teddy Koek, R Godmn nd  T Jt  nur diom, vr nd  ding wi o from  wk of if,  mking conncion bwn o nd bwnorgnizion.  rvr  , R crt ct, r  r v.  a man of TendeRness    and sTRengTh, loyalTy,  wiThouT pReTension. t rrct t +  rtt. Ralph SaID   Tere is  singeJewis word:Intertwined,interconnected. רסח אל ינשו הנהנ דחא ’ t   rt  WhO aRE YOU? MR. JOINT  Ralph’s style    one peRsonbenefiTsno one loses  a TRUE lEaDER   During her tiMe  t R i. g f(2007-2008), J c- d g ukr!, t rst volunteer resource center of its kind in Ukraine.Joy went on to Ethiopia where she identied critical -ctr vt rr. tODAY, J  t exctv drctr  t J w’ ft  n yrk— rt rtrzt tt rt c c rr trv t v    r  t Jct  n yrk  ir. rAlph i. gOlDMAn, an activistand leader in Jewish affairs all hislife, is the heart and soul of JDC.Both Ralph and the ‘Joint’ wereborn in 1914, Ralph in Ukraine andthe ‘Joint’ in New York City. Ralphhas dedicated his life to the Jew-ish people. He assisted David BenGurion during the founding of theState of Israel. He served as theExecutive Vice President of JDCduring the 1970s and 1980s, wherehe established JDC’s critical rolein Israel and brought vital assis-tance to Jews trapped behind theIron Curtain. Ralph Goldman is apivotal gure in global Jewish life.He is an inspiration to the world. YOu’ve AlwAYs wAnteD to dosomething like this—somethingone-of-a-kind. You are a leader inyour eld and have the promiseto inuence the future of Jewishlife and the world. JDC is lookingfor the best young Jewish thinkersand doers—writers, artists, policyshapers, business innovators, andcommunity builders—there is nosingle prole that ts.  yes you Can.   you Cn b  On.  apply heRe JOY sisisKY:   RALPH I. GOLDMAN FELLOW FOr 95 YeArs, the American Jewish Joint Dis-tribution Committee (JDC) has provided rescue,relief, and renewal for Jewish communities aroundthe world, helped Israel meet the needs of itsmost vulnerable citizens, and offered a Jewishresponse to natural and man-made disasters andnon-sectarian development needs worldwide.JDC’s work spans 70 countries and is inspired byJewish values of mutual responsibility and an ob-ligation to repair the world. the rAlph i. gOlDMAn FellOwship (rig) isawarded to one person annually and is a unique,paid, professional development opportunity towork in overseas locations where JDC is active,and engage with the inner workings of the world’slargest Jewish humanitarian aid organization. THE AMERICAN JEWISHJOINT DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE wo i Ralph? wo r yOU?  DeADline: DECEMBER 30TH T Rig f c  r tk  . i  vrk t t t   . —JOY SISISKY םירוזש ויקלח :אוה דחא - ידוהיה םלועהתידדה תולת ןילמוג תקיזב הזב הז ןמדלוג ףלר-  Above: Joy in Dnepropetrovsk 
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