A Natural History of Ornament

A Natural History of Ornament
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  PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS Princeton and Oxford  With contributions by Michele Bacci Anna Contadini Thomas B. F. Cummins Chanchal Dadlani Daniela del Pesco Vittoria Di Palma Anne Dunlop Marzia Faietti María Judith Feliciano Finbarr Barry Flood Jonathan Hay Christopher P. Heuer Rémi Labrusse Gülru Necipo ğ lu Marco Rosario Nobile Oya Pancaro ğ lu Spyros Papapetros Alina Payne Antoine Picon David Pullins Jennifer L. Roberts David J. Roxburgh Hashim Sarkis Robin Schuldenfrei Avinoam Shalem and Gerhard Wolf  Edited by GÜLRU NECIPO Ğ LU and ALINA PAYNE HISTORIES  of   ORNAMENT FROM GLOBAL TO LOCAL  󰀲󰀰   CHAPTER 2 A NATURAL HISTORY OF ORNAMENT  uittori ci )m O nnt is . mo on si t intntion sp of ontpor ittr o f to  st y t rnt igoros proifrtion of is fti pn, oor, oss, pfort, stippd, wd, or otis ortd xtiors g. .. Vt  w to m of tis dvopmnt, d wy is it ppni now? Gs t rtionsip tn ittr  onnt n rn fnn-ty in rnt ys? An wy it is tt ony so fos of onnt v n or iti, wil otrs suc s tos ssocitd it t clssic ordrs rmn o limits? Altoug undoutdy  sig- nit ontiti ftor to onnts rtn is t mrgn of nw dit dsin prors d m- fti prosss tt v  t rtion  mipultion of sufc pns muc sir to civ t vr for, tnoo is ony pt of t sto. eirst, jst s soti s o sir to o os not nssiy  tt w wo wt to o it.  As  otivti ftor, fii fs t. on,  mor impott, tcnolo is not wys t wllspi of sir. lor on, it wors t otr wy on: sir  pr‘c‘d‘s  t vii of t rqisit tno- o, d in som ss tn ds to its invntion. o w   to wonr wy onnt s osn th“s  p- ti momnt to rntr t sn, d, ftmor, if its rpp   dsmissd s mry  pssi fd or wtr it sins som gr tr si. Rgss of t y rns tt ist tn tis, sinrs, ints, otions,  prors, ontpor inntions of onnt tn to  nit y for tisti qitis. eirst, ontmpor ittr onnt is most wys intrt it t i sf. ht y  t, or spos in  nr of p yrs, t in ost ss it rs piity s  nrov pt of t tior sn. (nnt  sf  on. on, ontpor onnt tns to iit  - ovr qi. Vrs in trtion ittr, onnt strd ond y sttr points s s t s, roof, onrs, d opnis of  id, ontmpor onnt on pps s  pn or txtr xtnd-i ovr t ntir of t id nvop.  tird ooni is  rsist to intprttion, wi is modd tiy in vios wys— t tims s  on- sios  of oinin tn onnt  pro-r; t otrs s  pont of strtis tt undmin smolic mi or dct ysis; t still otrs s  itr iiii.  fot  st tn- dnc is mifstd on  tortic lvl, prsnt in t onntions frqnty n tn ontpor onnt  tois of t ii fro t pi- osopy of Fis cz d eéix Fi. is p- tr ins vios itrtions of ts for y tistis in t it wor of Grzog & d lron in orr to por t ontors of onnts r- gn in ontmpor ittr. lor ptiy, it yzs t ontt sron t rtion of  citctr dsind to  undrstood s  collction of snstions, or wt migt  d  ntr isto, if w orow ir eris aons nrst of t tm. einy, it ss to introgt t pomi on- sqns of ontpor onnts insistn on t.  trn of tis invstigtion is t on- mntd w sf.   A NATURAL HISTORY OF ORNAMENT    󰀲󰀱 (rnmnt )omis (n migt sy tt s o s ittr s n  to ost of  to to ompy its prodtions, on- nt s pos  pro. hn t w of t Rns-s rsov of uitis, onttors isi to qstion, nin, or nirt onnts ro it rspct to citctr d only to tn to t most oios oiin tt in orr to n  stion pr-rsor. Atog uitiss nnition of on- mnts pnicious qitis ws pimily md gnst rprsnttions of ittr fon in Ro w pntis, rtr t t t ortiv ts of on- sttd ids, is xoition of t irtioni of tn onnt otifs ws to st  o sow ovr ssqnt ittr itiis. ay spti is sssion of t orrs  tir ts oo , fro tt rg t n of frso pnti oo , uitis ipiity rntit tn stion sptr onnt ssoit it t orrs  proiit pntry onnt ssoit it w or. mot  ps of w pnti wr npt, owvr: uitiss itiq fos on ird  frsos, it tir pnt for monstrosi- tis ovr ttf rprsnttions of nit tis. hn tis wy,  D‘ arch“t‘ctura  st t stg for t dvlop-mnt of  pticl lin of dscours in wic onnt ws r s nt wn it f to onfo to ppoty ojtiv sts of rson, oi, tt, d propi. hn t v rst txt of Vstn it-tr to, w ts nd t introdtion of tr sig-nit ids onni onnt: rst, tt it   poi; son, tt it   ory sspt;  tir, tt its pi sit of ontsttion is t pt- tnd d oord w.   As t s t i of t igtnt nt, itis i bs- mios boin ontin to  Fig. 󰀲 . 󰀱 . Herzog & de Meuron, Eberswalde Technical School Library, 󰀱󰀹󰀹󰀴 – 󰀹󰀹 . Eberswalde, Germany.  󰀲󰀲   ORNAMENT IN ARCHITECTURE iy on uiti prnt to rss nts tt cstigtd onnts most rious xcsss. eor boin, if onnt wr to  pt, it ndd to  rtion, modrt, d, most impott, in pi it its dnd d dlimitd rol.   aut not vn bocin isd to ois onnt togtr: tt ws  to  Aof koos, wos (nnt  bi rw t ontors of onnts troi stts for t modn g. kooss infos ssy, rst pisd in ern in , ont  powf poi gnst onnt  its ppition to ittr; to orow Ain )ns sti tn of prs, for modn citctr tis tt ws its inr  , its t wn-i, its ki ont: it oo in t iror t  not i wt it sw.   cpoi  or nt to w  p tn t onnt iv   vios fos of ss— t piitiv, t inftil, t tood, t dgnrt, t fivolous d t finin— koos fosy rot: t votion of tr is snonos it t rov of onnt fro tiiti ojts.   Vit tis pity sttnt, koos sogt to  t onnttion of on ittr too. koos ws nitr t rst nor t st to ssoit onnt it t finin, t non- drop, t dros, or t md. at tis spt of is mnt is not y prsnt fos.   Rtr, tis ptr ss to vt t onsqns of kooss s of t t rov. ay  onnt s  nt tt o sipy  srp o, i  ovry i frosti pipd ig on  , koos ws mi is itiism t  pti nd of onnt,  onnt tt smd ppi  sppnt, rtr t intr to t ojt t . ht s n tis onntion of  onnt tiz s   trfor potntiy rmov tt s fond  pti rso-n in rnt ittr.  As  s (nnt  bi ivs t iprssion tt koos is to  onnt to- gtr, it is  from is it wor tt koos ws not vrs to t opti m of oor d pn.   At rst g,  ioni wor i t ui lür, it its  wit xtior rivd ony intminty y t osion pn- ot opni, tny ss to  itnss to is tidcortiv rli c. Gowvr, if w tn to t ids intior, w nd koos xi- ti in t o t pro y  vi of i tis, s s t rn  rvtnt tt s t ptition/strs i t ii roo fro t ni roo ov g. .. ht is  fro tis xp tt for koos t ms ntr vini onstitts  pt fo of is stition, on wi is nitr fivoos nor dgnrt: t m-s oor d pn, pt d p of t w rvt-mnt, do not or t possiii of rmov tt migt  sst y  sptr ortion in ig or ow rlif. eutmor, y i connd to t ills int- ior, tis rvtnt, o it t fy st tis poy in t otr ii sps, os not intfr it t  wit pi of t is tior vtions. hnst, tior  intior  owd to oprt ord to spt ois. hn tis ontt, it is not so  (nnt  bi tt iints kooss i of t is intior, t rtr  ssy in in  tit  )inip of b. dsposi  in of nt wos t to Fofi pr is ppnt fro t ssys v titl, koos opns y idntii cpt wv-i s t oiin of citctr. hn t inni, pim- itiv m sogt str from t mnts d rtd t pt s  fom of dd. oon r,  pnt fr ws invnt to o t pts in p  o. xt pts v or t ry  prottiv fntion: ty  so t sor of t, d for koos it is t rtion of t tt spts t tist- itt fro t r ir.  tist- itt rst snss t t  intnds to riz d ss t roos  wts to rt in is ins y, tn  ooss t  in orr to onvy t t sir. ly ps of   pissi; kooss ony injntion is tt  dd sod not t to imi-tt t mti it ovrs, so wood, for xp, sod not  pnt to oo i woo. ay rspti ts s,  id r of ts   prodd: f d oror if it is  on, rvrn if  r, rspt for t powr of t stt if  govnnt p, pi if  tom, omnss if  rsidn, g if  tvn.   ht is idnt from tis sntn, d, in pti, from its siy ronisti to of id ps, tt wrs kooss dscssion of t oiins of citc- tr in t rst f of tis ssy ws int to - pr, is xpltion of ct in its scond f ws tn drty from  vn ir in of torti sp-tion, on tt sogt to dtmin t ms d nds of ittr tr. Atog kooss onn-tion of  onnt tt s   spp-
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