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A Report On Internship at Global IME Bank Limited (Gyaneshwor Branch

A Report On Internship at Global IME Bank Limited (Gyaneshwor Branch
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  1 A Report On Internship at Global IME Bank Limited (Gyaneshwor Branch) Submitted to Pitamber Lamichhane Faculty of Management Pokhara University Submitted by Sumit Kumar Shah December, 2013  2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  This report has been prepared to fulfill the partial requirement for the degree, Bachelors of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) 6 th  semester of Pokhara University. For this, I would like to acknowledge the effort of Apex College for offering such a great program to enhance the research skill and quality of management education. Working with this report has been very interesting. I am forever indebted to all those who gave me valuable suggestions, stimulating ideas, constructive comments and encouragements throughout this report writing. First of all, I am deeply indebted to my supervisor Mrs. Manisha Shah and Mrs. Rebha K.C for their time and effort in my internship period at Global IME Bank, Gyaneshwor, and for their invaluable advice and consultations, during the analysis and overall processes of writing this report. Their constructive comments and assistance was vital to how this report looks today. Special thanks and appreciation goes to my respected sir Mr. Prabhakar Pokharel, from Customer Service Department. Without his encouragement and advices, I could not have  performed well at the branch and so does with the report writing. Sincere thanks to all staffs and employees of Global IME Bank, Gyaneshwor branch. Without their coordination, this report would not have been complete. Thank you very much to all of you for your kind cooperation, inspiration and for  providing information.  3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research study is done with the main purpose of analyzing closely the first hand experience of my internship and to forward the gained experience towards the person eager to know about the internship program as well as its idea. This report tries to explore the every single aspect of an internship and about the intern. This report will also give light to the performance of the selected commercial banks in regards to the selected internship destination. The report is organized in four parts/chapters, where each chapter deals with distinct subject matter under one purpose. The first chapter is about the internship program, objective of doing the internship as well as the limitations faced at the place. The chapter two is all about the bank (Global IME Bank Ltd.) its values, missions along with its  products and services available in the market. After following chapter two, chapter three deals with the major internship experience, SWOT analysis of the bank followed by the  branch/department analysis (Gyaneshwor Branch). The report will end up by a brief summary of the overall report along with conclusion and some recommended suggestions as a part of the internship evaluation of the branch.  4 ABBRIVIATIONS ATM :  Automated Teller Machine BBA-BI :  Bachelor in Business Administration for Banking and Insurance BOD : Board of Directors CBS : Core Banking Solution  CSD :  Customer Services Department ECC : Electronic Check Clearing FAU :  Financial Advisory Unit FD : Fixed Deposit FTR :  Financial Transaction Report GBL : Global Bank Limited GIBL : Global IME Bank Limited HRM :  Human Resource Management IME : International Money Exchange LC :  Letter of Credit MF :  Mutual Fund & Micro Finance NPN :  National Payment Network NRB :  Nepal Rastra Bank OD :  Over Draft PG : Personal Guarantee PL : Personal Loan POS :  Point of Sale SWIFT : Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication SME :  Small Medium Enterprises  5 TABLE OF CONTENTS ABBRIVIATIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Contents Page no. Chapter 1 Introduction to Internship 7-10  1.1 About Internship 7 1.2 Organization Selection 8 1.3 Objectives of Internship 8 1.4 Limitations of Internship 9 1.5 Placement and Duration 9 Chapter 2 Global IME Bank Limited 11-19 2.1 Bank Overview 11 2.2 Promoters and Shareholders Structure 12 2.3 Vision, Mission, and Values 13 2.3.1 Vision 13 2.3.2 Mission 13 2.3.3 Core Values 13 2.4 Board of Directors BOD 13 2.5 Financial Highlights ` 14 2.6 Branch Workforce and Services Offered 14 2.6.1 Branch Workforce (Gyaneshwor) 14  2.6.2 Products and Services Offered 15 2.7 Current and Future Planning 17
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