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  More featured articles... Main Page From A Wiki of Ice and Fire DaenerysTargaryen  is amember of HouseTargaryen, theformer r oyal family of the Seven Kingdoms. Her father was KingAerys II, and her mother was hissister-wife Queen, Rhaella.Daenerys was conceived duringRo bert's Rebellion that that wouldultimately end her  family's reign.Before she was born, following thedefeat at the Battle of the Trident,her pregnant mother and brother,Viserys, were sent from King'sLanding to Dragonstone for safekeeping, the family ancestralseat.Daenerys was born as a fierce stormstruck Dragonstone, and so wascalled Stormborn . Her mother diedas a result of the labor. By that timethe war was lost, Robert Baratheonhad claimed the throne, all of her family dead, but her and her older  brother, Viserys. The garrison atDragonstone decided to surrender and turn them over to the rebels for their lives, but before they could acton this plan, Ser Willem DarryDarry and several other loyalretainers rescued the children andsmuggled them into the Free City of Braavos.  Read more... .  You know nothing, Jon Snow. Wiki of Ice and Fire is fan-created for George R. R. Martin's  A Song o We are par t of the information about A Song of Ice and Fire provided by technical suportWe currently have 5,726 articles.The French wiki La Garde de Nuit ( Russian wiki Энциклопедия Песни Льда и Пламени (http://7k The Chinese wiki 冰与火之歌中文维基  ( Spanish Hielo y Fuego Wiki ( Portuguese A Enciclopédia de Gelo e Fogo (http://geloefogo.coThe Dutch Westeropedia wiki ( Turkish Game Of Thrones Viki ( Thai Game of Thrones fansite (http://wiki.gameofthronesfansite.The Persian ﺶﺗ و   ﺦﯾ   زا   ا   ﮫﻤﻐﻧ   ﮫﻣﺎﻨﺸﻧاد  ( Polish Westeros wiki (http://www.westeros.porozumienietuczynLinks to articles that are available in other languages are on left side on t All pages can be edited and you are welcome to join us and contribute to t Check out the Community portal, see what we are working on or how If you have any questions about the wiki or helping out, you can ask a ( , Make sure to sign up at A Forum of Ice and Fire (http://asoiaf.westero Feature articleFeature quoteAbout the WikiTen sister Wikis in Other LanguagesHelping Out  More quotes...More interesting things.. – Ygritte [1][2] You may well have the better claim, but I have the larger army. – Renly Baratheon [3] You know the saying about theHand? – Robert Baratheon What the King dreams, theHand builds. – Eddard Stark  I bedded a fishmaid once whotold me the lowborn have achoicer way to put it. The kingeats, they say and the Handtakes the shit. – Robert [4]  House Templeton may bedistantly related to House Stark through a sister of EddardStark's grandfather. [5] The lords of House Arryn onlylived in the Eyrie during thesummer, but moved down to theGates of the Moon when winter came? [6] Wyman Manderly has the titles:Lord of White Harbor, Wardenof the White Knife, Shield of the Faith, Defender of theDispossessed, Lord Marshal of the Mander, and A Knight of the Order of the Green Hand. [7]   1. ↑  A Storm of Swords , Chapter 15, Jon,142.2. ↑  A Storm of Swords , Chapter 26, Jon,242–244.3. ↑  A Clash of Kings , Chapter 31, Catelyn.4. ↑  A Game of Thrones , Chapter 4, Eddard.5. ↑  A Storm of Swords , Chapter 45,Catelyn.6. ↑  A Feast for Crows , Chapter 10, Sansa.7. ↑  A Dance with Dragons , Chapter 19, Did you know... References  Retrieved from Category: MainThis page was last modified 19:21, 30 August 2013 by Elio M. García, Jr.. Based on work by Joramun, A Wikiof Ice and Fire user Rosenzweig and others.Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Davos.
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