ABA Model Rules RE Professional Conduct

ABA MODEL CODE OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY The Model Code of Professional Responsibility was adopted by the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association on August 1! 1 # and was amended by the House of Delegates in $ebruary 1 %&! $ebruary 1 %'! $ebruary 1 %(! August 1 %#! August 1 %%! August 1 %)! $ebruary 1 % ! $ebruary 1 )&! and August 1 )&* Contents PREFACE PREAMBLE AND PRELIMINARY STATEMENT CANON 1. A LAWYER SHOULD ASSIST IN MAINTAINING
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  ABA MODEL CODE OFPROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY The Model Code of Professional Responsibility was adopted by the House of Delegates of the  American Bar Association on August 1! 1 # and was amended by the House of Delegates in $ebruary 1 %&! $ebruary 1 %'! $ebruary 1 %(! August 1 %#! August 1 %%! August 1 %)! $ebruary 1 % ! $ebruary 1 )&! and August 1 )&*  Contents  P   REFACE    P   REAMBLE     AND  P   RELIMINARY   S  TATEMENT  C   ANON   1. A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  A SSIST     IN   M   AINTAINING   THE   I   NTEGRITY     AND  C  OMPETENCE    OF    THE   L  EGAL  P   ROFESSION    Ethical Coni! #ation  Dici$lina#% R&l   DR1'1(1Maintainin) Int )#it% an! Co*$ t nc o+ th L )al P#o+ ion  DR 1'1(,Micon!&ct  DR 1'1(-Diclo&# o+ In+o#*ation to A&tho#iti C   ANON   ,.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  A SSIST    THE   L  EGAL  P   ROFESSION     IN   F  ULFILLING    ITS   D UTY    TO  M   AE   L  EGAL  C  OUNSEL   A /AILABLE    Ethical Coni! #ation  R co)nition o+ L )al P#o0l *S l ction o+ a La% # S l ction o+ a La% #2 La% # A!3 #tiin)  Financial A0ilit% to E*$lo% Co&n l2 G n #all% Financial A0ilit% to E*$lo% Co&n l2  P #on A0l to Pa% R aona0l F  Financial A0ilit% to E*$lo% Co&n l2  P #on Una0l to Pa% R aona0l F  Acc $tanc an! R t ntion o+ E*$lo%* nt  Dici$lina#% R&l   DR ,'1(1P&0licit% in G n #al  DR ,'1(,P#o+ ional Notic 4 L tt #h a!4 O++ic  DR ,'1(-R co** n!ation o+ P#o+ ional E*$lo%* nt  DR ,'1(5S&)) tion o+ N ! o+ L )al S #3ic  DR ,'1(6Li*itation o+ P#actic  DR ,'1(7F  +o# L )al S #3ic  DR ,'1(8Di3iion o+ F  A*on) La% # DR ,'1(9A)# * nt R t#ictin) th P#actic o+ a La% #  DR ,'1(:Acc $tanc o+ E*$lo%* nt  DR ,'11(With!#aal +#o* E*$lo%* nt C   ANON   -.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  A SSIST     IN   P   RE/ENTING   THE   U   NAUTHORI;ED  P   RACTICE    OF   L  AW  .  Ethical Coni! #ation  Dici$lina#% R&l   DR -'1(1Ai!in) Una&tho#i< ! P#actic o+ La DR -'1(,Di3i!in) L )al F  ith a Nonla% #  DR -'1(-Fo#*in) a Pa#tn #hi$ ith a Nonla% # C   ANON   5.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  P   RESER/E    THE   C  ONFIDENCES     AND  S   ECRETS    OF     A  C   LIENT    Ethical Coni! #ation  Dici$lina#% R&l  DR 5'1(1P#  #3ation o+ Con+i! nc  an! S c# t o+ a Cli nt....... C   ANON   6.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  E   =ERCISE   I   NDEPENDENT   P   ROFESSIONAL  >  UDGMENT    ON   B  EHALF    OF     A  C   LIENT    Ethical Coni! #ation  Int # t o+ a La% # That Ma% A++ ct Hi >&!)* nt  Int # t o+ M&lti$l Cli nt   D i#  o+ Thi#! P #on  Dici$lina#% R&l   DR 6'1(1R +&in) E*$lo%* nt Wh n th Int # t o+ th La% # Ma% I*$ai# Hi  In! $ n! nt P#o+ ional >&!)* nt  DR 6'1(,With!#aal a Co&n l Wh n th  La% # B co*  a Witn  DR 6'1(-A3oi!in) Ac?&iition o+ Int # t in Liti)ation DR 6'1(5Li*itin) B&in  R lation ith a Cli nt  DR 6'1(6'R +&in) to Acc $t o# Contin& E*$lo%* nt i+ th Int # t o+ Anoth # Cli nt  Ma% I*$ai# th In! $ n! nt P#o+ ional >&!)* nt o+ th La% #  DR 6'1(7S ttlin) Si*ila# Clai* o+ Cli nt DR 6'1(8A3oi!in) In+l& nc 0% Oth # Than th Cli nt C   ANON   7.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  R  EPRESENT     A  C   LIENT   C  OMPETENTLY   Ethical Coni! #ation  Dici$lina#% R&l   DR 7'1(1Failin) to Act Co*$ t ntl% DR 7'1(,Li*itin) Lia0ilit% to Cli nt C   ANON   8.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  R  EPRESENT     A  C   LIENT   ;   EALOUSLY   W   ITHIN    THE   B OUNDS    OF    THE   L  AW    Ethical Coni! #ation  D&t% o+ th La% # to a Cli nt  D&t% o+ th La% # to th A!3 #a#% S%t * o+ >&tic  Dici$lina#% R&l   DR 8'1(1R $#  ntin) a Cli nt ; alo&l% DR 8'1(,R $#  ntin) a Cli nt Within th Bo&n! o+ th La  DR 8'1(-P #+o#*in) th D&t% o+ P&0lic P#o c&to# o# Oth # Go3 #n* nt La% #  DR 8'1(5Co**&nicatin) ith On o+ A!3 # Int # t  DR 8'1(6Th# at nin) C#i*inal P#o c&tion DR 8'1(7T#ial Con!&ct  DR 8'1(8T#ial P&0licit% DR 8'1(9Co**&nication ith o# In3 ti)ation o+ >&#o# DR 8'1(:Contact ith Witn   DR 8'11(Contact ith O++icialC   ANON   9.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  A SSIST     IN   I   MPRO/ING   THE   L  EGAL  S  YSTEM   Ethical Coni! #ation Dici$lina#% R&l   DR 9'1(1Action a a P&0lic O++icial  DR 9'1(,'Stat * nt Conc #nin) >&!)  an! Oth #  A!@&!icato#% O++ic # DR 9'1(-La% # Can!i!at +o# >&!icial O++ic C   ANON   :.A L  AWYER  S   HOULD  A /OID  E  /EN    THE   A  PPEARANCE    OF    P   ROFESSIONAL  I   MPROPRIETY   Ethical Coni! #ation  Dici$lina#% R&l   DR :'1(1A3oi!in) E3 n th A$$ a#anc o+ I*$#o$#i t% DR :'1(,P#  #3in) I! ntit% o+ F&n! an! P#o$ #t% o+ a Cli nt  D  EFINITIONS  S  UB>ECT   M   ATTER  I   NDE=   Preface On August 14, 1964, at the request of President Lewis F. Powell, Jr., the House of Delegates of the Aeri!an ar Asso!iation !reated a #$e!ial %oittee on &'aluation of &thi!al #tandards to e(aine the then !urrent %anons of Professional &thi!s and to a)e re!oendations for !hanges. *hat !oittee $rodu!ed the +odel %ode of Professional es$onsi-ilit whi!h was ado$ted - the House of Delegates in 1969 and -e!ae effe!ti'e Januar 1, 19/0. *he new +odel %ode re'ised the  $re'ious %anons in four $rin!i$al $arti!ulars 213 there were i$ortant areas in'ol'ing the !ondu!t of lawers that were either onl $artiall !o'ered in or totall oitted fro the %anons 253 an %anons that were sound in su-stan!e were in need of editorial re'ision 23 ost of the %anons did not lend thesel'es to $ra!ti!al san!tions for 'iolations and 243 !hanged and !hanging !onditions in our legal sste and ur-ani7ed so!iet required new stateents of $rofessional $rin!i$les.*he srcinal 5 %anons of Professional &thi!s were ado$ted - the Aeri!an ar Asso!iation in 1908. *he were -ased $rin!i$all on the %ode of &thi!s ado$ted - the Ala-aa #tate ar Asso!iation in 188/, whi!h in turn has -een -orrowed largel fro the le!tures of Judge eorge #harswood, $u-lished in 18:4 under the title of  P#o+ ional Ethic , and fro the fift resolutions in!luded in Da'id Hoffan;s  A Co&# o+ L )al St&!%  25d ed. 1863. #in!e then a liited nu-er of aendents ha'e -een ado$ted on a $ie!eeal -asis.As far -a!) as 194 +r. Justi!e 2later %hief Justi!e3 Harlan Fis)e #tone, in his eora-le address entitled Th P&0lic In+l& nc o+ th Ba#  , ade this o-ser'ation efore the ar !an fun!tion at all as a guardian of the $u-li! interests !oitted to its !are, there ust -e a$$raisal and !o$rehension of the new !onditions, and the !hained relationshi$ of the lawer to his !lients, to his $rofessional -rethren and to the $u-li!. *hat a$$raisal ust  $ass -eond the $ett details of for and anners whi!h ha'e -een so largel the su-<e!t of our %odes of &thi!s, to ore fundaental !onsideration of the wa in whi!h our $rofessional a!ti'ities affe!t the welfare of so!iet as a whole. Our !anons of ethi!s for the ost $art are generali7ations designed for an earlier era.Largel in that s$irit, the !oittee a$$ointed - President Powell in 1964 rea!hed unanious !on!lusion that further $ie!eeal aendent of the srcinal %anons would not suffi!e. =t $ro!eeded to !o$ose the +odel %ode of Professional es$onsi-ilit in res$onse to the $er!ei'ed need for !hange in the stateent of $rofessional $rin!i$les for lawers.>hile the o$inions of the %oittee on Professional &thi!s of the Aeri!an ar Asso!iation had  -een $u-lished and gi'en fairl wide distri-ution with resulting 'alue to the -en!h and -ar, the !ertainl were not !on!lusi'e as to the adequa! of the $re'ious %anons. e!ause the o$inions were ne!essaril inter$retations of the e(isting %anons, the tended to su$$ort the %anons and were !riti!al of the onl in the ost unusual !ase. #in!e a large nu-er of requests for o$inions fro the %oittee on Professional &thi!s dealt with the etiquette of law $ra!ti!e, ad'ertising, $artnershi$ naes, announ!eents and the li)e, there had -een a tenden! for an lawers to assue that this was the e(!lusi'e field of interest of the %oittee and that it was not !on!erned with the ore serious questions of $rofessional standards and o-ligations.*he $re'ious %anons were not an effe!ti'e tea!hing instruent and failed to gi'e guidan!e to oung lawers -eond the language of the %anons thesel'es. *here was no organi7ed interrelationshi$ -etween the %anons and the often o'erla$$ed. *he were not !ast in language designed for dis!i$linar enfor!eent and an a-ounded with quaint e($ressions of the $ast. *hose %anons !ontained, ne'ertheless, an $ro'isions that were sound in su-stan!e, and all of these were retained in the +odel %ode ado$ted in 1969. =n the studies and eetings !ondu!ted - the %oittee whi!h de'elo$ed the $resent +odel %ode, the %oittee relied hea'il u$on the onuental  L )al  Ethic  219:3 of Henr #. Drin)er, who ser'ed with great distin!tion for nine ears as %hairan of the %oittee on Professional &thi!s 2)nown in his da as the %oittee on Professional &thi!s and rie'an!es3 of the Aeri!an ar Asso!iation.*he Foral O$inions of the %oittee on &thi!s and Professional es$onsi-ilit were !olle!ted and $u-lished in a single 'olue in 196/, and sin!e that tie ha'e -een $u-lished !ontinuousl in loose?leaf for. 2*he nae was !hanged in 19/1 to the #tanding %oittee on &thi!s and

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Jul 22, 2017
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