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Active Path (Future With Present Continous)

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    English Department English Level III Future with present continuous A.   First review simple past vs past continuous.      I sitting in café when you called    When you arrived at the party, who was there?    Susie was watching a film when she heard the noise    Yesterday I went to the library, next I had a swim, later I met julie for coffee.    We were playing tennis when Jhon hurt his ankle    What were they doing at 10pm last night-it was really noisy?    He was talking a shower when the telephone rang    He was in the shower when the telephone rang    When I walked into the room, everyone was working    It was a day last Septembe. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I was walking along the street when I met an old friend    He was living in Russia when the revolution started    When her train got to the station, we were waiting on the platform    He was so annoying ! he was always leaving his things everywhere    On holiday we visited Rome, saw the Vatican, and spend a few days at the beach B.   Watch the following videos and take notes. Future with present Continuous:   TAKE NOTE Present continuous for future use For arrangements in the future we use the present continuous tense To talk about very sure future plans, these plans will not change Structure---- be + verb-ing he/she/it---- is they/we ------are POSITIVE ---you are leaving NEGATIVE--- she´s not leaving QUESTIONS---- is he leaving soon? / when is she leaving? ANSWERS--- short yes, I am    She is leaving canada next week    We are having dinner together tonight    What are you doing tonight? Usually, we don´t use go and come with be going to Instead, we use the present continuous --- she is going shopping after class, what time are you coming to the party? Verb patterns: TAKE NOTE verbs= special rules smrt 115-130= many verb patterns smrt 115=five most important verbs patterns VERB+ VERB-ING    I   enjoy playing sports    He finished playing soccer at 9pm    Please stop speaking VERB+TO+INFINITIVE VERB    What did you choose to do?    I have decided to buy a new car     I´m sorry, I forgot to do my homework last night    I promise to call you tonight    She needs to go home now    He is helping to make dinner    I hope to see you again    We are trying to learn English    He doesn´t want to see a movie with us    She would like to study English    I would love to visit france    I would hate to see a ghost BOTH VERB PATTERNS    I am going to begin/start working at 8pm I am going to begin/start to work at 8pm    She prefers/ likes /loves /hates living alone She prefers/ likes /loves /hates to live alone C.   DO the following inline exercises and send a screenshot of the score to your subgroup in Edmodo-   1.  2.  3. 

Simone Duarte

Jul 14, 2019
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