Adam Barnett corn prices since 2009

Corn prices over 5 years
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    y = 0.1892x + 4.2553 00.511.522.533.544.555.566.577.50123456789     P   r    i   c   e   p   e   r    b   u   s    h   e    l    (    i   n     d   o    l    l   a   r   s    ) Half-years since June of 2009 Corn Prices over 5 years 00.511.522.533.544.555.566.577.50123456789     P   r    i   c   e   p   e   r    b   u   s    h   e    l    (    i   n     d   o    l    l   a   r   s    ) Number of half-years since June 2009 Corn prices over 5 years  For this publication, I chose to show how the price of corn per bushel fluctuates over the course of five and a half years since the June of 2009. Using a trend line, I collected two points (# of half-years (X), price of corn (Y)) I then used the price of the second point, and subtracted it with that of the first point. Then I used the number of half-years of the second point, and subtracted it to that of the first point. I attained the idea that the price of corn per bushel increases $0.50 for every 2.2 half years that progressed. Then I inserted the .5/2.2 slope into the slope-intercept form and then used the price of corn from the first point as the Y and the number of half-years from the first point as the X. Next, I found that the srcinal starting price of the trend-line was 4.95. I now had the complete equation to find the exact trend line. All that was left to do was input three different number of half-years into the final equation to get three prices for the future three years. If you take a look at the equation for the computer made line and compare it with the equation for the manually drawn line, you can see that they are very close to being the same, but still different. You can see that the line manually drawn has a greater slope and is steeper by nature, meaning that the price will increase at a greater pace over time, however the difference is very slight and the two lines still look similar. You can also see that the manually drawn line has a significantly greater point of srcin meaning that the two trend lines would almost appear parallel in nature with the manually drawn line above the computer drawn one and rising slightly more over time.  Equation for slope (2, 4.5) (4.2, 5) 5-4.5/4.2-2=0.5/2.2 Equation for y-intercept 4.5=.5/2.2(2)+b 4.5=.45+b 4.95=b Final equation for trend line y=.5/2.2(x)+4.95 Y is the final price per bushel that half-year X is the number of half years since June of 2009 Predictions by inputting the number of half-years since 2009 Y=.5/2.2(11)+4.95-  June of 2015 equation Y=$7.67 Y=.5/2.2(13)+4.95-  June of 2016 equation Y=$7.91 Y=.5/2.2(15)+4.95-  June of 2017 equation Y=$8.36 Comparing and contrasting equations Y=.5/2.2x+4.95 Y=.23x+4.95- manual trend line Y=.19x+4.26- computer trend line Very close slope between the two Distant gap between the y-intercept
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