Aesthetic Desires & Imperatives

Deconflating short-term wants from our functional, long-term duties
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  Aesthetic Desires & Imperatives[for the full annotated text use this link->!di" #AestheticsDesiresImperatives  I suggest that there has $een a con%ation of ones desires or 'ants as an actual imperative( than the more elective( transitor)( and super%uous 'him that it is. *ecause of that con%ation $et'een the perception of desirous 'ants and imperative needs or o$ligations( people have $een diverted and distracted do'n emotionall) driven paths of logic( 'hich rationali+e a false sense of value to a ,necessit)-'ith the heterodox) "  of conseuences 'hich precipitate from that perception.Aesthetics are important as the) give us a sense of our core-identit) for our on-going operational choices. At the same time our aesthetics can $e classied as $eing primaril) for st)le-image-appearance-comfort and function-ecienc)-necessit). 0o indulge( primaril)( in the former ,st)ling categories to the neglect of the functional categories is( I1234( $egging for the adversities of excess and fetish 5 ( than taking care of the foundational $asics for )our condition that 'ould direct )ou to the more $enecial aesthetics of desire that 'ould $e coincidental( if not incidental( to )our functional eciencies.0he emotional and mental diversions that lead to distractive attention to the super%uous and the trivial are the euivalent of gross o$esit) to the human anatomical and ph)siological s)stem. 0he energ)/matter reuired to maintain that excess takes a'a) from the operational ecienc) )oud have to devote to the essential and needed functions of )our $eing. 1uch like gross o$esit)( 1 Heterodoxy : 2 Secular fetishism: The 19th century saw the introduction of two theories of fetishism outside what was typically considered religion. The first was Karl arx!s idea of  commodity fetishism" in which the social relationships in#ol#ed in production are experienced not as relationships among people" $ut as #alue%relationships $etween things &commodities % including la$our % and money'. The second was  (lfred )inet!s term sexual fetishism" the sexual attachment to an o$*ect in place of a person. +cholars ha#e continued to de#elop these theories e#er since" and they ha#e influenced anthropologists! understanding of fetishism in general.  )oure $urdening )ourself 'ith excess $aggage( 'hich ma) have satiated )our desires( $ut is de$ilitating the smooth to elegant functioning )ou 'ould $e having 'ithout carr) that excess and unneeded $aggage of satiated desires and their conseuences
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