Affirmative Action in Brazil

A presentation on affirmative action in Brazil universities
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  “AFFIRMING A DIVIDE” THE ECONOMIST, JANUARY 28 TH  2012 Racism in Brazil  Purpose of Article  Explores the issue of racial inequality and discrimination against blacks in Brazil  Takes a stand in the controversy associated with introducing US-style affirmative-action policies to remedy racism in Brazil  Proposes a different formula as a solution  Background Racism in Brazil Racial inequality Racial discrimination  Background  Racial inequality –  statistics ã  Workplace: Average income of whites is more than twice that of brown or black Brazilians. Only one of the 38 members of the cabinet is black. ã Education: Only 6.3% of black 18- to 24-year-olds were in higher education in 2006 compared to 19.2% of whites. ã Quality of life : More than half of the residents of Rio de Janeiro‟s favelas are black compared to 7% in the city‟s richer districts.  
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