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  2/7/14Ammonium group of homeopathy remedies | Homeo LATEST NEWS  AND EVENTSSUBSCRIBE TO OUR DAILY RSS FEED! Enter your Email ID  Subscribe  ARTICLES » JOBS&EVENTS » COURSES & ADMISSIONS » COMPETITIVE EXAMS » SCOPE OF HOMEOPATHY »  December 10, 2012  by admin Ammonium group of homeopathy remedies 1 Comment  Ammonium group of homeopathy remedies The ammoniums are a strange group in our materia medica. Ammonium carbonicum and ammoniummuriaticum are extensively described byKentand yet we hardly use them. A closer study reveals mostof the symptoms to be too general, without a real essence being known.In homoeopathic language ordinary ammonia is called Ammonium causticum because of its ‘caustic’  action. Its chemical formula is NH3 and when it is dissolved in water it becomes alkaline NH4OH. TheAmmoniums are made up of NH4+, which behaves more or less like any other cation with a singlepositive charge, and a negatively charged anion. The word caustic means burning or biting (as in caustic soda or Natrum hydroxide) and is also used metaphorically to mean sarcastic. Another word that describes this property of the ammoniums is ‘lye’. All the Hydroxides are lyes or alkali, but in homoeopathy we know very little about this group.Natrum oxide and water turns into Natrum hydroxide: Na2 + H2O -amel. 2 na(OH)2. The alkali are related to soaps, which are considered to be a weaker form of alkali. So the alkali are associatedwith the hydroxides, which are the opposite of the acids (well known in homoeopathy). Acid +alkaline gives water: H+ +OH–amel. H2O. The alkali are the opposites of the acids, but they are verysimilar in their burning and biting properties. REMEDIES OF THE GROUP Ammonium bromatum(Bromide of ammonia)Ammonium carbonicum(Carbonate of ammonia-smelling salt)**Ammonium causticum (Hydrate of ammonia-ammonia water)Ammonium muriaticum( Sal ammoniac)**Ammonium fluoratumAmmonium bromatumAmmonicum- dorema(gum ammoniac)**Ammonium benzoicum(benzoate of ammonia)Ammonium iodatum(Iodide of Ammonia)Ammonium phoshoricum (phosphate of ammonia)Ammonium picratum (picrate of ammonia)Ammonium valerianicum(valerianate of ammonia)  SPHERE OF ACTION MUCOUS MEMBRANE: inflammation and mucorrhoeaCIRCULATION:heart and arterioles stimulatedBLOOD: Liquefaction and vast hemorrhagesWhen ammonia is inhaled there is oedema of the glottis and congestion and inflammation of thebronchial mucus membrane, convulsions and death.A sense of suffocation is experienced and glottis spasmodically closesIt is a direct stimulant to the respiratory centres in the medulla oblongata. GROUP FEATURES1) Mind General theme is rancour. Rancour is a word which most accurately describes the overal state of theAmmoniums. Another word might be ‘grudge’, or ‘embittered’  . THEME: Idealism followed by rancour Total idealism : ammoniums tend to make everything bigger and better in their minds. They are so 0 Like Free Webinar - Autopathy www.autopathy.infoNew therapy of chr onic diseases based on homeopathy More>>The educational attributes andresponsibilities of a homeopathic teacher  Featured Category What’s NewIEC / BCCPowerPoint PresentationsCompetitive Exam MaterialsQuestion PapersFree Books & SoftwaresResearch in HomeopathyGovernment OrdersRead & LearnNon ClinicalHealth A-Z Topic of the monthFacebook Homeopathy  12,501 people like Homeopathy. Facebook social plugin Like Wanted BHMS doctors across India for Super Science Clinic chain Home Hot News Links ContactSelect Language ▼  2/7/14Ammonium group of homeopathy remedies | Homeo keen for everything to be perfect tend overlook the negative sides, at least in initial stages Exhausted in idealism : later their idealism get battered from reality which later turns to disappointment  . Rancour: their disappointment in life turns to discontent accompanied by bitterness and feeling of resentment. They harbour a deep grudge to their object of disappointment. Unforgiving, critical:  resentment expresses in an extremely critical attitude towards life- a sort of cyanism.  Anger, hate, criticismClosed: usually they keep their feelings to themselves, especially in later stages.Basically timid personsLacks emotional warmth. Physicals2. Suited to fat & bloated persons Ammonium carb: fat flabby individuals who lead sedentary life- lazy individualsAmm mur: fat individuals where adipose tissue is distributed over trunk and legs thinPhysique: Overweight is how they are usually described, but emaciation is more common in thebeginning stages. 3 . The pains  are biting and burning in character 4. Hemorrhages from nose, mouth, bowels showing disintegration of blood cells 5. All discharges acrid  , yellow and watery in nature and might even cause ulceration. The skin andmucous membranes can be bright red, swollen and burning. 6. Exhaustion as in the acidums.7. Time Aggravation between 3 and 4 AM.(compare kalis)8 . Thermal: cold, agg. cold, agg. outside.– chilly 9.  Desires: coffee (2), chocolate (2), sweet, sour, tobacco. Aversion: meat.. 10.  General modality: agg. bathing. agg. stretching amel. lying down,. Agg. potatoes, alcohol, amel.eating.  INDIVIDUAL DRUGSAMMONIUM BROMATUMFeeling of suffocation or fear of suffocation  – is a key note of this remedy. Timid person, lacks self confidence . Has an aversion to social interaction & aversion to   company  .Aggravation on waking from sleep and/or at3 AM Irritable feeling under the finger nails which is better by biting Obese people with frequent laryngitis- acute and chronic.Chronic laryngeal catarrah of speakers, with a choking cough that comes suddenly  . Tickling in throat, with inclination to dry, spasmodic cough, especially at night. Expectoration of white sticky mucus. Coryza : thick discharge from nose , redness of eyelids, burning of the eyeballs, smarting of themouth. Intense sneezing.Sensation of band tied around the head above the ears. Stomach  is a sensitive area. Patient experiences pain about the area..Feeling of tiredness , not better by lying .A felling of faintness while standing as if something was rising from stomach.Pain is better by warmth & warm applications, worse from cold.Symptoms predominate on left side  of body. Epilepsy when aura begins with suffocation & srcinating in epigastrium.General nervous restlessness AMMONIUM CAUSTICUMThis is a powerful cardiac stimulant . As such in syncope, thrombosis, haemorrhage, snake-bites,chloroform narcosis, may be given by inhalation.The oedema and ulceration of mucous membranes produced by this powerful drug have been utilizedas guiding symptoms for its use; hence in membranous croup with burning in oesophagus.Timidity with tendency to be frightened.¢ Remedy for aphonia- when causticum has failed.   NameEmailMessagePlease enter the word shown bellowSubmit Quick Contact  2/7/14Ammonium group of homeopathy remedies | Homeo Weak voice so the patient can hardly be heard, voice is almost indistinct. Effort to speak fatigueshim( stannum ). Burning rawness in throat.¢ Considered in tuberculosis.Paralysis of the oesophagus- pt can’t swallow water- even though thirsty . Like causticum in local paralysis.Also marked exhaustion and muscular debility- considered in neuro muscular diseases when one of the primary presenting symptoms is difficult deglutition.Oppression of the chest with anguish; feel suffocated.Aroused from sleep with suffocative feeling.(lach)Tendency to affect epithelium of upper GIT.White patches on tongue and inner side of cheeks.Extreme prostration and emaciation.Strong tendency for hemorrhages from all orifices. Can be thought of in ulcerative colitis.  AMMONIACUM DOREMA  ( Ammoniacum gummi)(gum ammoniac) Remedy for aged and feeble, especially chronic bronchitis.Sensitive to cold, Difficult breathingC/c bronchial catarrah, large accumulation of purulent matter and feeble expectorationCompare : Senega; Tart. emet.; BalsamPeru. AMMONIUM BENZOICUM Remedies for albuminuria complicated with gout.Gout with deposits in jointsUrinary incontinence in the agedUrine smoky scanty. Albuminous and thick deposits. AMMONIUM IODATUM When iodine has partially relieved laryngitis & bronchitis, catarrhal pneumonia, oedema of lungs AMMONIUM PHOSPHORICUM Chronic gouty, uric acid diathesis, indicated in bronchitis and nodosities of the joints  of fingers andbacks of hands.Facial paralysis.Pain in shoulder-joint.Sneezing with excessive running from nose and eyes, only in morning .Heaviness of limbs, unsteady, tottering gait.Coldness from least draft of air. AMMONIUM PICRICUM Remedy for malarial fever & neuralgias so called bilious neuralgiasPain in occiput and mastoid regionPeriodical neuralgia in rt. side of occiput ; boring extends into ears occiput &jawPeriodic bilious headaches. [Sanguin.] AMMONIUM VALERIANICUM Remedy for nervous hysterical people, suffering with neuralgia headache and insomnia.Great nervous erythism is always present. AMMONIUM MURIATICUM- sal ammoniac Constitution: Especially adapted to women who are fat and sluggish: body large and fat ,legs too thin Mentals:  Timid persons- intellectuals of the group. Generally closed people, fond of reading andstudies.Lacks the emotional warmth. They like to be admired, but not receptive to sentiments of others.Develop strange aversion to certain persons for no reason. Later become Indifferent Lose interestin work become IndolentAilments from grief; become silent and withdrawn; disinclined to talk to anyone. Silent grief , notears, no relief from weeping.   ► Homeopathy ► Herbal Remedy ► Study Medicine ► Book Study

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