Amor Mundi a Poetic Praxis Experiment (the Third and Final Project)

Summary and Demonstration of Experiment Step 1 From the Studio of WRHU: Overview of Experiment/Third and Final Project Our second project, which took up Heidegger
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  Eduardo Duarte, ProfessorHofstra UniversityPhilosophy of Education Fall 2015  Amor Mundi   a Poetic Praxis Experiment the !hird and Final Pro"ect#$ummary and Demonstration of Experiment $tep 1 From the$tudio of %&HU' (vervie) of Experiment*!hird and Final Pro"ect    Our second project, which took up Heidegger and thinking, was mediated by Ariel Dorfmann’s “Gospel of Garcia the week it was published in the New Yorker  ! Our third and "nal project of this semester’s course of study, which has been organi#ed around the trinity of categories, “$istening, %hinking, &aking, is mediated by the current special e'hibitions at &o&A! (irst, the work of )oa*uin %orres+Garcia, speci"cally, his  Arte Universal , oers us up the possibility for anengagement and enactment with -aulo (reire’s liberatory pra'is pedagogy! .e't, )aspers )ohns’ fragment pro/ides us with the prompt for our "nal project that has us testing (reire’s thesis regarding culturalsynthesis, which is to say, testing his faith, his “intense faith in humankind, faith in 0our1 power to make and remake, to create and recreate, faith in 0our1 /ocation to be more fully human2 3n 4567,  )asper )ohns wrote himself a note in his sketchbook8 9%ake an object : Do something to it : Do something else to it! 0;epeat!19 %aking an object, or taking up and object, or allowing oneself to be taken up2by an object, or by the process described by the artist )asper )ohns, which is to say, by his work, or that of %orres+Garcia, or some piece of music, or a  piece  of music such as is might be preser/ed analogically on a record, say, a $- or a 7<rpm20;epeat1 (irst and foremost, it is a matter of listening, of recei/ing the call of the world /ia the object, the work, and in that listening allowing the call of the world to resound in us, mo/e us, inspire us and thereby breathe life into us! 3f we can identify this resonance as thinking, meditati/ely, then our e'haling, ourresponse to the inspiration, is precisely what we ha/e been calling, from day one, “music making, and now, in the "nal days of this course, “poetic pra'is8 naming, saying, singing, scribing, scatting, painting, playing2! (reire writes, “the true word is pra'is, and to “speak a true word is to transform the world, and Heidegger tells us, “the essence of truth is freedom, and .iet#sche “culture is liberation!$earning in this third moment of making is an e'perimental response to the call, to the ontological /ocation to become.  %his third and "nal project is a demonstration of such e'perimentation!  )oa*uin %orres+Garc=a http8::www!moma!org:calendar:e'hibitions:4<>6?locale@en )asper )ohnshttp8::www!moma!org:calendar:e'hibitions:4<75?locale@en


Feb 8, 2019
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