An Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring & Contorlling Using Arm

vehicle monitoring and control using advanced sensors and ARM
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  A Smart Embedded system to Monitor andAuto Control of a Vehicle Using ARM vehicle driver  . These parameters are temperature, alc oho l detection, gas leaage detection, stirring grip checing, etc !  Abstract—Unifying the Global Positioning system technology this article designs and realizes one kind of embedded wireless system named intelligent vehicle control for critical remote location application using ARM  microcontroller from the hardware and software! n terms of the hardware completed the design and connection of ARM embedded system# GP$ module# obstacle testing module# different parameter monitoring sensor  modules and the G$M module! %he system can achieve the  purpose of long distance real time monitoring and control of  vehicle! %he e&ecutive results of laboratory tests show that the system fulfils real time control and functional  parameter  monitoring of a vehicle!%his system also involves an autobreaking system when the vehicle is out of the control or e&ceedsover speed!  'eywords( ARM, Intelligent Vehicle, GPS & GSM System,Parameter Monitoring. I. INTRODUTION n this modern, fast moving and insecure #orld, it i s become a basic necessity to be a#are of one$s s a f  et y!Ma%imum riss occur in situations #here in an e mploy ee travels for money transactions! Also the Company to #h ic hhe belongs should be a#are if there is some problem! &h at if the person traveling can be traced and also secured in t h e case of an emergency'( )ere$s a system that functionsas a tracing and a security system! t$s the intelligentv e h icle control for critical remote location application! Thissys te m can deal #ith both pace and security! TheV e h icle Monitoring and Security System is a *+S basedveh icle tracing system that is used for securityapplications a s #ell! The proect uses t#o main underlyingconcepts! Th e s e are *+S -*lobal +ositioning System.and *SM -* l ob al System for Mobile Communication.!The main a  pp licati on of this system in this conte%t istracing the vehicle t o #hich the *+S is connected,giving the information a  bout its position #henever re/uired! This is done #ith the help of the *+S satelliteand the *+S module attached to t h e vehicle #hichneeds to be traced! The *+S antenna pr  e s e n t in the *+Smodule receives the information from the *+S satellite in 0MEA -0ational Marine E lect ron ic s Association. formatand thus it reveals the pos iti on information! Thisinformation got from the *+S a nt e nn a has to be sent tothe 1ase station #herein it is decoded! 2or this #e use*SM module #hich has an antenna too! Thus #e have atthe 1ase station3 the complete data about t h e vehicle! 2or real time monitoring an automatic mon it or  i ng system can be established #ith *SM, in this v e h icle automaticallyidentify and upload critical data about t h e vehicle andoperating conditions! The monitoring dev ice can sendmodified control parameters and guidelines to t h e  II. !RI # $ISTOR% Tracing systems #ere first developed for the sh i  ppingindustry because they #anted to determine #here eac hvehicle #as at any given time! +assive systems # e r  e developed in the beginning to fulfil these re/uirements! 2or the applications #hich re/uire real time l o cati oninformation of the vehicle, these systems can$t be e mploy e d because they save the location information in the i nt e rna l storage and location information can only beaccessed #h e n vehicle is available! To achieveAutomatic V e h icle 4ocation system that can transmit thelocation i nform ati on in real time, Active systems aredeveloped! Real ti m e vehicular tracing systemincorporates a hard#are dev ice installed in the vehicle - n5Vehicle Unit. and a r  e mo te Tracing server! Theinformation is transmitted to Tra c ing server using*SM6*+RS modem on *SM net#or by us i ng SMS or using direct TC+6 + connection #ith Tra c ing server through *+RS! Tracing server also has *SM 6 *+RSmodem that receives vehicle location information via *SMnet#or and stores this information in database! Thisinformation is available to authori7ed users of the sys te mvia #ebsite over the internet! n 89:; *M introduced S<Mmodule -Sensing and <iagnostic Module., #hich # a simproved to so called <ERM -<iagnostic and En e rgyReserve Module. in 899=! The main target of this modul e consists of recording and saving data from m ea sur  i ngsensors including error messages at the time #hen t h e airbag is activated! n 899= *M installed the f  i rs t sophisticated electronic accident data recorder in 28 ca rs!2irstly the mentioned units #ere designed as a di a gnos tic tool for a determination of the reasons for the ai rb a gactivation! 4ater, units #ere used for acci den t reconstructions! t #as ased by insurance companies a nd police! n >==?, thans to the co5operation of *reat 1r  itai n,the 0etherlands and 1elgium the European proect calle dSAM@VAR -Safety Assessment Monitoring on V e h icle #ith Automatic Recording. came into e%istence! This proect is targeted on motor cars monitoring by blac bo%esand its possibilities to improve road  traffic safety! <ur  i ngyears, there #ere more attempts of some alternatives of t h e  blac bo% but it #as not #idespread us e d! III.T$ $O' AR$IT TUR O# T$ S%ST M  A.  )lock * i  agram  #ig(. !loc) Diagram o* System  B.  )lock diagram d  e s c r  i   p ti  on+, M  ic rocon t  rol  le r( n this proect, ARM5: microcontroller ac/uires a ndstores different parameter of vehicle! The main bloc of ntilligent vehicle parameter monitoring system isARM5: micro controller #hich is heart of the system#h ic h provides monitoring and controlling actions! ts e ns e s signals from input blocs and processes output blocs! Th e soft#are program is stored in ARM5:microcontroller on chip memory, according to #hich it provides the c on t ro lli ng actions! The on chip A<C convertsthese parameters i n t o digital form and gives to the ARM5:microcontroller! Th e status of sterring grip i!e! #hether thesterring is gripped or not is sensed by sensor gives thecorresponding signal t o m ic ro c on t ro lle r!&ith the help of different sensors various parameters a r  e monitored! The 4C< bloc is provided for visual display of the message! Also it continuously displays the m ea sur  e d parameters! The RTC provides real time cloc depending on #hich the various events occur! &henever accident ta es place the accident interrupt bloc givesinterrupt to t h e ARM5: microcontroller! Through serial c ommun icati on bloc the system is interfaced the +C! &iththis i nt e rf  aci ng the stored data is transferred serially to +C,for the a na l ys i s purpos e ! -, Alcohol $  e nsor  ARM5: microcontroller first reads the value of alc oho l sensor if any alcohol is detected in the driver$s cabin, t h e ignition is turned off! ., /PG gas s e nsor  ARM5: microcontroller also continuously scans for 4+*gas leaage sensor! f any 4+* gas leaage is detected t h e n display the gas concentration on 4C< and bu77er on for indicate or alert the driver to avoid an acci dent 0, %  e mpera t  ur  e t continuously monitors the temperature of engine a s#ell as cabin B sends its value to microcontroller! f temperature of engine or cabin e%ceeds desire value t h e n system alerts to dr  i v e r! 1, 2bstacle de tecti  on To detect any obstacle, an optical sensor is used! f a ny obstacle is observed, an audio indication is given by t h e  bu7 7e r! 3, $M$ $ending Mode n this mode the system sends either SMS or dir  ectl ydials calls to prerecorded numbers! The main blocs of t hismode are microcontroller, mode interfacing unit a ndaccident i nt e rrupts , Auto )reaking  $ystem This system involves an auto breaing system #hen thevehicle is out of the control or e%ceeds over speed #ith the+&M techni/ue used in programming! 4, /oad cell  The load cell is used to monitor the #eight limit that t h e vehicle is carrying !The 4@A< cell #ill continuously givethe #eight readings in voltage format, #hich is theng i v e n to a signal conditioning unit #hich amplifies thevo lta ge and is then give to the C! The C then convertsthe a na l og signal to digital format ! f the #eight e%ceeds theset po i n t then the bu77er is turned @0 and the vehicle iss t opped! 5, $teering s witc h e s )ere #e are using  s#itches to detect #eather thedriv e r has the grip on the steering or not! f the *R + is a  bs e n t then the bu77er is activated indicating the driver to r  e ga i n the gr  i  p! +6, Accident sw itc h e s7 )ere #e are using s#itches to detect any accident! Assoon as any of the s#itches are pressed the latitude and t h e longitude of that place are recorded -#ith the help of *+S.,also #e are recording various vehicle parameters suchas engine temperature, fuel level ,speed etc D!!Th e s e  parameters are then sent to the base unit via the *SMmodem! ++, *8 motor un it  7 &e are designing our o#n vehicle unit #hich consists of > <C motor based #heels! These #heels are operatedus i ng8>v <C motor! The C #ors at ?v and the <C mo t orsoperate at 8>V, so to match the voltages #e are i nt e rf  aci nga <C motor driver circuit 4>9< #hich #ill in turndriv e the <C mo t ors! +-, GP$ and G$M un it  7 The *+S unit sends the co5ordinates to the C #h ic hstores these co5ordinates in its ram location! Also v a r  i ousother parameters are also stored in C! Then after aspe ci f  ic time C sends this data to the base unit-surveillance uni t . #ith the help of on board *SM modem#ith help of AT c omm a nds! +., )ase un it  7 The base unit after receiving the co5ordinates d i spl a ysthem on the visual basic soft#are on board the pc! Th e  position of the vehicle is then displayed on the map of V1s6#! Thus the o#ner can not only trac the vehicle but al sono# the reasons of accident by analy7ing v a r  i ous parameters of engine such as temperature, fuel level, spe e d etc !  IV. A'GORIT$M AND OR+#'O O# T$ S%ST M  A! Algorithm of $ystem 9ork  8. S ta r  t >. Sense the parameter from various parts of the v e h icle . Send the collected information to the A<CF. Then ARM process the d ata ?. f sensed parameters e%ceed their limit then ARM 4+C>8G send command to relay to stop the i gni ti on!;. Send the data over *+S and *SM:. f the parameter does not e%ceeds the limit it # ill c on ti nued!G. E%i t  )! 9ork flow of the s  y s te m #ig . #lo-chart o* System &or)ing V. ADVANTAG S AND DISADVANTAG S  A! Advan t  ag  e s 8. Security of veh icle !>. Record driving data, collision data and position d ata !. Analy7e the accidents de tail !F. Send location of car and its maintenance to base s tati on through *+S B *SM tec hni/ue!?. Sense gas B fuel leaage and display its status on ca r monitoring sys te m!;. <etect if the driver is drun or no t !:. <etect if the driver is feeling s lee  py!G. Sho#s engine te mpera t ur  e !9. Remote place data can be ac /ui e s ci ng!8=. Various difficult data lie vibration can be m ea sur  e d!88. <ata ac/uiesced is placed on i n te rn et !8>. <ue data present on internet can be ac/uiesced at a ny ti m e !8. This data ac/uiesced from one country to a no t h e r country by use of i n te rn et !  )! * i  sadvan t  ag  e s 1) Damage of sensor cannot be d  etecte d. VI. APP'IATION & #UTUR SOP  A! Appl  ic a ti  on ( #or  Personal ve h icle The main application of blac bo% is for personal v e h icle use if any unfortunate accident had occurred to a v e h icle fitted #ith blac bo% then immediate help can be prov i dedto the victimi7ed car on receiving SMS! -, nsurance c ompan ie s Most of the time of accident is false !so i nsur  a n ce companies can implement this car blac bo% in the i nsur  e dvehicle and as a data before and at the time of accident i sloced into blac bo%! The insurance company can ea s il yanaly7e the data recorded! And they can find out#h et h e r the accident had made or occurred! And so thefalse claim i s a vo i ded! /  Research and development of ve h icle n testing the vehicle in R and < sent an e ngin ee r$sre/uired data at various speed and time! 1ut this data is no t available e%actly as it is not possible to measure the data for every second and to measure the number of parameters at the same time! 1ut if blac bo% is used the data can bem a de available for each and every second #ith veryh i gh accuracy! 1lac bo% not only maes the data available but #ith the help of 4A1V E& soft#are the data can be plo tte d in graphical form that is speed Vs time, enginetemp Vs time 0, Military app lic at  i  ons Military vehicles carry ammunition from one place t o other for e!g! in Hashmir military vehicles can be fitted # it h car blac bo% so if militants had attaced or damaged t h e vehicle immediate SMS is send to military  based s tati on and this ammunitions can be made save from #rong h a nds!  )! :uture $  c op e 8. A 2ront Camera can be used for 4ane Tracing purpos e !>. 4ong range R sensors can be used in front to a vo i d vehicle c o lli s i on. A Camera can be used inside the car for v i gi la n ce  purpos e !F. nstead of a Microcontroller #e can use a C+4< c h i  p since the C+4< incorporates many more features than a Microcontroller! V4S 6V)<4 can be used for C+4< progr  a mm i ng! VII. R SU'TS 8. V1 &indo# sho#ing results is given b el o#

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