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  ANALYZING REFLECTIVE PIECES How the materials I have selected shaped my thinking on my topics. The articl e “advantage  s and disadvantages of technology advances ”by Lynda moultry belcher was very informative and illuminating. It showed me that even though technology has it disadvantages, the advantages supersede them. This article has made me realize dependency of society on technology. This is one of the main disadvantages because we are so reliant on technology if it malfunctions our lives become chaotic. The second piece is a report. Again, it revealed how technology has affected our lives tremendously as well as some disadvantages of technology. This report has showed me that even though technology advantages supersede the disadvantages, the disadvantages still have an effect on our lives. The third piece is a poem by Ramya Nagarajan called “the digital divide. “ It showed just how much technology affect face  –  to- face interactions because in this modernize era people would prefer talk on social media platform such whatsapp and face book instead face to face interactions. This poem has made me realize how technology has created an emotional distance in relationship.  REFLICTION ON THE USE OF LANGUAGE IN THE ARTICLES The first piece of material was quite informative the author Lynda moultry belcher informs us of the disadvantages of technological advances as well as the advantages. Her pragmatic words showed she has a vast understanding of the topic. She then goes on to give an unbiased speculation about technological advances on society doing so by giving both advantages and disadvantages. The author  ’s eloquent explanation makes the article easy to understand thus making it suitable for the public. Evidenced by the fact she explains her point clearly hence the audience does not need a vast understanding of the topic. The second piece was a report .It starts  by asking ‘do you see yourself without technology?’ this simple question accentuate the dependency of society on technology as well as evidently illustrating his tone to be one of concern. the author then goes on to imply that “modern technology “ isn’t modern at all and is in fact just old technology that has evolved .evidenced by line 8 ’ technology  evolves ,but it finds old technology to evolve . ”  The fact that there are more advantages than disadvantage indicate that technology is more beneficial than not. The third piece was poem called “ Digitally divide ” by Ramya  Nagarajan. The first stanza of the poem had a nostalgic feel because of lines one and two “… we are now phasing out the books for face book  .”  Nagarajan then goes on to compare children in the present with those from the past .In the second stanza the poet apprises us that formalities such as’ how are you what’s up”  have been overthrown by social media apps . Nagarajan uses sarcasm in the last line of the stanza to express his sincere displeasure of society posting everything they do online. He uses the pun “ The th umbs up on a click is what all of us “ Like . “  Since the like button on most social media networks are often represented by the thumbs up icon. The significance of the pun being it appeals to reader’s  sense of humor as well as encourages them to ponder the topic more. Lines two and three of the third stanza informs us that technology affects everyone. In the last two lines of the third stanza, the Nagarajan tells us that even though we are connected through technology there still emotional distances. Nagarajan then again uses a pun in the first line of the last stanza “apple bitten’’ since a bitten apple is the logo of a technology company. Lastly, Nagarajan indicate that society needs to take a break from technology for the well-being of society and future generations.  How the SBA process helped me to become a better person My English SBA improved my communication coordinate and time management skills considering that at these skills were crucial to the completion of my SBA. The SBA also made me better person because it strengthened my ability to stay focused and on task in order to meet deadlines .finally the SBA has strengthened my analytical ,critical thinking and justification skills because I had to Analyze my these skills gave me the ability to think clearly and rationally generate innovative solutions and plan and think strategically
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