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   Need for the Study:   The study will help the organization in knowing how the Equity schemes of the company’s are performing and which schemes are preferred most by the investors. LITERATURE REVIEW:    Sapar & Narayan   o   Examines the performance of Indian mutual funds in a bear market through relative  performance index, risk-return analysis, Treyor's ratio, Sharp's ratio, Sharp's measure with a sample of 269 open ended schemes (out of total schemes of 433).    Rao D. N o   Studied the financial performance of select open-ended equity mutual fund schemes for the period 1st April 2005 - 31 st  March 2006 pertaining to the two dominant investment styles and tested the hypothesis whether the differences in performance are statistically significant. The analysis indicated that growth plans have generated higher returns than that of dividend plans but at a higher risk studied classified the 419 open-ended equity mutual fund schemes into six distinct investment styles.    Mehta Sushilkumar o   Analyze the performance of mutual fund schemes of SBI and UTI and found out that SBI schemes have performed better then the UTI in the year 2007-2008 studied the risk and return relationship of Indian mutual fund schemes. The study found out that out of thirty five sample schemes, eleven showed significant t  –  values and all other twenty four sample schemes did not prove significant relationship between the risk and return. According to t-alpha values, majority (thirty two) of the sample schemes' returns were not significantly  different from their market returns and very few number of sample schemes' returns were significantly different from their market returns during the study period.      R.Nithya o   R.Nithya in the IFMR Chennai (2004). The objective of the study is to analyse the  performance of all the schemes available in the Franklin Templeton Mutual funds and Emphasize the values of mutual funds to the target people by identifying Asset Management Company that is performing well and identifying the top schemes in the category such as equity, balanced, Monthly Income Plan (MIP) & Income in the AMC. The AMC chosen was Franklin Templeton Mutual funds and it performed well and met the expectations.    Prasath.R.H o   The study is trying to emphasize the core values of mutual fund investment, benefits of mutual funds, types of mutual funds, etc., The study is going to conducted by taking the  NAV values of different types of HDFC mutual fund products. The study concludes that  before choosing the mutual fund scheme, the investor should undergo fact sheet thoroughly and he has to choose the best one by calculating NAV calculation. If the investor finds difficulty of getting Rp, Rf, Standard deviation, and Beta parameters, NAV calculations are the best alternative to assess the performance.    Sharad Panwar and Dr. R. Madhumathi o   The objective of the study is to identify differences in characteristics of public-sector sponsored & private-sector sponsored mutual funds and to find the extent of diversification in the portfolio of securities of public-sector sponsored and private-sector sponsored mutual funds and to compare the performance of public-sector sponsored and private-sector  sponsored mutual funds using traditional investment measures. The study found that public-sector sponsored , private-sector Indian sponsored and private-sector foreign sponsored mutual funds do not differ statistically in terms of portfolio characteristics such as net assets, common stock%, market capitalization, holdings, Top Ten %. Portfolio risk characteristics measured through private-sector Indian sponsored mutual funds seems to have outperformed  both Public- sector sponsored and Private-sector foreign sponsored mutual funds.    Jaspal Singh and Subhash Chander o   The results show that the investors consider gold to be the most preferred form of investment, followed by NSC and Post Office schemes. Hence, the basic psyche of an Indian investor, who still prefers to keep his savings in the form of yellow metal, is indicated. Investors belonging to the salaried category, and in the age group of 20-35, years showed inclination towards close-ended growth (equity-oriented) schemes over the other scheme type.    Dr. S. Anand & Dr. V Murugaiah o   The purpose of this study is to apply the measurement tools of modern portfolio theory to the performance of mutual funds. The study aims to examine the degree of correlation that exists between fund and market return, to understand the impact of fund specific characteristics on performance ,to evaluate the diversification and selectivity skills of fund managers. The study concluded on the basis of overall analysis in can be inferred here that the additional return on sampled schemes and the market over risk free return was significantly low during the study period. The study covers the period between April 1999 and March 2003 This indicates that the majority of schemes were showed underperformance in comparison with risk free return.  Objectives: o   To know the Performance of the preferred by comparison of Mutual Fund.   o   To understand the concept of Mutual Fund its working, mechanism and types traded in India.   o   To compare the risk and return associated with the Equity Schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund. o   To know which scheme of Equity of Reliance Mutual Fund is most preferred by the investors and what factors they consider while investing in reliance mutual fund.   Scope Of Project: The Equity Schemes were categorized and selected on evaluating their performance and Relative risk. The scope of the project is mainly concentrated on the various companies mutual funds such as equity schemes. Sample Size: 100 Mutual fund Investors Sampling Method: The sampling method is convenience sampling and sampling technique is non probability sampling.  Area of research:   Ahmedabad City   Research design :  
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