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HOUNDSDITCH BANK THREADNEEDLE ST OLD BROA D S T REE T THREADNEEDLE ST B I S S H O P G A T E C O R N H I L L L E A D E N H A L L CAMOMILE STREET ST, MARY AXE S T R E E T LOMBARD ST KING WILLIAM ST CANNON STREET LOMBARD ST GRACECHURCH LIME ST REET FENCHURCH STREET FENCHURCH STREET EASTCHEAP MONUMENT Apollo 1969 at Lloyd s, One Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 3AQ Tel: +44 (0) APOLLO 2017 INTRODUCTION We are a Lloyd s Syndicate based in the heart of the City of London within sight of the Lloyd s Building itself. We are a group of committed and passionate high-achievers who truly love where we work (and we know this because we asked everyone for their thoughts). Since formation in 2009 Apollo s grown from an original team of 5, writing 2 classes, to a team of over 65 covering 10 classes. We believe we offer a genuinely different approach and one we re fiercely proud, and protective, of. Our people are hand picked for their experience, their results and their character in the market. Everyone working with us is genuinely excited to join us. Because we are able to make quick decisions based on our size and structure, our Underwriters are fully empowered to make decisions, which match the needs of each of our clients. David Ibeson Chief Executive David Ibeson Chief Executive We value our clients in the same way as we value our team by recognising each and every one is different with individual needs. Our entire business is built around contribution, commitment and team effort. We support each other to achieve truly outstanding results. It s said that a team who plays together stays together so we ensure we celebrate success and developments. Apollo Underwriting teams write business in 10 main classes: Property Direct & Facultative Property Binding Authority Property Treaty Cargo & Specie Marine & Energy Liability Casualty / Liabilities Product Recall Energy Marine Hull Aviation Our aim at the start (when it was just a seed of an idea in 2009) was and still is to build and grow a first-class privately owned underwriting platform trading at Lloyd s. We maintain clear alignment and connection with capital providers and key staff responsible for delivering profits. Without our clients Apollo would not exist. Our primary focus is to add value at every opportunity during the Insurance, Reinsurance or Claims transaction. We believe Insurance is a people business built on relationships and we will continue to seek to attract, develop and retain people of the highest quality. We want to build career paths as well as our business at the same time. Our experience and expertise mean that we are able to manage the largest, most high-risk businesses, yet crucially, we remain small enough to be nimble, personable and show how we care about our clients. Nick Jones Active Underwriter One Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 3AQ APOLLO SYNDICATE 1969 COMMENCED TRADING IN JANUARY THE PRIMARY AIM IS TO BUILD A FIRST CLASS PRIVATELY OWNED UNDERWRITING PLATFORM OPERATING AT LLOYD S. Highly respected global capital base of committed long term partners Clear alignment between capital and key staff responsible for delivering profits Commitment of key staff providing underwriting capital to the business Diversified portfolio with a specific focus on short tail specialist Lloyd s lines Proven historical Lloyd s track record for all classes of business underwritten Significant Lloyd s market experience within senior management team Plan to achieve measured growth by employing experienced and highly respected Underwriters. CLASSES OF BUSINESS % OF INCOME 2017 (GBP) Property D&F 28.0% 56,000,000 Property Binders 12.0% 24,300,000 Property Treaty 4.2% 8,400,000 Cargo & Specie & Miscellaneous 7.5% 15,000,000 Marine & Energy Liability 4.0% 8,000,000 Casualty / Liabilities 29.0% 58,400,000 Energy 7.0% 14,000,000 Marine Hull 2.2% 4,600,000 Aviation 3.2% 6,300,000 Terrorism 0.9% 1,900,000 Personal Accident 2.0% 4,000,000 GROSS TOTALS 100% 200,900,000 OVER 800 YEARS OF COMBINED INSURANCE EXPERIENCE AT APOLLO SYNDICATE GROSS NET WRITTEN PREMIUM 65 Staff in London 80.3m Property Direct & Facultative Property Binding Authority 4.6m Marine Hull 8m Marine & Energy Liability 2017 Premium Splits 8.4m Property Treaty 14m Energy 15m Cargo & Specie 6.3m Aviation 58.4m Casualty/Liabilities 2016 SYNDICATE PERCENTAGE OF PREMIUMS 2016 SYNDICATE PERCENTAGE OF PREMIUMS KEY 66% 5.7% 1.8% 6.3% 2.5% 3.9% 11.5% 2.3% PROPERTY DIRECT & FACULTATIVE PROPERTY BINDING AUTHORITY PROPERTY TREATY PROPERTY DIRECT & FACULTATIVE Apollo provides coverage on a global basis to a wide range of Insureds ranging from homeowners and small commercial businesses to large multinational entities. Our portfolio is focused predominantly on clients involved in residential properties, retail, hospitality, and light industry. The Underwriting Team has a broad depth of experience and expertise across occupancies and territories. Our Underwriters are empowered decision-makers, enabling them to offer quick and flexible solutions to match our clients continually changing needs. Capacity is offered on a full-value, primary and/or excess of loss basis. We aim to establish long-standing and valued relationships with all of our clients and brokers by working in partnership with them. Committed to providing innovative solutions and excellent service, we re responsive and proactive from the first conversation or approach to the settlement of claims. PROPERTY TREATY Apollo s Property Treaty account is written on a Catastrophe Excess of Loss basis focussing predominantly on Personal and Commercial Lines Portfolios. The Treaty portfolio comprises core accounts purchased by indigenous Ceding Companies, including both nationwide and regional property business. We offer worldwide capacity excluding the USA and Caribbean. The vast majority of exposure is written in Europe, Canada, Japan (Earthquake only), Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The portfolio is partnership-driven and our Underwriters build and develop strong, long-standing relationships with their clients. They travel extensively to strengthen the knowledge of our markets, our clients and their products. PROPERTY BINDING AUTHORITY Apollo extends this philosophy into business written through delegated Underwriting Authorities to Managing General Agents. Our portfolio is soley underwritten through Lloyd s brokers and consists of a mix of small commercial and homeowners business predominantly in North America. Our Underwriters aim to build and develop long-standing relationships with agents who demonstrate top quality performance in both underwriting and compliance. We never take this for granted and continually visit and review our portfolio and its performance. Box no: 254 T: +44 (0) /3757 Nick Jones BSc (Hons), ACII Active Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Andrew Rowland BA (Hons), ACII Head of Property T: +44 (0) E: Richard Hardcastle BA (Hons) Senior Property Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Laura-Jayne Wraight HNDip Property Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Neil Peckham Underwriter, Property Delegated Authorities T: +44 (0) E: Andrew Rowland Head of Property Box no: 254 T: +44 (0) /3757 James Braddock ACII Property Treaty Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: James Braddock Property Treaty Underwriter CARGO & SPECIE MARINE & ENERGY LIABILITY CARGO & SPECIE Apollo writes Cargo & Specie and certain War Risks. Our Underwriters consider all types of Cargo and specialise in Oil, Cargo with Consequential Loss, Carnets, Metals, and Excess Motor Truck Cargo. Our Specie Account is concentrated on Fine Art, Excess SIPC, and Precious Metals. We also offer Cash in Transit and Jewellers Block coverage. Whilst we write risks worldwide, our focus is predominantly on China, the Middle East and the USA. Our Underwriters travel extensively to attract new business into Lloyd s from their many contacts around the world. The account is steadily growing in size, and our exposure to Natural Catastrophes is relatively small. MARINE & ENERGY LIABILITY Apollo writes a broad book of worldwide Marine & Energy liability on a direct and reinsurance basis. We will also provide Binding Authorities to a limited number of established producers and our risks range from small leisure industry to large offshore oil and gas complexes. We work very closely with our Brokers. We must. In order to provide a flexible insurance solution to their clients needs, we believe in seeking to provide the best protection available to the ultimate purchaser. By regularly travelling with our Brokers, it enables us to build long-term relationships with our Insureds. We also believe we should better understand your business to ensure we can offer you the best coverages to meet the needs of your business. Our Underwriters write primary and excess business and concentrate on the following; Marine Liability Ship-owners and Charterers P&I risks including Contractual Liability; Shipyards, Ports and Terminal Operators; Ocean, Road and Rail Transportation Risks; Employers Liability for the Marine sector. Energy Liability Upstream Exploration & Production Oil & Gas companies; Offshore & Onshore Drilling and Well Service Contractors; Contractual / Indemnity Risks; Offshore Construction Projects. Box no: 320a T: +44 (0) Simon Le Mare BA FCII Head of Cargo & Specie T: +44 (0) E: Chris Terry BA (Hons), ACII Deputy Class Underwriter, Cargo & Specie T: +44 (0) E: Box no: 232 T: +44 (0) Trish Watling Deputy Class Underwriter, Cargo & Specie T: +44 (0) E: Simon Le Mare Head of Cargo & Specie Howard Burnell Head of Marine & Energy Liability T: +44 (0) E: Howard Burnell Head of Marine & Energy Liability CASUALTY/LIABILITIES PRODUCT RECALL CASUALTY/LIABILITIES Apollo writes a worldwide General Liability and Casualty Account targeted on specific business occupations. These are divided into the USA and International geographical areas as shown: USA GENERAL LIABILITY Fortune 1000 Companies Rail & Mining Construction & Chemicals Binding Authorities. INTERNATIONAL GENERAL LIABILITY Manufacturing & Engineering Multinational to SME-sized accounts Rail & Construction Binding Authorities Heavy Products Exposures Primary & Excess layers. Our Underwriters are established leaders in this market and travel extensively visiting clients and attending and speaking at global conferences in order to build and maintain their relationships. PRODUCT RECALL Companies providing consumer products or components all have a significant responsibility to supply a safe, working and quality product into the marketplace. Product Recalls are often in the headlines particularly in the automotive components and consumer products arena and have the real potential not only to ruin a Brand s reputation but to significantly impact the Balance Sheet as well. Most customers understand mistakes can occur even in the most conscientious and professionally managed organisations. Research repeatedly shows that the companies that command the deepest customer loyalty are those that, in such circumstances, are able to respond quickly, with empathy, honesty and responsibly. Whilst the Recall risk has always existed, in today s world where supply contracts in particular have become ever more demanding, the costs associated with dealing with a Product Recall, either directly or indirectly, can be huge. We believe every prudent manufacturer should confront the risk posed by a Product Recall and manage it as far as they are able. Chris Moore BSc (Hons), FCII, CRIS Senior Liability Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Charles Harcus Senior Liability Underwriter T +44 (0) E: Lizzie Moore BA (Hons), ACII Liability Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Simon Green BA (Hons) Liability Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Box no: 453 and 454 T: +44 (0) T: +44 (0) Matthew Newman ACII Matthew Newman ACII Head of Casualty T: +44 (0) E: This is the reason that Apollo Syndicate 1969 is offering a specific insurance product designed to provide Critical Balance Sheet Protection cover for many of the costs associated with a Product Failure or a Product Recall. Such a policy not only facilitates a smoother and more timely route to recovery but can also ensure an organisation has the means and support to defend itself, should that be required. Box no: 454 T: +44 (0) Nick Gibbs Assistant Liability Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: David Page Product Recall Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Oliver Greally MMath (Hons) Trainee Liability Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Matthew Newman Head of Casualty Nick Gibbs Assistant Liability Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: David Page Product Recall Underwriter ENERGY MARINE HULL ENERGY Apollo provides insurance cover for Worldwide Exploration and Production Risks associated with the Oil & Gas industry. We write both offshore and onshore exposure for upstream and midstream clients including Lease Operators / Non- Operators and their Contractors engaged in Drilling, Production and Construction activities. Our clients are often independents but include integrated multinationals and national oil companies. THE PRODUCTS WE OFFER ARE: Property Damage Business Interruption, Loss of Production Income & Loss of Hire Operators Extra Expense Offshore Construction Casualty / Liabilities. MARINE HULL Using a strong focus on service to Brokers combined with Underwriters who are fully empowered, we provide physical damage insurance cover for vessels of all sizes on a worldwide basis. Our clients range from small, family run businesses to the largest multinational shipping companies. In partnership with brokers and coverholders we seek to develop close relationships with our clients to fully understand their operations. That way we believe we can tailor a product to meet their needs. OUR PRODUCTS INCLUDE: Hull and Machinery, both blue and brown water risks Specialist Tonnage & Small Craft Yachts Laid up and repossessed vessels Increased Value and associated total loss interests Builders Risks Mortgagee s Interest Loss of Hire Marine Property and Overside Equipment Marine War risks and associated coverage. RISK APPETITE Risks are written facultatively or via delegated authorities, treaties or lineslips. Our normal maximum line is USD15m, although we can deploy USD25m if required. Box no: 232 T: +44 (0) Simon Mason MBA, ACII Head of Energy T: +44 (0) E: Matt Stubbings FCII Deputy Head of Energy T: +44 (0) E: Box no: 232a T: +44 (0) /3757 Andrew Lindsay Energy Underwriter T: +44 (0) E: Simon Mason Head of Energy Iain Henstridge Head of Hull T: +44 (0) E: Iain Henstridge Head of Hull AVIATION CLAIMS AVIATION Our Underwriters are Aviation specialists with a proven track record for building valued, long-term relationships with both clients and brokers. The team s extensive experience means they are adept in seeking to provide insurance and reinsurance solutions across all of the Aviation segments with focus on delivering a competitive product, as efficiently as possible, and of course, handling claims in the same manner. Their market leadership and expertise enables them to price and tailor coverage for Aircraft Hulls and Airport Operators, in addition to the manufacturers and service providers in the industry. With flexible capacity and no percentage caps within the line structure, finding the right solution is always at the forefront of their Underwriting process. Apollo has no overseas offices, which enables the Team to be fully committed to the support and development of business emanating from Lloyd s brokers. CLAIMS We understand the most important, and perhaps the only reason a client buys insurance is to have their claims paid quickly and with minimum fuss. A client wants to be protected, up and running and to be back in business as soon as possible if the unforeseen happens. You d expect highly experienced and technically qualified individuals to consider your claim. They do and they will. Between us we have decades of experience of multi-class insurances, and we are passionate about our Service. So what? Because, we re truly proud of our record of performing amongst the best of all Lloyd s Syndicates, in response times and accuracy. So we are responsive, and responsible for making quick decisions, which means our business can ably and skilfully support yours. We don t hide behind a myriad of people who you need to speak to before getting to the active Claims Executive. You can dial direct. That s the point. Responsive and responsible. Box no: 254 T: +44 (0) /3757 Simon White Dip CII, ACIArb Head of Claims T: +44 (0) E: Gary Watson Dip CII, ACIArb Claims Manager T: +44 (0) E: Box no: 352 T: +44 (0) Simon Melaniphy BA (Hons) Senior Claims Handler T: +44 (0) E: Paul Letherbarrow Head of Aviation T: +44 (0) E: Malcolm Bunn AIC Senior Claims Handler T: +44 (0) E: Lee Dunne Deputy Head of Aviation T: +44 (0) E: Paul Letherbarrow Head of Aviation Helen Brokenshire BA (Hons) Claims Handler T: +44 (0) E: Simon White Head of Claims PEOPLE David Ibeson Chief Executive Officer Formerly CEO of Catlin Syndicate, Catlin UK & Wellington Underwriting Agency with over 24 years Lloyd s experience. David is a qualified Actuary and currently attends the LMA Board. Nick Jones Active Underwriter Formerly the Active Underwriter of Heritage Syndicate 1200 & Executive Director of Heritage Managing Agency with over 24 years Lloyd s experience. Currently a member of the LMA Worldwide Property Panel. Howard Burnell Marine & Energy Liability Formerly M&E product leader for Amlin with 40 years Lloyd s market experience. A member of the LMA Joint Liability Committee and IUMI Legal & Liability Committee. Andrew Rowland Direct & Facultative Property Formerly Deputy Active Underwriter Heritage Syndicate 1200 with over 21 years Lloyd s Underwriting experience. James Braddock International Property Treaty Formerly Class Underwriter for International Property Treaty at Heritage Syndicate 1200 with over 30 years Lloyd s International Treaty underwriting experience. Simon Le Mare Cargo & Specie Formerly Head of Cargo & Specie at Chaucer Syndicate 1084, with over 34 years experience in Cargo & Specie and former Chair of the LMA Joint Cargo Committee. Matthew Newman Casualty Formerly Head of Casualty at Catlin with over 26 years underwriting experience. Currently a member of the LMA International Liability Panel. Simon Mason Offshore Energy Formerly Deputy Active Underwriter at Aspen Syndicate 4711 with over 29 years Marine Energy experience including Berkshire Hathaway (National Indemnity). Deputy Chairman of the LMA Joint Rig Committee, and a member LMA Marine Committee. Paul Letherbarrow Aviation Formerly Active Aviation Underwriter at Kiln 510 and subsequently the Head of Aviation at QBE, responsible for the London and European offices. Over 32 years of experience in all Aviation classes. Iain Henstridge Marine Hull Formerly the Hull product leader at MS Amlin, with over 30 years of experience. A member of the Joint Hull Committee. Simon White Claims Formerly Head of Claims at Heritage Managing Agency with over 30 years of Lloyd s market claims experience including D.P.Mann and Sturge. A member of the LMA Claims Committee. Jason Brooks Reinsurance Formerly Head of Reinsurance at Heritage Managing Agency with over 31 years Lloyd s market experience. One Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 3AQ
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