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Arabic with Husna | 6 - 1.6-1.7 Properties of the Ism-Status (Plural People Combination)

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  Fundamentals of Grammar | Unit 1 Lesson Number: 6 Lesson title: 1.6 & 1.7 Properties of the Ism-Status (Plural People Combinations) Quick Recap: Raf’ = Doer. Nasb= Detail. Jarr = After ‘of’   Singular word endings: Raf’: ‘U’ or ‘UN’   ,  Nasb: ‘A’   or 'AN', Jarr: ‘I’ or    ‘IN’    E.g.  مِْسُ ,  ِْسُ ,  مِْسُ   Pair word endings: 2 Raf’ = ‘AANI’   2 Nasb = ‘AYNI’   2 Jarr = ‘AYNI’    E.g. نَِْسُ , نْَِْسُ , نْَِْسُ   -   When I add Harakah at the end of words E.g. ‘UN’ ‘AN’ ‘IN’ ‘U’ ‘A’ ‘I’ ; These are Ending Sound  -   َنْوُِْسُ   َنْِِْسُ   َنْِِْسُ   -   When I add more than a sound, and I add letters for example َنا , َنْ   for the pairs. or above (which we haven’t done yet) I add ُَنْو , ِَنْ , then that’s an Ending Combination -   So far, we have learnt that singular words have ES , pairs have the pair combination, and today we’re going to do the people plural combination. -   So whenever you see ‘OONA’ ‘EENA’    ‘EENA’    at the end of Isms, it’s going to be talking about people (Humans, Jinns & Angels) ,   it’s  not going to be talking about things like cars, books etc. -   ‘AANI’    meant 2 Raf’. ‘OONA’   at the end means more than 2   Raf’. In English we have singular , then plural. -   In Arabic we have singular, pair, then  plural. Whenever we say plural in Arabic , it doesn’t mean more than 1, it means more than 2 -   ‘OONA’    = People Plural & Raf’. ‘EENA’   = People Plural & Nasb. or People Plural & Jarr -   Last lessons combinations were ‘AANI’    ‘  AYNI’    ‘AYNI’   , todays is ‘OONA’ ‘EENA’ ‘EENA’  . We have one more combination left after this, and we’re done with combinations.  -   * Whenever we see an Ism, the very first question we have to ask is; Is it an Ending Sound (ES) or is it an Ending Combination (EC)  -   *Rule we must remember. Always look for Ending Combination first!   If you can’t find an Ending Combination, then   you look for an Ending Sound. That’s always the case  -   Let’s try it out, Allah says.  بَر نْَقِرْشَْا   The word  بَر   is that an ES or EC? Ending Sound. (Good, because you couldn’t find any EC)    Fundamentals of Grammar | Unit 1 in your mind you went through a list of combinations. . . What are those combinations? ‘AANI’    ‘  AYNI’ ‘AYNI’    ‘OONA’ ‘EENA’ ‘EENA’    You didn’t see any of these combinations in the word  بَر   -   I t doesn’ t have an EC. . . So it must have an ES. Now   you know it’s ES, What status is  بَر   in? Raf'   -   The word نْَقِرْشَْا   , Remember , what question do we have to ask first? Is it an ES or an EC   -   What do we look for first? Ending Combination We see the ‘AYNI’ combination here.   -   So therefore, we can’t say the word نْَقِرْشَْا   ends in an ‘I’   sound (under ن ) and so it’s a Jarr.   -   That would be wrong, because If you just looked at that ‘I’    and said it’s Jarr, that means you thought it was an ES   -   Once it’s an EC you can’t judge it as though it has an ES. We forget about the ES now, and we go by the EC   -   What combination do you see in the word? Is it Pair Combination or People Plural Combination? It’s ‘AYNI’   so Pair Combination   -   What are all the pair combinations? 2 Raf’? ‘AANI’   2 Nasb? ‘AYNI’   2 Jarr? ‘AYNI’    So the word نْَقِرْشَْا   is it Raf’ , Nasb or Jarr? Nasb or Jarr (Right now we don’t know between N or J)   it can’t be both, it’s either one or the other, but at this point we don’t know   -   Now, I’m going to give you a clue, and we’ll see if you can figure out if it’s Nasb or Jarr.   نْَقِرْشَْا  بَر   means “The master of    both easts”   -   2 questions: 1. Why did I say ‘ both   easts’ , when translating نْَقِرْشَْا ? Because it’s ‘AYNI’  , it means 2/pair 2. Now listen how I translated it to find out it’s status “The master of both easts”. What status is it? Jarr because its after ‘of’   -   Now we know the difference between Ending Sound and Ending Combination.  

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Jul 26, 2017
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