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   A S P H Y X I A Dr. GUNAWAN ARSYADI, SpF, SpPA (K)   A S P H Y X I A     A condition where the disturbance of   air exchange respiration occured -   Obstruction of respiratory tract    mechanical asphyxia-   Circulation arrested  HYPOXIA     Failure of cell to keep the metabolism   eficiently   -   Hypoxic    , hypoxia   Failure of O   2   to enter blood circulation-    Anemic hypoxia   Insufficient of adequate O   2   by blood for tissue metabolism   -   Stagnant hypoxia   Circulation failure   -   Histotoxic   hipoxia   Oxygen in erythrocyte can not be used in the   tissue  Histotoxic Hipoxia  A. ExtracellularRespiratory tissue enzyme poisoned (CO intoxication)B.   PericelullarDicrease of cell membrane permeability which cause O   2 cannot enter the cell (ether imtoxication) C.   SubstrateInsufficient nutrient for efficient metabolism.   (Hypoglicaemia)D.   MetabolicEnd product from cellular metabolism cannot be   eliminated and inhibit the next metabolism (Uremia, CO   2 poisoning)
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