Assignment Purposive Communication

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  Bro. Jojimar Kenneth M. Gonowon September 4, 2019 I MUS-2 Purposive Communication 1. What are the different myths about communication?  The different myths about communication that would inhibit more effective and efficient communication are the following: a.   The more you communicate, the better your communication will be.  b.   When two people are in a close relationship, neither person should have to communicate needs and wants explicitly; the other person should know what these are.  c.    Interpersonal or group conflict is a reliable sign that the relationship or group is in trouble. d.    Like good communicators, leaders are born, not made. e.    Fear of speaking in public is detrimental and must be eliminate.  To learn the language, we need to know first the basics and the basic will help us to attain effectiveness and efficiency. In philosophy, the idea of “language game”   is to know the “what” where, how and why of the game. But most importantly, the one who is the subject for communication is so much important, he is the one who plays the game, the person who communicates and who receives, same with communication. 2. What are the different skills of human communication?  Skills are subject to a process and it needs to put time and respect the process of it. The skills that will be learned when taking a discourse about communication are the following: a.   Self-Presentation skills  enable us to stand confidently  –   a dignified self.  b.    Relationship skills  enable us to affirm that we are social beings.  c.    Interviewing skills  enables us to associate our inquisitiveness and sense of variety among  people. d.   Group Interaction and Leadership Skills help us to cooperate and work together as servant leaders. e.    Presentation or Public speaking skills will enable us to face our way of expressing our thoughts confidently and courageously. 3. What are the different forms of human communication?  The forms of communication are simply understanding what the person/group wants to the conveyor in another way around. It is no t only hearing what are the words that came out in one’s speaker but how we comprehend and tally if it is the message that he or she wanted to convey. There are forms of human communication that would help us aware of communicating. a.    Intrapersonal Communication   b.    Interpersonal Communication   c.    Interviewing    d.   Small group Communication   e.    Public Communication    f.   Computer-mediated communication    g.    Mass Communication   4. Differentiate between linear and transactional views of communication.  The linear view of communication  is like instructing without any questions or respond to the people who are subject to the reception of the message. It is only one-way communication of giving information. e.g. radio and television. While the other, the transactional view of communication  is a dynamic way of communication that involves the sender as the receiver and the receiver as the sender. From this way of communication, there is a movement of transactions that would bring us the idea of giving and receiving expressions, emotions, thoughts, and information. If there is an inquiry, a dialogue is particularly addressed.    5. How does context influence communication?  One of the methods to understand the person is looking to the place or situation that he went through. In this kind of situation, we may have a glimpse of his/ her being on how he expressed himself/herself that would add on the person’s way of interpreting things and the other. The context will help us to understand the situation of how he/she expresses himself/herself. The author gave some of the contexts that influence communication. These are the following: a.    Physical Context     –   It is the place and the environment that influence communication.  b.   Cultural Context     –    it comprises a lot of person’s whole being –   values, religious belief, lifestyle, behavior, and orientation or to the group that he/ she belongs. c.   Socio-Psychological Context     –   it pertains to our status on how we relate among the  peoples. d.   Temporal Context     –    is a message’s position within a sequence of events.  6. What are the different principles essential to the understanding of human communication? I think, there are a lot of principles of communication. Scholars established some listings on how to communicate effectively and efficiently. These are not absolute but they are tools in making communication relationships as sturdy as possible. a.   Communication is purposeful     –   our medium is our self. To understand the information we need to communicate and therefore, we communicate because it has a meaning. There is an expression of making ourselves available to others.  b.   Communication involves choices    –   In making conversations, we need to choose between expressing ourselves through words but it needs to be thought in time. c.   Communication is ambiguous  –   we are subject to vague messages but there will always a solution to avoid them.  d.   Communication involves content and relationship dimensions    –   Messages may refer to the real world to something external to both speakers and listeners (context) and the relationships between the parties. e.   Communication has a power dimension    –   through words and actions, we can inspire and influence. f.   Communication is punctuated     –  Communication is dynamic. Communication is inevitable, irreversible and repeatable  - messages are like a two-edged sword that would  pierce anyone’s heart. It may also give the power that inspires, motivate and make life worth living but it will also make a person worthless when we do not use our words  properly.
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