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  ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION   Q 1. How would you increase the traction on the Facebook page:  Mention at least three steps that you will take? ã   Facebook contest with a hashtag ‘  Prepare your favourite summer dish with the ingredient honey as a part of the dish. Share the  post on Facebook with #AbreezeIndia. The post with the maximum number of likes, wins the contest! ’    ã   Loyalty points for the next purchase on posting reviews on Facebook, once the purchase is made. ã   Partnering with similar business provider on Facebook We can partner with a business provider who has different set of customers and convince them to share each other’s  business on the Facebook page we own. This will surely increase the traction of our page as people feel reliable when the product is recommended by someone they trust. Q 2. Create at least 5 campaigns to promote the services of BrandzGarage in a unique way? ã   Free consultation for marketing solution  A free consultation to small companies can help create brand identity for BrandzGarage. This will also build trust in the brand as the companies can avail good solutions for their marketing  problems ã   Ad Campaign with hashtag #LiftTheBusiness  Ad campaign on TV commercial where the business clients can review about BrandzGarage in a sequence with a silent music in the background! ã   BrandzGarage availability through linked in and Social Media shares. ã   Guerilla marketing as a marketing campaign Flyers & outdoor marketing showing the comparison or the growth percentage of companies before & after consulting/availing BrandzGarage Solutions ã   Designing LOGOs and Posters relevant to current issues. This type of campaigning is used by AMUL to create a brand presence in the minds of the customers as soon as a news is released. This can help BrandzGarage in creating a space in target customers through the type of solutions that it provides.  Q 3. Suggest three taglines for a logistic brand like FedEx? ã   The best three taglines that reflect the USP of FedEx are as below ➢   FedEx, faster than your thought. ➢    Delivering Smiles Overnight! ➢   Track your package, Anytime, Anywhere …  

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Jul 13, 2019
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