Auditioning for Community Theatre

The basics every actor should know when auditioning for community theatre
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  Auditioning for Community Theatre What to bring:1. Photo and acting resume Photo should look like you on a good day. No “glamour shots”Resume should include theatre experience and training. No starbucks or real jobs. Be sure to list your “special skills” eg: accents, singing, other languages, tap dance, martial arts, gymnastics, juggling  anything a director can use 2. Your monologues !hey should be contrasting in style and subject t least one should be a contemporary #anadian monologue $check %ith !heatre lberta&'o a classical monologue only i( auditioning (or a )hakespearean play#hoose your monologues care(ully because you*ll be li+ing %ith them an a%(ully long time 3. Your songs l%ays ha+e t%o songs that are contrasting. elp(ul to kno% the style o( sho% and the composer so you can bring something similar in (eel and style'o N-! sing something (rom the sho% unless other%ise reuested. /n my audition notice (or “)%eet #harity” / actually stated that / %ould shoot to killa+e both your sheet music and a recorded accompaniment $not e+eryone is Randy&. /( you ha+e sheet music, make sure it*s in 0-1R key $again, not e+eryone is Randy& 4. Your dance shoesWhat to e!ect 2. 0ou may get a chance to only do one monologue  pick the one that best matches the (eel o( the play3. Be prepared (or a cold read o( a section o( the script4. #ome dressed (or “mo+ement”. 5specially (or musical theatre. 0ou usually ha+e to stay until the end o( the night (or this. /ts about 67 minutes to an hour long. 6. )ay hello and don*t say anything else until they*re ready to ackno%ledge you7. !hey %ill not al%ays look at you  they %ill be busy %riting things do%n and talking amongst themsel+es. 'on*t let that distract you. 'o not lea+e at the end until they say “thank you”. 8. 9hen you (irst %alk in and say “hello”, make sure you gi+e a copy o( the music to the accompanist $at the  piano&. !his gi+es himher a chance to look it o+er and gi+es you a (ighting chance. lso do not be a(raid to set tempo or discuss %ith himher the song i( the road map is a bit %onky.;. <ake sure you thank e+eryone, including the accompanist on the %ay out. o# to shine and be noticed 2. <ake sure you*+e read the play $or at least a good synopsis& so that you*ll kno% %hat part$s& you %ant to audition (or and ho% to present yoursel( as that character.3. 'o N-! come in “in character”. /t dri+es me $and many other directors& nuts. /xnay on the costumes as %ell.4. 9hen gi+en the choice to sing or act (irst, choose and be con(ident $%ishy %ashy also dri+es me nuts&6. a+e your sheet music in playable (ormat $e.g. a binder %ith double sided music&7. 'o not (reak out in the “mo+ement” audition i( you ha+e no (ormal dance training. !hey*re mostly %atching to see i( you ha+e general coordination and ho% %ell you react to being gi+en mo+ement. !he routine %ill usually be taught uickly and %ill seem “hard”. !hat*s deliberate  again, don*t (reak out. '- %arm up. 0ou %on*t dance so good %ith a pulled hamstring.8. 'o not be a(raid to chat up the director ahead o( time i( hisher in(ormation is listed on the audition sheet.5  Terms you should $no# 2.!hank you = goodbye3.<o+ement audition = dance audition4.)ides = section o( script used at audition6.eadshot = resume photo 7.'irector = bossy person 8.)tage <anager = person %ho is really running the sho% and taking care o( details like (illing in the (orms, taking your resume and telling e+eryone %ho is next;.<usic 'irector = person responsible (or the musical arrangements o( the sho%. <ay or may not be the same person that accompanies the singers or plays at rehearsals.>.#horeographer = person %ho makes up the dances and may also block some musical scenes %esources&Places To 'o 2. ?oin !heatre lberta  they are a great source (or in(ormation, monologues, courses  all things theatrehttp:3. 9alterdale !heatre does a (ull season o( plays and usually one musical in any gi+en year http:4. 5@-P5 5dmonton usually does at least one musical a year  ask to join their mailing listelopeAedmontonhotmail.com6. oriCon Players $)pruce Dro+e& does a couple o( sho% a year. %%%.horiConplayers.com7. 5dmonton #! $group is also on (acebook&5dmonton lliance (or #ommunity !heatres and rtists is a local organiCation dedicated to promoting #ommunity !heatre in 5dmonton and surrounding areas. -n their site you %ill (ind all you need to kno% about #ommunity !heatre in our city and surrounding areas. #ontact /n(o 5mail: in(oedmontonEacta.com9ebsite: %%%.edmontonEacta.com8. )herard <usical !heatre  one to t%o musicals per year http:%%%.(sherardmusicaltheatre
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