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  B 17.4-E NE W :  HT A- C E  50 / 30 P   a nd   HT A- C E  40 / 22P .  W it h mor e l oa d  c a pa c it  y   HALFEN CAST-IN CHANNELS  CONCRETE  2  H TA - C E © 2017 HALFEN · B 17.4-E · HALFEN CAST-IN CHANNELS Contents 1 HALFEN Channels HTA-CE 7  -Application examples 8 -General 9 – 10 -Materials / Corrosion protection 11 – 12 -Installation / Assembly 13 – 14 -Identification / Geometry 15 -Product range 16 – 18 -HALFEN Bolts HS / HSR 19 – 23 -Available types 24 -HTA-CS (Curved channels) 25 -Calculation 26 -Software 27 – 28 -Dynamic loading 37 2 HALFEN Channels HZA 29  -Application examples 30 -Product range 31 -HALFEN HZS Bolts 32 -Calculation 33 – 36 -Dynamic loading 37 3 HALFEN HGB Guard rail fixings 38  -Application examples 39 -General 40 -Materials / Corrosion protection 41 -Installation / Assembly 42 -Product range 43 -Dimensioning / calculation 44 – 51 4 HALFEN HTU Channels – fixings for trapezoid metal plates 52  -Application examples 53 -General / Materials 54 -Installation / Assembly 55 -Product range 56 -Dimensioning 57 NE W : HT A- C E  50 / 30 P  a nd HT A- C E  40 / 22P .   3 © 2017 HALFEN · B 17.4-E · HALFEN CAST-IN CHANNELS Contents 90 Accessories AdjustmentcouplerHJV BL, BLQ brick tie anchor Brick tie anchor ML, BLBrick tie channel HMS Cold-rolled channels HTA-CE Cold-rolled channels HZACorner guard HKWCorrosion protection HALFEN Channels & boltsCoupler sleeves VBM, SKMCurvedHALFENCast-inchannelsHTA-CE,HZA Dowels DYNAGRIP HALFEN Cast-in channelsDynamic Loads for HALFEN Cast-in channels End anchor ANK-E for HALFEN Channels HTAFirewallconnection(masonry) FramingchannelsHM,HL,Framingchannels,serratedHZM,HZL HALFEN Bolts HALFEN Cast-in channelsHALFEN Cast-in channels; corner elementsHALFENFramingchannelsHCW Curtain Wall SystemHexagonal coupler SKMHexagonal nuts -boltsHGB Handrail connection systemsHKW Corner guardHKZRestrainttie,serratedHLFramingchannels,slottedHMFramingchannelsHMSBricktiechannelsHNA Timber fixing strapsHot-rolledchannelsHTA-CEHot-rolledchannelsHZAHS HALFEN BoltsHSF Rafter shoeHSR HALFEN Bolts with nibHTA-CE HALFENCast-in ChannelsHTU Profiled metal sheets fixing channelsHVL Precast connectionHZA HALFEN Cast-in channel DYNAGRIPHZAHALFENCast-inchannel,serratedHZL Framingchannels,slottedHZMFramingchannels,serratedHZS HALFEN Bolts, serrated Locking washer SICML, MLQ Brick tie anchorNuts MUPerforatedframingchannelsHL,HZL Precastconnection HVLProfiled metal sheetfixingchannel HTUProfiles HM,HLProfiles,serrated,HZM,HZL Rafter shoe HSF Rail clips KLPRestrainttieHKZRestraintwithturnbuckleSPVRing nuts RM Serrated profiles HZA Cast-in channels Serrated profiles HZM,HZL FramingchannelsShort & cut lengths of HALFEN ChannelsSIC Locking washerSKM Coupler sleeveSPH turnbuckle with right- and left-hand threadsSPVRestraintwith turnbuckleSquare washers VUSStandardlengthsforHALFENChannelsHTA-CEStandardlengthsforHALFENChannelsHZA Threadedrods Timber fixingTurnbuckle with right- and left-hand thread SPH VBMCouplersleeve VUS Washer US WasherWasherUS,VUSPage: 84–898662–6562–6562, 6416–17317011–12,3186256329–3737246588–8919–2352588–8971–838685–8638–517067–6888–8988–8962, 646116–173119–2260237–2852–576929–3729–3788–89 APPENDIX IndexPage: 88–8932–358562–658588–896952–5788–8988–89608767–68668629–3788–8918,35858686668518358658–618686858585 5 Roof and walls 58  -Application examples 59 -HALFEN HSF Rafter shoe 60 -HALFEN HNA Timber anchor 61 -Masonry connection-systems ML / BL 62 – 64 -HALFEN Dowels 63 -Firewall - Joints 65 -SPV Restraint with turnbuckle 66 -HKZ Restraint tie 67 – 68 -HVL Anchoring system 69 -HALFEN HKW Corner guard 70  6 HALFEN HCW Curtain Wall 71  -Application examples 72 -General 73 -Product range 74 – 75 -HALFEN Channel HCW 52/34 for curtain wall connection 76 – 77 -HALFEN Channel HTA-R and HZA-R with rebar anchors 78 -Brackets HCW-ED and HCW-EW for front-of-slab installation 79 – 81 -Brackets HCW-B1 and HCW-B2 for top-of-slab installation 82 – 83 7 Accessories 84  -Nuts, washers 85 -Threaded rods, hexagonal bolts, couplers, ring nuts 86 -Clamping plates 87 -Framing channels HM / HZM / HL / HZL, type overview 88 -Framing channels HM / HZM / HL / HZL, application examples 89 Appendix -Index 90 -Addresses / Contacts 91  44    C  u  r   t  a   i  n   W  a   l   l   H   T   U   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s   R  o  o   f  a  n   d   W  a   l   l   H   T   A  -   C   E   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s   H   G   B   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s 1254376    H   Z   A   C   h  a  n  n  e   l  s   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s © 2017 HALFEN · B 17.4-E · APPLICATION EXAMPLES HALFEN CAST-IN CHANNELS Areas of Application CURTAIN WALL BRIDGES LIFTS AND ELEVATORS Lift fixings, guide rails TUNNELS Lötschberg-Base tunnel, Switzerland POWER STATIONS Power station SPORTS HTU Trapezoidal sheet panels UPS Air Hub, Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany ROOFS AND WALLS Timber pitched roof constructionRheinenergiestadion, Cologne/GermanyEdificio Gas Natural, Barcelona/SpainPasserelle Simone de Beauvoir, Paris/France
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