b e h a v i o u r a l Therapy With Living in the Past -Not Learning From Past

B E H A V I O U R A L THERAPY with LIVING IN THE PAST NOT LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES as important issues. - Willy Holmes-Spoelder's blo Willy Holmes-Spoelder's blog B E H A V I O U R A L THERAPY with LIVING IN THE PAST – NOT LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES as important issues. Willy HolmesSpoelder This is you. 0 Following 1 Followers Search Search My Other Accounts Delicious | hilalkarmilassos Skype | willyspoelder _________________________________________________________________ Does this r
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  B E H A V I O U R A L THERAPY with LIVING IN THE PAST NOT LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES as important issues. - Willy Holmes-Spoelder's bl[23.08.2010 14:23: B E H A V I O U R A L THERAPY with LIVING IN THE PAST –NOT LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES as important issues.  ________________________________________________________________ Does this ring a bell?Are you (old enough to) automatically – live in the past?And how does that life of yours NOW/today, on towards TOMORROW/the nextday or perhaps *another lalala – bababa – perhaps WOW-day affect youbecause you have acquired that habit ???Do not feel bad about this, such HABITS are *normal*, we do have moods,mood-swings, reasons, causes we do know that lead to TODAY’s approach(es)how to deal with TODAY.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you ever *think* about what I have just written? Or are you just*soldiering* on, NEVER really ENJOYING yourself? ________________________________________________________________ So many questions? LEAVE ME ALONE? You do not want to *think* aboutthis, it, anything, even EVERYTHING, even that you exist? And WHY is that?Why are you feeling like this? ________________________________________________________________ Oh, I see: you often feel like this. You often feel depressed, run down, boggeddown, overwhelmed disappointed, unfulfilled, without *hope*, without seeingyour *expectations* becoming a reality !!IT IS ALL VERY REAL, also really HUMAN !!! Willy Holmes-Spoelder 0 Following 1 Followers This is you. Search   My Other Accounts  Delicious|hilalkarmilassos  Skype|willyspoelder  StumbleUpon|willyspoelder  Twitter|emofreeze  TypePad|Willy Holmes- Spoelder Yahoo!|watchyourlifestyle Recent Comments Willy Holmes-Spoelder: I havealways liked mysteries.Did you know abo...|more » ONWILLY HOLMES-SPOELDER PRESENTS:THE GREAT SEAL OF THEUNITED STATES Search  B E H A V I O U R A L THERAPY with LIVING IN THE PAST NOT LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES as important issues. - Willy Holmes-Spoelder's blog And it is also causing EXTREME unhappiness, insecurity, in the lives of otherswith whom you are SHARING your life, nice people such as your spouse,partner(s), sibling(s), offspring, even ANIMALS depending on you for theirwellness, health.Q - When you read the last paragraph: how does that *grab* you? What sort ofa person does this? YOU, of course, but ALSO someone with BEHAVIOURALproblems, even Behavioural Illnesses !! Yes indeed!!Only someone with BEHAVIOURAL problems and/or 1 or MORE BehaviouralIllness IS LIKE THAT !!!! ATTENTION: I said: IS LIKE THAT!! Unless someone has a serious brain-disability from birth – behaviour is CREATED, as in *good* or *bad* behaviourand habits. ________________________________________________________________ About Behavioural Illnesses: they used to be called PSYCHO-SOMATIC(disorders/illnesses) – which always shall be a better description of what goeson and really happens in someone. Do remember this, perhaps someone in thefuture will come up with yet another name, more suitable to *the industry’sneeds.The world did NOT just rid of such illnesses by giving them a different name(BEHAVIOURAL ILLNESSES) ________________________________________________________________ About BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE, as the ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE how toTREAT patients suffering from (formerly known as) PSYCHOSOMATICdisorders & illnesses: well: just start Googling everything you can find-read-discover about BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE. The first website you must *always* try and read, as far as I am concerned andwhich I also warmly recommend is know, I know: there shall always be critisism about the value, truthfullness,correctness of what has been uploaded there – but for a quick !! reference, justto get a fast grasp, WITHOUT feeling pinned down that the information is thetruth or is false – excellent, freely available too.Do not let all the *pro’s and *con’s DETER YOU from doing exactly what youfeel might be a good idea. It is called *follow your own good (instinctive) self*,even secret thoughts. ________________________________________________________________ Why am I saying this? Why am I recommending that you, YOURSELF !!,should GET UP, GET GOING, even put your foot down??BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY !!  B E H A V I O U R A L THERAPY with LIVING IN THE PAST NOT LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES as important issues. - Willy Holmes-Spoelder's blog No-one else but you can help yourself.Doctors? Of course, wonderful hardworking professionals, however they doNOT live with you as you yourself AND those with whom you live everyday –are doing.It does not mean that you, others EXPOSED to you, also doctors, all the way toTHE PSYCHIATRIST really know you or get to know you just a little. You knowmost about yourself and they DO NOT!!The ONLY WAY TO START FEELING BETTER, feeling well, feeling evenbetter, feeling *SO GOO-O-D, needs to become:UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING ABOUT BEHAVIOUR-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Of course it helps should you be able to consult an EXPERIENCED –Behavioural Therapist, someone who does have PRACTICAL experiencetreating patients suffering from behavioural illnesses, problems (large or tiny).BEHAVIOURAL Therapy, although apparently RECENTLY included inPsychiatric Therapy is a therapy every NORMAL, HEALTHY and qualifiedHEALTH-practitioner is capable of dealing with efficiently, elegantly, and*economically*.What I am saying:*Do not for one instant begin to think even that you are, or are NOT someonewho needs, wants *PSYCHIATRIC* treatment.*Do not for one moment believe that *an ordinary, COMMON sense, health-practitioner is NOT suitable to advise you, treat you, and HELP you *improve*yourself.*Do not for a second think that a close friend, loved one, relative, a qualifiedPsychiater, or the best Health Consultant you know well amidst your friendsshall be a suitable choice. No, it is the worst decision you would take. You willnever feel comfortable to SPEAK FREELY!! to someone you have knownprivately.Note: For most MEN: they dislike talking anyway about their inner being, andrelieving through talking could then be considered A THREAT!! After all what iscausing you such problems – and therefore leading you to haveBEHAVIOURAL illnesses - YOU DO NOT WANT TO SHARE WITHSOMEONE, who knows (as an example) – your bankmanager, a certain TAX-official, YOUR WIFE, one of your (ADULT) children.You know (now) what I mean, I am certain of it. GOOD !!Note: Even if such a practitioner has taken THE OATH, and is legally obliged tokeep all information given by clients *confidential – IT IS YOU, yourself, who  B E H A V I O U R A L THERAPY with LIVING IN THE PAST NOT LEARNING FROM PAST MISTAKES as important issues. - Willy Holmes-Spoelder's blog Aug 23, 2010 2:18:01 PM knows him/her, his habits, his family, relatives, and vice versa, blocking you*automatically* from being as open, frank, honest as is needed to IMPROVEyour status quo. ________________________________________________________________ I as a Health Coach, Practitioner and Therapist since 1989, online able toparticipate globally by writing, uploading about what *comes up* as a current(Quantum) issue, just do what I enjoy doing, and if there are others out there,who can use what I write about – always based on KNOWLEDGE, andpractical experience: I am happy. ________________________________________________________________ Kaya Köyü, Mondaymorning, 23rd August Tags:Behavioural Science,PsychoSomatic,Health  Like
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