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br us h guide 1 2 brush guide content Foundation brushes Concealer brushes Philosophy 6 11 Manufacture Brush cleaning Our brushes Powder brushes Blush & Contour brushes Shader brushes Blending brushes Eyeliner brushes Brow brushes Lip brushes 92 93 why we do ZOEVA is dedicated to the self-confidence and unique beauty of all women. Every ZOEVA product is made with love and designed with conviction and passion for makeup. Our ultimate goal is to offer luxurious, high quality products at affordable prices. Helping every woman to discover her individual beauty is our highest ambition. ZOEVA means celebrating yourself and being aware of your individual beauty. 6 7 what we do ZOEVA is a German brand, founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou. The brand name ZOEVA is composed of ZOE, the Greek word for life and EVA, the very first woman. Women in need have a special place in our hearts. We feel responsible for women suffering from domestic abuse or have lost their due to chemotherapy. It is our highest ambition to strengthen their self-esteem and to give them more self-confidence and awareness of their own individual beauty. In women we trust. From the bottom of our hearts. 8 9 it all started with the brushes From a basic range of only 10 makeup brushes, ZOEVA now offers a professional portfolio of over 50 makeup tools for a full face makeup routine. Our brushes are designed to make a real difference in the way women experience their beauty rituals. The ease of application guarantees a flawless makeup finish for the sustainable production of our zoeva brushes, we use only the finest materials The six times lacquered brush handle made of genuine wood, the resistant brass ferrule and finest natural and synthetic result in a symphony of elegance and expertise. The brush handle and the ferrule are fixed tightly thanks to an innovative crimping process. Every brush is traditionally handmade by specially skilled brush masters. A ZOEVA brush passes a manufacturing process with a minimum of 30 working steps. Designed with passion and handmade with love, every brush is a unique piece of art. For the uniqueness and the confidence of every woman brush cleaning professional brushes need professional cleaning Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will keep them smooth and tidy, remove color and in-depth bacteria to avoid irritated skin and break outs cleaning of natural brushes Natural needs especially careful cleaning treat it like it was your own. After cleaning, reshape and let it dry upside down to avoid any water remaining in the ferrule. Professional brush soaps and mild shampoos will work perfectly as a cleanser. makeup artist tip A drop of conditioner works great as an extra treatment for marvelously soft brushes cleaning of synthetic brushes Synthetic is easy to clean. All your brushes need a deep and intense cleaning on a regular basis. Brushes for cream and liquid products such as foundation or concealer should be spot cleaned more often in order to keep them sanitized and free from bacteria 20 21 102 silk finish foundation A silky hallelujah Roundly bound foundation brush for a silky smooth application This makeup brush is ideal for applying and blending foundation. Makeup blends effortlessly and with ease. For a natural finish, apply your makeup by gently dabbing the brush onto your skin, then softly blending the edges in a circular motion. By applying makeup with even circular movements you will obtain perfectly flawless and balanced skin. Never again without! Foundation and mineral makeup Vegan taklon The ideal tool for a soft, natural and flawless makeup finish 22 23 103 defined buffer foundation 104 buffer foundation Embrace your face Everyday gorgeous Compact foundation brush with a small, angled head Due to its flat angled shape, the Defined Buffer is the perfect tool for detailed application under the eyes and to outline contours. The dense and compact brush ensures flawless coverage. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the brush is ideally suited for fixing makeup under the eyes and along the facial contours using powder. Foundation, powder Vegan taklon Blends in makeup for a radiant and natural complexion Foundation brush with a flat profile Thanks to its flat profile, this makeup brush is ideal for applying and blending foundation, powder and mineral makeup. Ideal for excellent coverage and a visibly smooth complexion. Foundation, powder and mineral makeup Vegan taklon Provides a smoothing effect to your makeup to create a more professional look 24 25 112 face c urve foundation 122 petit stippling foundation Whole lotta love Smooth operator Compact stippling brush in petit size Flat, classic foundation brush with an innovative twist Go for a flat, curved foundation brush and experience a super easy and comfortable makeup routine. The pointed yet curved shape dispenses foundation evenly along the eyes, nose and the corners of your forehead. Liquid and cream foundation Vegan taklon Reaches every area of your face The Petit Stippling allows you to gently, yet evenly, apply and blend liquid and cream products, such as highlighter, concealer and cream blush. Due to its compact size, hard-to-reach areas such as those around the eyes and nose, are done in no time. The light duo fibre works extremely well with cream blush and liquid highlighter for fresh and dewy cheeks. Highlighter, concealer and cream blush Vegan duo fibre taklon The ideal size for handling details 26 27 124 grand stippling foundation 125 stippling foundation Beautilicious Prepare your canvas Big sized duo fibre brush for powder and foundation This face brush is especially suited for applying and blending powder or foundation professionally on large areas. Cream as well as powder formulas blend effortlessly and unbelievably soft. Speed up your makeup regime. All powder and foundation products Vegan duo fibre taklon A luxurious and elegant brush for perfect results Classic duo fibre foundation brush This stippling brush is ideal for applying and perfectly blending light liquid and compact foundation as well as mineral makeup. The soft duo fibre performs miracles in creating an especially natural complexion. Liquid or cream foundation and mineral makeup Vegan duo fibre taklon Applies foundation and mineral makeup lightly for a natural complexion 28 29 142 concealer buffer concealer Get coverage Innovative, roundly shaped concealer brush The Concealer Buffer is the perfect beauty aid to easily and gently conceal shadows underneath your eyes with corrector or concealer. For an especially natural finish, gently tap the concealer onto the skin. This is the ideal brush to conceal fall-out underneath the eyes. Thanks to its compact design, you can use the brush along the lower lash line without smudging your eye makeup. Concealer, camouflage and corrector Vegan taklon Applies and gently blends in corrector or concealer 30 31 144 soft concealer concealer 100 luxe face finish powder Conceal the evidence Because bigger is better Compact, flat and round shaped concealer brush This concealer brush is ideal for applying corrector, concealer or camouflage products underneath the eyes as well covering or concealing redness. It is easy to control with its compact shape, which makes the brush perfect for quick touch-ups throughout the day, allowing you to look radiant all the time. For a perfect result with excellent coverage, gently tap the concealer onto the skin. Concealer, camouflage and corrector Vegan taklon The perfect brush for applying concealer in a concentrated and professional manner Big, luxurious powder brush Due to its angled shape and especially large brush head, the Luxe Face Finish is used to apply light layers to your face, neck and neckline for a perfectly smooth finish. Powder, bronzer and highlighter Natural-synthetic mix Distributes powder delicately for a perfect finish 32 33 101 luxe face definer powder Treat me with satin gloves Tapered, luxurious powder brush This luxurious powder brush is designed to apply loose and pressed powders, as well as contour your face. Before applying, flick the brush with your thumb and index finger to remove any excess powder. Contour basics: Using a darker color, apply the brush at the middle of your ear and move it towards the tip of your nose ending just before the eye. Lightly contour the chin line and along the line using the remaining color in the brush. Powder, bronzer, blush and contour products Natural-synthetic mix Flatters your facial contours and skin royal and gentle 34 35 106 powder powder Velvety finish Super soft and cushy powder brush Ideal for applying loose and pressed powders. Fixes your makeup, ensuring a light and smooth finish. By applying the powder with even circular movements you will obtain a flawless and smooth result. It is the ideal brush to finish a look with transparent fixing powder for long-lasting makeup. All powder products Vegan taklon Applying facial powder with this brush is like caressing your skin every day 36 37 107 powder polish powder 129 l uxe fan powder Feel relaxed Soft as choupette Luxurious, multifunctional fan brush Large powder foundation brush This large, luxurious powder foundation brush is ideal for the professional application of loose and pressed face products. The dome shaped, dense taklon applies the product easily and evenly. Polished finish in a flash. All pressed and loose powder products Vegan taklon For the seamless application of loose and pressed foundation A multifunctional tool for the application of highlighter, blush and bronzer. The dreamy soft caresses your face and delivers a natural finish with all powder products. Join the fan club! Additionally, you have a professional tool to erase any fall out or excess powder from your face. Multitasking at its best. Powder, highlighter, bronzer and blush Natural-synthetic mix Applies and erases any powder formula 38 39 105 luxe highlight blush & contour Light my fire Luxurious highlighter brush The Luxe Highlight proves to be the ideal brush for every highlighting job whether it is the cheekbones, Cupid s bow area of the lip or the neckline. Small, conical and ultra smooth. Due to its compact rounded shape, the Luxe Highlight is also suited to contouring especially defined cheekbones. Simply shade a narrow line and blend in directly below the cheekbones. Apply some highlighter on the nose, forehead and on the cheekbones. Be polished, be beautiful. Highlighter, powder and bronzer Natural-synthetic mix Provides a wonderful glow to your cheeks 40 41 109 luxe face paint blush & contour On the edge Flat, square shaped contour brush for professional sculpting, shading and contouring First, define the face with hard lines and then blend these in gently. The Luxe Face Paint easily performs magic and professionally creates a perfectly contoured complexion. Defining and highlighting shapes of the face. Areas which should appear smaller are defined in a darker color; areas which should appear larger and more radiant are highlighted. All pressed and loose powder products Natural-synthetic mix Use this tool for professional contouring Hollywood-style 42 43 109v face paint vegan blush & contour 110 face shape blush & contour Let s face it! Beautification Compact face brush for detailed contouring Vegan face brush for professional contouring This face brush applies all liquid and cream contour products effortlessly. The soft vegan taklon picks up and blends the color evenly. The unique flat and square design creates the illusion of an actual shadow. Cream contour products Vegan taklon Contour for subtle definition Thanks to its handy size, the Face Shape is the ideal brush for detailed contouring and a makeup artist finish. By contouring the cheeks, temples, nose and chin with a darker shade of color, the face becomes more expressive and defined. The Face Shape is especially suited for putting on and blending concealer on the larger areas below the eyes. Contour products and concealers Vegan taklon Precise and detailed contouring like a makeup artist 44 45 114 luxe face f ocus blush & contour Stay focused Small, fluffy face brush for touch ups and highlights Our Luxe Face Focus brush is a flat, flame shaped highlighter brush with the softest natural-synthetic mix. Use this brush on the face to apply highlighter selectively onto your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your Cupid s bow. If you prefer a matte complexion, this tool is great for quick touch ups and setting concealer under the eyes with your favorite face powder. Powder and highlighter Natural-synthetic mix Illuminates your face with highlighter and powder every thing we do comes from our hearts 46 126 luxe cheek finish blush & contour Luxurious dainty Dome shaped, flat face brush for blush, bronzer and highlighter Its unique shape makes the 126 Luxe Cheek Finish perfect as a multipurpose tool. The dome-shaped, yet flat form is ideal for blending bronzer, blush and highlighter flawlessly. The Luxe Cheek Finish performs magic in creating rosy cheeks in a blink. Look into the mirror and smile. Then dab the blush onto the center of the cheek and gently blend in. Bronzer, blush and highlighter Natural-synthetic mix The all-rounder among face brushes 3 functions 1 brush 48 49 127 luxe sheer cheek blush & contour 128 cream cheek blush & contour Cheeks like Snow White Charming cheeks Angled, feather-soft blush brush Angled, luxuriously soft blush brush This is the classic brush to evenly apply and blend loose or pressed blush. The results are equally amazing when using with an extremely highly pigmented blush. Creates radiant cheeks as if you had just come in from a walk in the fresh air. Blush and contour products Natural-synthetic mix Applies blush and contour powder soft to the touch The Cream Cheek is ideal for applying, blending and contouring easily with powder or cream blush. For a fresh look, smile with closed lips into a mirror, dab some blush onto the outer cheekbones and then blend. A smile is the prettiest thing a girl can wear! For contours as pretty as a picture: Apply the contouring product underneath the cheekbones, along the jawline and the line. Blend gently. Cream and powder blush Vegan taklon The perfect brush for powder and cream blush 50 51 220 l uxe g rand s hader shader Beauty in the making Extra big, extra luxurious eyeshadow brush Ideal for applying all powder eyeshadow products in one stroke. Especially suitable for the application of a neutral eyeshadow color from lash to brow. The most luxurious shader brush. All powder eyeshadows Natural-synthetic mix Applies eyeshadow from lash to brow in a second be conf ident and be beau tiful 52 222 luxe all over shader shader Shady lady Classic, extra big eyeshadow brush The Luxe All Over Shader evenly distributes eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, including the crease and along the lash line. The Luxe All Over Shader is also ideally suited for applying highlighter eyeshadow underneath the brow line. All pressed and loose eyeshadow products Natural-synthetic mix Applies eyeshadow from the lash line to the brow quickly and effortlessly 54 55 232 luxe classic shader shader Color be mine Classic, medium sized eyeshadow brush The 232 Luxe Classic Shader is a handcrafted, must-have eyeshadow brush to apply and shade eyeshadow evenly from lash to crease. A dabbing motion intensifies the look. All pressed and loose eyeshadow products Natural-synthetic mix This soft, dome-shaped eye brush makes the routine application of eyeshadow easier true beauty lies within confi dence 56 233 cream shader shader That fire in your eyes Synthetic eyeshadow brush for cream textures The Cream Shader allows you to apply and shade cream eyeshadow evenly onto the eyelid. It is ideal for creating the base for bright, beaming eye makeup. And, this is a wonderful tool for applying eyeshadow base and primer. All cream eyeshadow products, eye primer and cream eyeliner Vegan taklon Easily apply cream eyeshadow for intensively bright eye makeup 58 59 234 luxe smoky shader shader 235 contour shader shader Step by step smoky Beauty boost Dense, softly rounded eyeshadow brush The 234 Luxe Smoky Shader is a gentle, soft, eye brush crafted for impeccable eyeshadow application to the upper and lower lid. It blends the edges for a seamless look. Use the Luxe Smoky Shader to transform soft kohl lines along the lash line into extraordinary smoky effects. Eyeliner pencils, all pressed and loose eyeshadow products Natural-synthetic mix Sets wonderful smoky accents and performs miracles in creating seductive smoky eyes Angled, synthetic eyeshadow brush Use the Contour Shader to set marvelous accents in the outer corner of the eye. This is how a professional would elongate your eye at its outer corner. Perfect to use with cream eyeshadow. All pressed, loose and cream eyeshadow products Vegan taklon Perfectly suited for the eye contours 60 61 237 detail shader shader 238 luxe precise shader shader Sophisticated shade Love of detail Small and dense eyeshadow brush The Detail Shader is especially designed for use in the inner corner of the eye or for setting highlights and accents. It simultaneously applies eyeshadow selectively and evenly. An indispensable tool created for the details around the upper and lower lash lines. All pressed and loose eyeshadow products Natural-synthetic mix Ideal for the details and setting accents Extra small and precise eyeshadow brush This fine, super-precise eyeshadow brush is ideal for applying eyeshadow easily and specifically, even in the case of small or hooded eyes. Use to complete your makeup with light, shimmery eyeshadow color accents and highlights at the middle of the eyelid or in the corner of the eye. All pressed and loose eyeshadow products Natural-synthetic mix Fantastic for setting accents and highlights as well as for a professional eye makeup finish 62 63 221 luxe soft crease blending All in the details Superior eye brush with a curved head Use this eye brush to perfectly blend harsh lines in a flash. For fantastic ombre eyes, apply a lighter shade to the inner corner of the eye, a darker shade to the outer corner and blend the transition for a gentle and flawless finish. All powder eyeshadows Natural-synthetic mix Performs miracles in creating attractive ombre eyes IN WO MEN WE TRUST FROM THE BOT TOM OF OUR HEARTS 64 65 223 petit eye blender blending 224 luxe defined crease blending Set a course Like a feather Blending brush in petit size The Petit Eye Blender is ideal for setting sharp contours or detailed accents along the crease and the lash line. Use this brush for a professional and expressive cut crease look in an instant. This look is often found in Arabian makeup looks. Cream eyeshadow and kohl Vegan taklon Accentuates the crease and creates mystically beautiful contours Blending brush for a feather-light defined crease The 224 Luxe Defined Crease is ideal for playing with colors and blending pressed powder eyeshadows as well as loose eyeshadow pigments. The ultra-fine brush s perform miracles in blending eyeshadow to perfection. All pressed and loose eyeshadow products Natural-synthetic mix A touch of color on the eyes 66 67 226 smudger blending The mystery girl Short, compact eye brush The Smudger brush is the perfect tool to apply eyeshadow and kohl along the lash line and to smudge for smoky eye effects or a seductive cat eye look. For irresistible cat eyes, start with a dark kohl liner close along the upper and lower lash lines. Extend the line a little bit beyond the outer corner of the eye. Then, use the Smudger brush to smudge and create that unmistakeable cat eye look. Eyeshadow, cream eyeliner and kohl Vegan taklon Blends eyeshadow and kohl for stunning smoky effects 68 69 227 luxe soft definer blending Define your soft side Flat, oval-shaped blending brush This best seller is perfect for blending pressed powder eyeshadows as well as loose eyeshadow pigments like a pro. The Luxe Soft
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