b13 Wcdma Rnp Solution

b13 Wcdma Rnp Solution
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  Radio Network PlanningPresentation July 2004   Planning a Network to WinSuccessful 3G RNP Exerience!uawei RNP aa#ilities  Planning a Network to WinSuccessful 3G RNP Exerience!uawei RNP aa#ilities  33$%&4&$'$%&4&$'!uawei P!uawei P 3G Infrastructure (radio network and core network) Competition for WCDMA network ãIntensive competition for WCDMA networks  –License attriution introduces more operators  –!G and ! #G e$istin% networks &ave advanta%es for voice service ãMu'ti'aers competition etween operatorsãMakin% revenues starts wit& ui'din% a profita'e and sustaina'e infrastructure *o'ution+i''in%*erviceMarketin%Customer   44$%&4&$'$%&4&$'!uawei P!uawei P WCDMA ,etwork -'annin% ãComp'ete *o'ution for WCDMA network p'annin%  –WCDMA radio network (,ode+./,C) p'annin% –WCDMA 0ransport network (Iu.Iur.Iu) p'annin% –Core network (C*.-* Domain) p'annin% –0oo'kit for WCDMA network p'annin% /,C/,C-*0,-*0, 3G Core Network Planning 3G Radio Network Planning 3G Transport Network Planning  CNRAN I*D,I*D,-D,-D,
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